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Albert Park lap record and fastest race and qualifying lap times for Formula 1, F2, F3, V8 Supercars and the Porsche Carrera Cup series.

Albert Park track layout

The Albert Park circuit is home to the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne. It’s a street circuit converted to a race track once a year, and it hosts the Formula 1 and its support races.

At the end of 2020 the circuit layout was changed slightly. It was made shorter with the removal of the chicane at Turn 9 and Turn 10. Taking out this slow corner resulted in quicker lap times. 

See my article on the Aus GP track layout for full details of the changes and current circuit layout.

This page will only feature records and fastest lap times set on the new circuit layout.

Old Albert Park f1 circuit layout 1996 to 2020
Albert Park F1 Circuit Map

Race or qualifying laps?

For a lap record to be official it must be set during a race. For the Formula 1 that can be during the Grand Prix or a Sprint Race.

Qualifying laps don’t count as official lap records as the cars are always much lighter and faster during quali. But the fastest non-race lap times will also be listed below, as a comparison.

Albert Park race lap record - Formula 1

The official lap record for the Albert Park circuit in a F1 car is 1:20.235 set by Segio Perez driving the Red Bull RB19 in the 2023 Grand Prix. 

This was set on lap 53 of the 58 lap race, the lower fuel load at the end of the Grand Prix making the cars lighter and faster.

Albert Park qualifying lap record - Formula 1

The overall qualifying lap record at the Melbourne F1 circuit is 1:16.732 set by Max Verstappen in the final part of qualifying (Q3) before the 2023 Australian GP. 

This is also the fastest time ever at the Albert Park Circuit.

Max’s qualifying lap is 3.5 seconds faster than the official race lap record. That shows just how much quicker the F1 cars are in qualifying trim, with low fuel loads, fresh tyres and a pole position within the driver’s grasp.

Melbourne GP fastest lap times

Below are the fastest lap times from both race and qualifying sessions during the Grand Prix weekends held at the Melbourne circuit since it was updated.

Australian GP Fastest Laps
Year Fastest lap - Race Fastest lap - Qualifying
2023 Perez - 1:20.235 Verstappen - 1:16.732
2022 Leclerc - 1:20.260 Leclerc - 1:17.868
Australian GP fastest lap times

Melbourne Grand Prix average speeds

The average speed for Sergio Perez’ official F1 race lap record around Albert Park is 236.8kph / 147.1mph.

Verstappen’s unofficial fastest lap, set in qualifying for the 2023 race, was completed with a higher average speed of 249.6kph / 155.1mph.

Other Albert Park Circuit lap records

When the Grand Prix weekend comes to Albert Park, it’s not just Formula 1 that takes to the track. A number of other support series race on the circuit over the weekend to fill in the gaps between the F1 sessions.

See the full Australian Grand Prix schedule for more information on the timetables of events across the race weekend.

Formula 2

The official Formula 2 lap record at the Albert Park circuit is 1:30.712 set by Fredrik Vesti driving for Prema Racing during the 2023 F2 feature race at the Melbourne GP.

The overall fastest F2 lap time of the Albert Park circuit is 1:28.989 set by Jack Doohon driving for Invicta Virtuosi Racing during free practice in 2023.

The qualifying session took place on a wet track which is why the fastest lap was actually set during practice when it was dry.

Formula 3

The official Formula 3 track record at the Albert Park circuit is 1:34.405 set by Gregoire Saucy driving for ART Grand Prix during the 2023 F3 feature race at the Melbourne track.

The overall fastest F3 lap time at the Australian GP track is 1:33.025 set by Gabriel Bortoleto driving for the Trident team during qualifying for the 2023 race.

Australian V8 Supercars

One of the best touring car series in the world is the Australian V8 Supercars series. These 600bhp V8 RWD Mustangs and Camaros always put on a show for the crowds at the Aus GP, with some of the closest racing going.

The official Supercars lap record at Albert Park is 1:46.006 set by Scott Pye during the second race of the Melbourne Super Sprint in 2023, driving a Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 for Team 18.

Pye’s lap time is also the fastest lap time at the circuit in the new Gen 3 supercars, quicker than any laps set during the qualifying or practice sessions.

Porsche Carrera Cup

Another fan-favourite support series is the Porsche Carrera Cup. These race-spec 911s are much louder than the current F1 cars and usually feature lots of door-to-door racing.

The official Porsche Carrera Cup lap record at the Albert Park Circuit is 1:47.987 set by Max Vidau during race 3 of the 2023 event.

Max Vidau’s lap is also the fastest ever Porsche Carrera Cup lap time on the new Melbourne GP circuit.

Australian F1 Grand Prix” by J.H.Sohn is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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