About me

I’m Alex and I own and run oversteer48. Since I was a teenager I’ve been travelling the world in the pursuit of motorsport. 

Pit Stop challenge at the 2023 Dutch Grand Prix
Me (left) and Greg (middle) from FanAmp attempting the pitstop challenge at the 2023 Dutch GP at Zandvoort

In a grandstand at the 2023 Belgian GP at Spa

I raced Go Karts as a toddler and won multiple sports car championships as a teenager. I’ve driven rally cars on frozen lakes in Canada, raced Dodge Vipers in America and coached track and race drivers all over the world. I’ve done hundreds of laps around the infamous Nurburging and lived to tell the tale.

When I’m not racing or teaching others how to drive fast on track I get my kicks from consuming as much motorsport as possible. I think the Aussie V8 Supercars is the best racing series in the world and I’m a huge F1 fan. I’ve travelled to numerous races across the globe.

You can find some more info on me on my author bio page. But for now, here’s some pictures of me involved in various motorsport things over the years.

Alex hammers Clio wheel arch at Spa

Hammering my Clio 172’s wheel arch in the Spa pit lane to try and make some oversized Nankang AR1s fit.

Alex MR2 championship win

Winning my first MR2 championship title in 2009.

Mk3 Toyota MR2 Race car driver

Racing a Mk3 Toyota MR2.

Doing a trackday at Spa in an E36 M3.

Castle Combe winners car

Wearing the winners reef after an MR2 race in 2009.

Formula BMW

Racing a Formula BMW single seater.

Subaru Imrpeza Ice Driving

Rallying on ice in British Columbia, Canada.

I won the UK Toyota MR2 Championship twice by the time I was 17. The video below (that was filmed on a potato) is the final race of my second championship winning season in 2010. I needed to finish 15th or higher to clinch the title, but I was taken out on the first lap and dropped to last place. But that was the start of the best race of my life.


I love driving cars hard, at and over their limits of grip. For me this is where real driving pleasure is found. And I know I’m not the only one. But the only place we can do that properly, or watch others do it, is at race circuits. 

I love that there is a huge community of petrolheads who love motorsport. This website is a way to provide some (hopefully) useful info for people heading to the circuits where the racing takes place. I’ve picked most of the info on this site up from many years of standing at freezing cold racetracks in the rain, all for the love of motorsport.

E39 M5, E36 M3 and MG ZS180 drifting at Spa Francorchamps

Camber and Combustion

You might recognise the Clio above from some YouTube videos on the Camber and Combustion channel. I started this with one of my oldest friends, Matt, a number of years ago. 

Matt and I had been driving real cars since we were both 10 years old at the Under 17 Car Club. The club taught us how to drive cars to an advanced road standard all before we were 13 years old, but for Matt and I it introduced us to ‘real’ driving; pushing a car up to (and over) its limits of grip. 

We quickly realised this is where the fun is found.

We admitted that depsite our best efforts, the road wasn’t the place for our driving shenanigans. So we started doing track days together and had way too much fun to keep it to ourselves. 

We started filming our on-track black-flagged hooniganism and it quickly grew a strong following.

306 gti6 at spa francorchamps