The 100 Fastest Nurburgring BTG Lap Times in 2023

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Fastest Nurburgring BTG lap times

It’s that time of year again. With Nurburgring Touristenfahrten now officially closed for the season, here’s my list of the 100 fastest Nurburgring BTG Laps for 2023.

The list has a few serious surprises that you will want to see. 

Why BTG laps?

BTG, or Bridge to Gantry laps, are not the full length of the circuit as they miss out the Döttinger Höhe straight. BTG laps are 1 mile shorter than a full lap, but still include all of the Nurburgring corners.

As tourist driving at the Ring does not allow drivers to use the full length of the straight, the BTG lap time has become the ‘unofficial official’ way to time your laps. 

So the lap times below might look close to some of the official lap records that we see car manufacturers set, but bear in mind the BTG lap is roughly 15 – 30 seconds shorter than a full lap, depending on the car’s speed down the main straight.

What does this list include?

This list includes the fastest Nurburgring BTG lap times recorded on YouTube in 2023, completed either during tourist driving or a track day at the Ring. 

Track Days can include a flying start along the straight which can shave a couple of seconds off a lap time compared to a true Touristenfahrten lap. 

It’s not always easy to tell from the video or description whether it was a standing or flying start, so I’ve included both. I’ll state whether each lap is a standing start or flying start.

What's not included?

As ever, this list is purely ‘amateur’ lap times, and whilst there may be a couple of racing drivers setting quick laps in a road car during TF or a trackday, there are a number of things that are not included:

  • Any laps completed during a race, be it a NLS, 12 or 24h race, historic events or anything else
  • Official manufacturer lap times or magazine test laps (e.g. SportAuto)
  • Multiple laps by the same car and driver. Just the single fastest lap of the year per car and driver combo
  • Cars on slick tyres
  • Laps where the video doesn’t clearly show the full lap e.g. if it cuts before going under the gantry
  • Any non-road legal cars (as far as I can tell)
  • Any laps not on YouTube
  • Any laps not set in 2023

Is Nurburgring lap timing allowed?

The official Nurburgring rules quite clearly state that timing of laps is not allowed during tourist driving sessions. This makes sense – the Nordschleife is a public road during tourist laps and having a lap timer glowing red in your face telling you you dropped a couple of tenths on the last sector is a sure fire way to overdrive and bin it.

But recording your laps and looking at the lap times afterwards seems to be ok. As is lap timing on most track days. So that is how this list exists.

The 100 fastest Nurburgring BTG Lap Times of 2023

Ok, so this is it. After many hours of scouring YouTube, here’s my list of the 100 fastest Nurburgring BTG lap times of 2023. Deep breath.

#100 - 7:50

BMW E36 328i

  • Video link
  • Flying or standing start: Standing
  • Driver: Michel Albers

Ok here we go, let’s get in to it. The first of the 100 fastest Nurburgring BTG lap times is an E36 328i.

With all the modern machinery that effortlessly performs so far above and beyond cars of the E36’s era, it’s great to see this in the list, and it’s not even the more powerful M3.

I’m pleased to say there’s going to be a splattering of additional E36s as we progress through the numbers.

#99 - 7:50

BMW F80 M3

  • Video link
  • Flying or standing start: Standing
  • Driver: Ryan Coope

So spot #99 and this is the first of many modern-era M3s and M4s we’re going to see. This is an F80 M3 and it sets a decent lap time on a nice sunny day at the Nordschleife, but there’s a lot more time to be had out of these yet.

#98 - 7:50

Ford Focus RS Mk2

The Focus RS isn’t a very popular Ring tool of choice, especially the Mk2 version we’ve got here. But they’re super capable cars if set up right, and this one shows that a sub-8 lap is easily possible.

Watch the video just to listen to the sound of the 5 cylinder engine. That is music to my ears.

#97 - 7:49

Honda Civic Type R FL5

  • Flying or standing start: Standing
  • Driver: Track Ali

Civic Type Rs have been a common site at the Nurburgring car park for decades. This is the newest one, the FL5, and the official lap time set by Honda themselves was enough to reclaim the FWD Nurburgring lap record, but it wasn’t without its controversy, centring around the claim the car Honda used was even more hardcore than the production version.

Regardless, Honda have produced another FWD track weapon and this one sets a 7:49 lap time with ease.

#96 - 7:49

Renault Megane 2 RS

As a past owner of a couple of different Renaultsport track cars I have a huge amount of affection for them. I never owned a Megane, but always knew how much quicker they could go around the Nurburgring thanks to their easily tuneable turbo engines.

This one’s running 280bhp, KW Competition 2-way suspension, a Quaife LSD, parts from the later Megane 3 RS and many more mods. Even with all the upgrades a 7:49 laptime in this car is a great achievement.

#95 - 7:49

BMW E92 M3

  • Video link
  • Flying or standing start: Standing
  • Driver: Johnny Oberg

Just like last year, in 2023 the E92 M3 is a common occurence at the Ring. It’s also a pretty common sight on this list, with lots more of the V8 M-Power specials filling in spots in the top 100.

#94 - 7:48

BMW M2 Competition

  • Video link
  • Flying or standing start: Standing
  • Driver: GoJoeGo

This is the first of many BMW M2s we’ll see on the list, and this one’s an M2 Competition. There’s quite a bit of traffic for the driver to deal with, but it dies down as the lap progresses.

#93 - 7:47 - Fastest Bike

Yamaha R1

The is the fastest and only motorbike lap that made it in to the list this year. The 2022 fastest bike lap was a 7:20, but nonetheless I commend anyone brave enough to ride a bike around Touristenfahrten, let alone put a quick lap in on one.

The R1’s acceleration will still leave almost all cars trailing behind and is great to watch on the speedo in the video.

#92 - 7:46

BMW F82 M4

We’ve seen an F80 M3 already so here’s an F82 M4. It’s sitting lower to the ground than normal, has different wheels and a big boot spoiler so it’s undoubtedly got a few track upgrades to help it hit a 7:46 BTG lap time.

#91 - 7:45

BMW E26 M3 'GTR'

  • Flying or standing start: Standing
  • Driver: Tomasz Frysiak

At #91 we’ve got another E36. This time is the M3, and the owner of this one calls it a ‘GTR’ version presumably because its wide body kit has been designed to look like the old E36 GTR race cars.

I’m not sure what chassis or engine mods have been done but it sounds amazing and to get well under the 8 minute mark in an E36 of any sort is a good achievement. But there’s faster ones to come.

#90 - 7:45

Seat Leon 290

This is the first of a couple of Seat Leons we’ll see in this list. They’re a popular FWD track car at the Ring, and this lap proves how impressive their lap times can be.

#89 - 7:45

VW Golf Mk7.5 GTi TCR

  • Video link
  • Flying or standing start: Flying
  • Driver: Maody66TV

Another FWD car and this one’s a Golf Mk7.5 GTi TCR, an updated version of the standard GTi that has a locking diff and slightly lower suspension as standard. But this one’s modified. It’s running 300bhp, KW suspension, bigger brakes from the TT-RS, Dunlop Direzzas and other upgrades to help it set this super fast lap of the Ring.

#88 - 7:44

Tesla Model S Plaid Track Pack

It’s 2023, did I really expect to put this list together without featuring an EV? Well I was hoping so…

But here we are, the future is electric and all that. This is a quick lap in a Tesla Model S Plaid Track pack, the same one that held the EV production car lap record for a while. It’s so bizarre hearing nothing but tyre squeal and futuristic whooshing noises, and I don’t like it. And I also don’t like that stupid yoke.

#87 - 7:44

BMW E36 328i

Here’s another E36 but this time it’s the M3’s baby brother, the 328i. This is a 4-door saloon that’s heavily track prepared and perfectly suited to the Nordschleife.

#86 - 7:44

BMW M2 Comp - Hand Controls

A 7:44 Nurburgring BTG lap time in a BMW M2 Competition is no mean feat. But doing it driving with hand controls is even more impressive. Full kudos to the driver.

#85 - 7:43

Porsche 996 GT3

  • Flying or standing start: Flying
  • Driver: LaSource

In amongst all the new Porsches that dominate Nurburgring lap times these days it’s great to see an older 996 GT3 still lapping really well.

This one set a 7:43 lap time on a Destination Nurburgring track day where he could use the full straight. The driver comes under the bridge to start that lap at over 150mph. Good speed!

#84 - 7:43

BMW E36 328i

Another E36 328i representing the old Beemers and putting in a great lap. This one is well track prepared, and the intake noise is addictive.

It’s a busy lap with a total of 21 overtakes so there’s definitely a faster lap to be had without so much traffic.

#83 - 7:43

Porsche 991.2 GT3

  • Video link
  • Flying or standing start: Flying
  • Driver: JMV

So this is the beginning of the Porsche GT cars, which make up a huge percentage of the pointy end of this list.

This 7:43 BTG lap time is only a teaser of what these cars are capable of, as you’ll find it when you read on.

#82 - 7:43 - Fastest EV

Tesla Model S Plaid Track Pack

  • Flying or standing start: Standing
  • Driver: Misha

Here’s another (and thankfully the last) EV on the list. Again it’s a Tesla Model S Plaid Track Pack, the fastest track car Tesla make and one which set an official full lap time of 7:25.

This BTG lap, therefore, is a way off what the car is capable of but I don’t blame Misha for not pushing the 1000bhp car to its max.

However, Misha does hit just over 300kph (186mph) just before the jump at Schwedenkreuz. There’s a 1000bhp Ferrari SF90 further down this list that can’t even manage that.

#81 - 7:43

BMW G80 M3

This lap is in one of the newest G80 M3s with the big fugly front grill. It looks to be a fairly standard car and the driver hustles it well around the lap to get a 7:43 BTG time.

#80 - 7:42

Seat Leon Cupra 300

The Seat Leon Cupra is a pretty popular FWD Nurburgring Tool, and as this lap shows they can move pretty damn fast as well. Just listen to those front tyres scrabble for traction on the way out of the corners and they struggle to deal with putting the 300bhp to the ground.

#79 - 7:42

Porsche 991.2 GT3

God the GT3s sound good. That’s my main thought watching this video, the howl from behind the camera dominating the experience.

A nice lap, but lots more to come from the GT3s yet.

#78 - 7:41

Mini R56 JCW

  • Video link
  • Flying or standing start: Flying
  • Driver: Mat on Cars

This is the only Mini on our list, and one of just a handful of FWD cars. I’m not exactly sure of this car’s specific spec, but it looks like it’s got some extra poke over the standard JCW Mini.

The driver puts in a nice clean lap, allbeit with a couple of hold ups whilst overtaking slower cars, to set a 7:41 Nurburgring BTG lap time. Almost a sub-7:40, but not quite.

#77 - 7:41

BMW E36 M3 S54

  • Flying or standing start: Standing
  • Driver: TJS36

Back in the day the E36 was pretty much the King of the Ring with every man and their dog using one around the Norsdschleife.

Now they’re not quite as common, but are still a track tool to be reckoned with. Especially when, like this one, they’ve had an S54 engine from the later E46 M3 transplanted under the hood for some extra ponies.

The driver in this video is chasing an E92 M3 for the whole lap and does a great job to keep him in his sights.

#76 - 7:40

Caterham R300 Superlight

  • Flying or standing start: Standing
  • Driver: HO5413

This is something you don’t see that often at the Ring. Even though they’re built for the track, Caterhams aren’t a common sight in the Eifel mountains, probably because not many people are brave enough to drive one all the way from the UK.

Unfortunately the video is pretty much just wind noise, but still cool to see a 160bhp featherweight bagging such a good lap time.

#75 - 7:40

BMW F80 M2

  • Video link
  • Flying or standing start: Standing
  • Driver: Igzy Track Days

This is a quick lap in a fairly stock looking F80 M3. Lots more to come from these cars further up the list.

#74 - 7:40

BMW E90 330i

This lap shows what can be done with a good chassis and a good driver. The car is an E90 330i with a stock 270bhp engine. The chassis has been pretty extensively upgraded and the driver has done a great job of extracting a quick lap time from the car.

#73 - 7:40

Porsche 718 Spyder

  • Video link
  • Flying or standing start: Standing
  • Driver: Gabriel Wendel

This is the only lap on the list completed in a Porsche 718 Spyder, the soft-top version of the GT4.

This one’s a manual and, dissapointingly, the driver has the roof up. Otherwise I’m not sure you could have found a more enjoyable driving experience: Nurburgring, Porsche, manual gearbox, wind in your hair (helmet).

#72 - 7:39

BMW F82 M4

This is a nice lap of the Ring on a hot sunny day, but maybe it was too hot. The video description says the track temperature was too high and the tyres were past their best, leading to some understeer.

#71 - 7:37

Porsche 992 Carrera S

Interestingly this is the only non-GT model Porsche on this list. It’s a 992 Carrera S that’s pretty much stock, except for some upgrated brake pads and Michelin Cup 2 tyres.

The fact a stock 911 Carrera S is able to set a 7:37 BTG lap time shows just how far technology has come in the last few years. In 2022 this same car and driver combo set a best time of 7:35, so the starts didn’t align for them quite as well this year.

#70 - 7:37


  • Video link
  • Flying or standing start: Standing
  • Driver: Jamie Vandenblack

Here’s one of the worst camera angles on the list. Let’s call it the A-Pillar angle, and it just about shows a F82 M4 CS setting a 7:37 BTG lap of the Ring.

#69 - 7:37

BMW E92 M3

This lap time was set in a sweet-sounding E92 M3 DCT on a nice sunny afternoon of TF. By the driver’s own account he was just enjoying the lap and wasn’t pushing like crazy, so a 7:37 is a great lap time.

I always enjoy seeing videos from cameras mounted between the seats showing the driver and the wheel. When they’re super wide angle like this is also gives a crazy sense of speed.

#68 - 7:37


  • Video link
  • Flying or standing start: Standing
  • Driver: Mira Cermak

Here’s another fast lap in a F82 M4 CS set during TF. Looks like the camera lens needs a clean!

#67 - 7:37

VW Golf Mk8 Clubsport

It’s always good to see a FWD break up the RWD dominance. This 7:35 lap was set uring TF in one of the new, ultra-aggressive looking Golf Mk8 GTi Clubsports. It shows just how capable front wheel drive can be around the Ring, but there’s faster lap times to come from one of these yet.

#66 - 7:36

BMW E46 M3

  • Flying or standing start: Standing
  • Driver: DanncyDC2

DannyDC2 needs to introduction to the automotive track day enthusiast. He’s been a long time Nurburgring driver and can pedal a car very well around the Green Hell.

Here’s a couple of laps he set in his E46 M3. The second of the two is quickest, and by his own account he was ‘probably pushing a little too hard’. Check out his commitment through the Foxhole and in to Adenauer Forst for evidence of that.


BMW E92 M3

  • Video link
  • Flying or standing start: Standing
  • Driver:Inderjit Singh

Another E92 M3 lap, set on a track day but from a standing start.

#64 - 7:34

BMW M8 Gran Coupe

  • Video link
  • Flying or standing start: Standing
  • Driver: Petrov Racing

Here’s a car I did not expect to see this high up the list. A 2-tonne BMW M8 Gran Coupe, showing that even when a car weighs as much as this one, with 620bhp you can still set a pretty fast lap.

Even more impressively this car appears to be completely standard, meaning there must be some pretty serious brakes on these out of the factory to be able to cope with 13 miles of high-speed punishment.

#63 - 7:34

Honda Integra DC2 K24

  • Flying or standing start: Standing
  • Driver: Kay Hesse

These are my favourite kind of Nurburgring lap videos. A car punching well above its weight, being driven super well, setting lap times it has no right to.

This is an Integra DC2 fitted with a K24 engine, naturally aspirated with 311 screaming VTEC horsepower. We also forget how much of a different weight makes. This car is just 1100kg with a full tank of gas and no driver.

He’s being chased by a 997 GT3 for the whole lap and manages to keep him behind all the way until the gantry.

#62 - 7:34

Ferrari SF90

  • Flying or standing start: Standing
  • Driver: Misha

The only Ferrari on this year’s list is the 1000bhp hybrid SF90 being driven by Misha, and it’s a pretty wild lap.

Misha hits 184mph (296kph) just before the bump at Schwedenkreuz which is ludicrously fast. But not as fast as that damn Tesla in position #82. He has big oversteer out of the Karussell as well, and manages to string together a 7:34 lap time. Good going considering the owner is sat next to him.

#61 - 7:32

BMW F82 M4

  • Video link
  • Flying or standing start: Standing
  • Driver: Paval Shchapov

Here’s a lap in a F82 M4 set during a Nurburgring trackday. How good does the black car look on the gold CS wheels?

#60 - 7:32

BMW F80 M3 Competition

  • Video link
  • Flying or standing start: Standing
  • Driver: F80Steve

This is a quick lap in a F80 M3 set during Touristenfahrten. The driver has to negotiate a decent bit of traffic, both in the form of cars and bikes, which undoubtedly slows him down by a few seconds. Such are the joys of TF!

#59 - 7:31

Porsche 996 GT3

  • Video link
  • Flying or standing start: Flying
  • Driver: Jesper Fristedt

I was pleased to see one Porsche 996 in this list, so I’m ever more happy to see this second one much higher up.

Having been a passenger in a 996 GT3 for a couple of fast laps around the Ring I know just how capable they are. But a 7:31 lap time in this is still not to be sniffed at; it’s a great lap.

#58 - 7:30

Porsche 996 GT2

  • Video link
  • Flying or standing start: Standing
  • Driver:Fährste quer siehste mehr

996 Porsches are becoming a rarer sight at the ‘Ring, so I didn’t expect to see two of them right next to each other in this top-100!

This one is the GT2 variant, the boosty turbo version with over 460bhp as standard. It’s a great video as well, as the driver is chasing a 991 GT3 and GT4 RS throughout the whole lap. The GT2 actually seems to reel the GT3 in on some of the longer straights.

#57 - 7:30

Porsche GT4 MR

This is a Porsche Cayman GT4 ‘MR’. What does the MR mean? Well it stands for Manthey Racing, the Nurburgring 24 hour winners and Porsche tuning specialists who develop upgrades for fast Porsches specifically designed to make them lap the Nordschelife as fast as possible. They’re the best in the business.

The Manthey Racing tuned version of the GT2 RS held the official Nurburgring lap reord for production cars for 4 years until the AMG One knocked it off in 2022.

This GT4 has also undergone their wizadry with a series of chassis and aerodynamics tweaks.

#56 - 7:30

Porsche 992 GT3 Cup

  • Flying or standing start: Standing
  • Driver: Misha

This is one of Misha’s videos of a 992 GT3, which the owner is calling a GT3 ‘Cup’. Misha even says this is one of the most insane cars he’s ever driven on the ‘Ring.

The owner’s put a bunch of the parts from the GT3 Cup race car on the standard GT3 including brakes, suspension, bodywork and aero, making a road-legal racer.

Misha does two laps and the second is his quickest. He overtakes pretty much everything and almost bins it at Pflanzgarten I at 20:15, much to the owners enjoyment!

Misha – as far as I’m aware this is your quickest lap of the year but you’ve got too many damn videos for me to check them all, sorry!

#55 - 7:27

BMW G82 M4 Competition

For all the E92s, E46s, M2s and even F80 M3s on this list, believe it or not this is the only G82 model M4. That the’s one with the ugly front grill.

Now I don’t know about you, but it’s growing on me. Particularly in the case of this Schmeidmann-tuned version in purple, slammed to the floor on KW V4 suspension. With some more development specifically for the Nordschleife I’m sure we’ll see more of these putting on fast laps next year.

#54 - 7:25

Audi R8 V10 Plus

  • Video link
  • Flying or standing start: Flying
  • Driver: ivanF

This is the only Audi R8 on the list this year. It’s the V10 Plus model on a trackday, and it encounters a lot of traffic over the lap.

There’s probably about 10 seconds worths of delays due to other cars holding him up, so there’s undoubtedly a huge amount more time to be found in this sweet sounding V10.

#53 - 7:24

VW Mk2 Golf GTi 'Pinderwagen'

It’s the Pinderwagen! Everyone’s favourite Mk2 Golf GTi, a home-build by Nigel Pinder who continually develops the car to make it faster and more capable on the Nurburgring every year. At the moments it’s running about 570bhp and massive aero.

Having said that, last year the Pinderwagen clocked a 7:23 last year and has done a 7:24 this year. But if you watch the video above you’ll see Nigel is chasing a GT4 RS who, unbelievably, barely pulls away from the Golf on the straights or the corners. There’s also a couple of traffic delays (Hohe Acht and Pflanzgarten to name a couple of points) that mean there’s still more to come from the Golf.

Read the full spec of the Pinderwagen here.

#52 - 7:24

BMW M140i XDrive

The driver of this one needs no introduction. If you’ve been watching car videos on the internet for the last couple of decades, you’ll have heard of Ghostrider. The infamous black-clad bike rider who leads police on wild chases in Europe and normally gets away from them.

This time he decided to put his driving skills to the test on the ‘Ring in a 575bhp M140i. Suffice to say, he pulled a very quick lap out of the bag, making it the fastest M140i / M135i Nurburgring BTG laptime of the year.

#51 - 7:24

Mitsubishi Evo 8

This is an awesome lap and one of the most exciting videos on this list.

The car is a 400bhp Mitsubishi Evo 8 and the video is full of all the good stuff: big boost, a chirping wastegate, tyre squeal, locked brakes and a questionable right-side overtake on the exit of the Foxhole.

The car sounds absolutely widely, the engine’s super-boosty nature giving you the impression the driver is simply trying to hold on to the thing. But in fact he does a great job wrestling this 7:24 lap times from the Evo.

Skip to the exit of the Karussell to see him spend the rest of the lap chasing down a well-driven KTM X-bow.

#50 - 7:23

BMW E92 M3

  • Video link
  • Flying or standing start: Standing
  • Driver: Dano Lutz

So we’re exactly half way through the list, and what better car to take position #50 than an E92, one of the most popular Ring tools out there.

This is a pretty hot lap, and although it’s not the highest quality video you can still see the driver’s pushing pretty hard and dealing with a bit of oversteer on a few occasions, like at Adenauer Forst.

#49 - 7:24

VW Golf GTi Mk8 Clubsport

  • Flying or standing start: Standing
  • Driver: Jordan_gmlk

The Mk8 Golf GTi is a pretty agreesive looking hot hatch, and the track-focused Clubsport model follows on from the previous generations’ abilities to set super fast lap times for a FWD car.

Watching the video it’s clear the front tyres are having a pretty tough time dealing with putting the Golf’s power to the ground coming out of the corners.

#48 - 7:23

BMW E92 M3

Here’s another E92 M3 filling up the top-100 Nurburgring lap time list for the year. They’re a common sight in and around the ‘Ring, and their V8 exhaust note is identifiable from just about anywhere in the Eifel mountains.

#47 - 7:22

Porsche 992 GT3

  • Video link
  • Flying or standing start: Flying
  • Driver: Emil Tambolas

This is the first of many standard 992 GT3s we’ll see on this list. When the car came out a few years ago, before the RS variant, it was immediately adopted as the RingTool of choice for many of the wealthiest Nurburgring nuts.

No manufactuer makes track capable cars, straight from the factory, like Porsche. Even with the OEM setup these cars will pound round the ‘Ring all day at incredible speed.

More of these to come higher up the list.

#46 - 7:22

BMW 1 M Coupe

The BMW 1 M has the perfect ingredients to make a great track car. And this video proves it, but suprisingly it’s the only 1 M on the list. This particular one is tuned to 510bhp and looks pretty well sorted for the track.

Most people seem to favour the E92 M3s or BMW M2s are Ring Tools, perhaps because standard versions of the 1 M are now becoming so valuable.

#45 - 7:21

BMW E92 M3

This is the first of 6 BMW M3s in a row on the list. This one is representing the V8 E92 model, and is running a fairly well proven setup of KW Clubsport suspension, AP Racing brakes and Dunlop Direzza tyres, plus a few other mods.

#44 - 7:21 - Fastest 4 door

BMW E36 M3 S54

This is the highest E36 M3 on the list with a 7:21 lap time. The owner of this car says his PB is a 7:12, but I can’t find a video of that lap anywhere so this slightly slower one will have to do.

This is one of the cleanest and nicest E36 track car builds around. It’s running an S54 engine from the E46 M3 tuned to 410bhp, and the relative light weight of the E36 compared to the later M3s means it really holds its own.

The E36 M3 is a 25 year old car now, so to see them still setting Nurburgring lap times this fast is great. Long may it continue.

This is also the fastest 4-door laptime of the year!

#43 - 7:20

BMW E92 M3

  • Video link
  • Flying or standing start: Standing
  • Driver: Jorge Otero

Yet another E92 M3 setting a fast lap time. This one’s running KW Clubsport 3-way suspension, brakes from the F82 M4, an Akrapovic exhaust but keeps the full interior and air conditioner, meaning it tips the scales at over 1500kg.

Given its weight the driver shows great commitment, especially keeping the throttle pinned through the bottom of the Foxhole.

#42 - 7:19

BMW E46 M3

  • Video link
  • Flying or standing start:Flying
  • Driver: Bastian Arand

This one’s doing it for the E46s with their slightly sluggish SMG gearboxes. A great lap to keep up with the E92s around it at this part of the list, given their power deficit. 

Plus it’s the first driver to go sub-7:20.

#41 - 7:19

BMW E92 M3

Another E92 M3 for you setting a quick lap time from a standing start. This one’s got a stock engine, KW Competition 3-way adjustable suspension, a Drexler Diff and big Dunlop Direzza semi-slicks. 

#40 - 7:18

BMW E92 M3

Yet another M3, the sixth in a row and this is an E92 with a stock engine and the most annoylingly squeaky brakes you’ve ever heard. 

The driver was held up with a bit of traffic in a couple of places, once at Schwedenkreuz, once coming out of the Karussell, costing him a few seconds. But he still seems pretty happy with his lap time when he goes under the gantry.

#39 - 7:18

VW Golf GTi Mk7 Club Sport

Last year the fastest front wheel drive Nurburgring BTG lap time was 7:17. This lap, set in a Mk7 Golf GTi Clubsport, is one second slower than that but is still an incredibly impressive lap for a front wheel drive car.

However, there’s one more lap higher up this list set by a FWD car that obliterates last year’s FWD record.

#38 - 7:17

Porsche 991 GT3 RS

  • Video link
  • Flying or standing start: Flying
  • Driver: Sebastian Rings

Another 991 GT3 RS, a good driver, a dry circuit on a track day and a great lap time. Not much else to say, other than to listen to that flat 6 howl.

#37 - 7:17

BMW E92 M3

This is as far as it goes for the E92 M3s in this year’s list. These are some of the most common cars you’ll see setting fast laps on the Nordschleife, the capable chassis and high-revving V8 engine providing a perfect platform to become the ultimate Ring tool. Sure enough there’s been 10 of them in the top-100 this year.

This particular E92 has a standard engine but upgraded chassis and drivetrain components such as KW Competition 2-way adjustable suspension, a Drexler 3.91 diff AP racing brakes and more.

Congrats to edgarcia for winning this year’s battle of the E92 M3s.


#36 - 7:17

Porsche GT4 RS

This is the first Porsche GT4 RS on the list. 500bhp squeezed in to the Cayman chassis makes this one of the most desirable and track focused Porsches out there.

This official full lap time for this car is 7 minutes 9 seconds, meaning this 7:17 BTG lap is a walk in the park compared to the car’s ultimate pace. There’s more to come from these yet.

#35 - 7:16

Porsche GT4 MR

  • Video link
  • Flying or standing start: Standing
  • Driver: Linde Racecars

Another GT4 tweaked and setup by the Porsche gurus at Manthey Racing, delivering a very impressive lap time on a track day.

#34 - 7:16

Porsche 991.2 GT3 RS

  • Flying or standing start: Flying
  • Driver: spychciu

A flying lap in a 991.2 GT3 RS who goes under the bridge at the end of the Dottinger Hohe flat out, fully, committed, at 280kph / 174mph.

#33 - 7:15

Porsche 992 GT3 RS

  • Video link
  • Flying or standing start: Flying
  • Driver: Jens-Uwe Volkmann

This is the first of many new 992 GT3 RS’ we’ll see on this list. Whilst the headline power figure of the newest track weapon from Stuttgart of 518bhp is barely any more than the previous model had, this 992 version has the most downforce any Porsche has ever produced. 

That, plus a whole host of other trick chassis and suspension upgrades, means it has officially completed a full lap of the Nurburgring in 6 minutes 49 seconds.

This 7:15 BTG lap time, therefore, is light work for the GT3 RS. We’ll see more of these higher up the list getting closer to the car’s potential.

#32 - 7:15

BMW E46 M3

Here’s three back-to-back quick laps in an E46 M3 on a track day. The quickest of the three is the final lap, starting at 15:48 in the video.

The M3 is an SMG and the upshifts sound slow and delayed compared to the rapid-shifting DCT and PDK gearboxes we see these days. But the intake noise and raspy exhaust note still sound wonderful. The driver is on it too, dispatching an R8 and 992 GT3 RS on his way around his fastest lap.

This is not the last E46 M3 we’ll see. There’s another higher up the list…

#31 - 7:14

Porsche 992 GT3

Yet another 992 GT3 lapping the Nordschleife on a quiet trackday, setting a quick lap.

#30 - 7:13

Porsche GT4 MR

  • Video link
  • Flying or standing start: Flying
  • Driver: Gabriel Wendel

Here’s another GT4 tuned by Manthey setting a hot lap time. Always good to see a manual gearbox being represented high up this list.

#29 - 7:12 - Fastest AWD

Nissan GTR

So this is the fastest All-Wheel-Drive Nurburgring lap time of 2023. And funnily enough it’s the same car and driver setting the exact same lap time as they did in 2023, just two places higher up the list.

The car is a GTR track pack with 550bhp at the wheels, Ohlins Road and Track coilovers, Nankang AR1s and a whole host of other track upgrades.

With a theoretical best of 7:07, maybe Dan get finally get under the 7:10 mark next year.

#28 - 7:11 - Fastest FWD

VW Scirocco R

  • Flying or standing start: Standing
  • Driver: Yannick

From the fastest AWD to the fastest front-wheel drive Nurburgring BTG lap of 2023. A super impressive 7:11 set by Yannick in his crazy fast Scirroco R.

Last year the fastest FWD lap was 7:17, so to go 6 seconds quicker than that is incredible.

I’m not aware of any FWD laps quicker than this, so it could well be the fastest ever. Do we think there’ll ever be a sub-7 FWD lap? 

#27 - 7:10

Porsche GT4 RS

  • Video link
  • Flying or standing start: Flying
  • Driver: flatmaxx

At the end of last year my 2023 prediction was that we’d see a lot of GT4 RS’ at the sharp end of the list. Well surprisingly for me, this is as high as they get, with a 7:10 BTG. 

The car sounds incredible on the video, especially on the throttle-blip downshifts. Maybe next year when a few more owners of these summon up the courage we’ll see some more higher up.

#26 - 7:09

BMW M2 Competition

Now we’ve got two M2 Competitions in quick sucession, and this one is probably one of the best looking ones out there on its gold BBS E88 rims. It’s also fully track prepared, running 500bhp, Moton 3-way adjustable suspension, AP Racing brakes, a 24/7 Performance kinematics setup and more.

This lap began with a standing start from the pitlane. Had it being a flying start, it might have just clocked a quicker lap than the next M2 in the list.

#25 - 7:08

BMW M2 Competition

With its flying start this M2 just pips the previous one for the title of the fastest BMW M2 lap of the year.

It’s a super quick 7:08 set by the French GT Performance tuning shop. The car has been modified to their own spec, running Nitro R3 suspension tuned by Team Schirmer, Dunlop Direzzas, big AP Racing brakes, titanium exhaust and more. Not sure how many extra BHP it’s running though?

And the driver is on it. There’s a few bits of oversteer at the start of the lap, and a big moment at the exit of Brunnchen (YouTube corner) where he has to dial in an armful of opposite lock.

#24 - 7:08

Porsche 992 GT3 RS

  • Video link
  • Flying or standing start: Flying start
  • Driver: Nicholas Bartlett

Another new 992 GT3 RS pounding its way around the Nordschelife on a clear dry trackday. There’s much more to come from these cars yet.

#23 - 7:08

Porsche 991.2 GT2 RS

This is the first of a few 991 GT2 RS’s we’ll see on this list. The 690bhp twin-turbo monster demolishes the straights around the Norsdschleife, and whilst it doesn’t have the downforce of the new GT3 RS it’s still able to set some amazing that times.

This one appears to be fairly standard, rather than most of the other GT2s you see at the ‘Ring which have been tuned by Manthey Racing.

#22 - 7:06

BMW E46 330i Supercharged

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start
  • Driver: RacingBernd

This is the highest placed E46 on this list, and surprisingly it’s not an M3. It’s 330i with a Rotrex supercharger, putting out over 450bhp, weighing just 1100kg and running on KW Competition 2-way adjustable coilovers. 

This fully track-prepped E46 sets a blistering lap time, but some traffic in key places throughout the lap definitely cost the driver a few crucial seconds that could well have put him under 7 minutes.


Porsche GT4 MR

xthilox is a prolific Nurburgring YouTuber, racking up just about as many laps of the Ring as anyone. He started his YouTube Nurburgring fame in a Seat Leon, before moving to a Yaris GR and now a Porsche GT4 tuned by Manthey Racing.

Running the new Goodyear Supersport RS tyres, thilox has managed to get his personal best Nurburgring BTG lap time down to 7:05. Tantilisingly close to the sub-7 mark which I’m sure he’ll be aiming for in 2024.

#20 - 7:05

Alpine A110 MP-Rezeau

This is a special one. The Alpine A110 MP-Rezeau is a highly fettled and tuned version of the A110 road car, using inspiration and parts from the race version of the same car. But the most impressive thing about it? It’s only got 320bhp. For a car with that power to set this BTG lap time is incredible.

Last year this car did a 7:07. This year it’s a 7:04. No doubt they’ve got their sights set on going sub-7 next year and surely it will be the only car to have ever done that with under 350bhp.

We’ll see the same driver of this car again much higher up the list in something with a few more ponies.

#19 - 7:03

AMG GT Black Series

  • Video link
  • Flying or standing start: Flying start
  • Driver: Jens-Uwe Volkmann

We’ve got this far down the list without seeing an AMG GT, and now we’re going to see three of them in quick succession.

This lap is set in the new AMG GT Black Series, the hottest track weapon AMG currently offer. The official lap time for this car was actually 1 second quicker than the new 992 GT3 RS, that shows its pace.

#18 - 7:03

Porsche 992 GT3 RS

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start
  • Driver: Kevin Estre

Well well well, look who we have driving here. It’s only the Nurburgring 24 hour winner and King of the ‘Ring himself, Kevin Estre.

Kevin was giving passenger rides on a Manthey Racing trackday and this 7:03 in a new 992 GT3 RS was probably a 7/10 lap for him compared to the pace he’s used to going at in his GT3 race cars.

Estre is completely calm, collected and smooth the whole lap, frequently checking his passenger is still breathing with a friendly thumbs up. What an experience for the guy on the right hand side of the car.

#17 - 7:02

Porsche 992 GT3 MR Manual

The driver of this manual 992 GT3 is Sebastien Vittel. No not the ex-F1 driver. This Sebastien is well known as being one of the fastest guys at the Nurburgring, and last year he held spot #2 on this list in his GT2 RS MR with a crazy 6:44 lap time. 

At the end of last year he decided it was time to take a break from chasing the BTG record, so traded his GT2 RS in for a much more sedate GT3 manual. Now tweaked by Manthey and back in Sebastien’s hands, he’s managed to get within 18 seconds of his previous PB in a car with almost 200bhp less. Good effort.

#16 - 7:02

Porsche 992 GT3 RS

  • Video link
  • Flying or standing start: Flying start
  • Driver: Jakub Michalovic

Anyone bored of 992s yet? Well here’s another; a new GT3 RS getting tantilising close to going sub-7. Close, but not close enough.

#15 - 7:00


  • Flying or standing start: Standing start
  • Driver: Joe Quax

It’s always great to see an AMG GT this far up this list, and this is the slightly older model AMG GTR Pro. The big brutish V8 feels and sounds like it shouldn’t be able to lap as fast as it does, but there’s a reason why it’s used as the official Nurburgring Ring Taxi these days.

The AMG GTR Pro version is slightly lighter than the GTR and with adjustable aero and damping but with the same power. The official lap time from AMG showed this Pro version could go 7 seconds a lap quicker than the ‘normal’ GTR. But as the next car on this list shows, that doesn’t always translate to the real world.

#14 - 6:57


If the previous guy didn’t quite manage to squeeze his AMG GTR under the 7 minute mark, then this guy did with our first sub-7 lap, a 6:57. But he did it in the ‘normal’ AMG GTR, not the Pro.

Let’s remind ourselves of the fact that for any average car and driver combo, a sub-8 lap of the ‘Ring is incredibly impressive. So to go a full minute faster is mind blowing, and the speed you have to carry around the Green Hell to achieve that is crazy. 

Fabsan starts this lap on a flyer, coming under the bridge at the end of the Dottinger Hohe straight at 285kph / 177kph. That extra speed at the start could well be part of the 3 second difference between this and the lap above.

The lap that follows shows some great driving in the AMG that’s on OEM suspension, and he hustles it around to make it one of only 14 cars to go sub-7 this year.

#13 - 6:56

Porsche 992 GT3

  • Video link
  • Flying or standing start: Standing start
  • Driver: Dmitry Ryzhak

This really is the year of the 992s setting blistering lap times on the ‘Ring. Even with a wobbly shoddy quality camera we can see this guy extracting a sub-7 lap from his 911 on a trackday.

#12 - 6:56

Porsche 992 GT3

A Spanish racing driver at the wheel of a 992 GT3 on a trackday on the Nordschleife is the recipe for some good lap times. That’s exactly what we have here, another Sub-7 lap from a GT3 reminding us how capable these cars are in the right hands.

#11 - 6:55

BMW F80 M3

EDIT: Turns out this lap was set on slick tyres. So discount it from the list!

#10 - 6:55

Porsche 992 GT3 RS

Now we’re getting to the sharp end. This is the top 10, and it’s only fitting that the first car in it is the 992 GT3 RS.

The massively bewinged Stuttgart special with absurd aero will make another appearance yet in this list. These cars are still relatively new, 2023 being the first year that they’ve been used by the public on the Nurburgring, and Manthey Racing haven’t yet finished their own upgrade package. But still, even as standard, what these cars are capable of is amazing.

In this video the driver, who we’ve seen before at #23 in this list in a different car, starts the flying lap flat out under the bridge at 278kph. In comparison, the GT2 RS MR at #4 in this list reaches just under 320kph before having to lift at the same point. That shows how much the 170bhp defecit and the increased drag from the huge rear wing of this GT3 RS slows it down on the straights compared to the GT2 RS.

#9 - 6:54

Porsche 992 GT3

It still feels like the 992 GT3 only came out recently, but now they’re a common site at the Nurburgring. And their performance is unquestionable.

The fixed camera angle with a slightly wider field of view gives you an amazing sense of speed in this video. Plus a sense of just how narrow the Green Hell is.

#8 - 6:54

BMW M4 Team Schirmer VLN

Team Schirmer are to BMW M cars what Manthey Racing are to Porsche. They’re the go-to guys if you want to extract maximum performance from your Beemer around the Nurburgring.

And this is their fastest road-legal creation, the M4 GT VLN. With bodywork and aero based on a race car and a whole host of chassis and engine upgrades, this video shows how fast they can get the M4s to go around the Ring. The video also appears to have been filmed on a fallen-over 2007 Nokia.

Believe it or not, there’s another one of these Schirmer specials still to come in the Top 10.

#7 - 6:53 - Fastest Manual

Porsche 991.2 GT3 Manual

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start
  • Driver: JCViggen1

Save the manuals! And save the damn quick ones too. This is the fastest manual Nurburgring BTG lap time of the year, and this is driving.

For all the technology and performance gains in fast Porsches over recent years, there’s still something about having three pedals and a shifter that is inescapably pure. Ok, so it won’t be as fast as a PDK system, but this great lap shows what a good wheelman can do on the Nordschleife.

The overlay in the top-right of the video is Porsche’s official Nurburgring lap in the 991.2 GT3, driven by pro driver Lars Kern in 2017. The driver uses it as a reference and in the video manages to beat the official full lap time by 1 second. He’s pretty chuffed about it. 

#6- 6:52

Porsche 992 GT3 RS

This is the highest appearance on this list for the 992 GT3 RS, the latest and greatest track weapon from Porsche.

And the driver is Christoph Breuer, the project manager for street car development at Manthey Racing. And his passenger is Misha.

This car is standard, and Christoph shows Misha just how capable the new car is, especially with its mega downforce in high speed corners. But who knows what Manthey are cooking up for their own special edition.

#5 - 6:52 - Fastest BMW

BMW M4 Schirmer VLN

So a BMW makes it in to the Top 5. And as a BMW driver myself, I’m proud. But this is as far as it goes for the Ultimate Driving Machines.

Last year the guys at Team Schirmer also claimed the top BMW spot in the list. And this year they’ve done it again with their ‘VLN’ model of the M4, shaving 2 seconds off their PB from last year.

The driver is Josh Bednarski, the same flying Frenchman who set the seriously fast lap in the Alpine A110 MPR.  As far as I’m aware, this is the fastest ‘Amateur’ BMW lap of the ‘Ring ever.

#4 - 6:51

Porsche 991 GT2 RS MR

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start
  • Driver: Ola Eggen

It’s all Porsche content from here-on in. 

This incredibly impressive lap is set in a 992 GT2 RS MR, the Manthey Racing twin-turbo’d 691bhp special that held the official Nurburgring production car lap record for years until the Mercedes AMG One knocked it off.

This lap was set on a trackday and shows just how much of an advantage the flying start can have.

The driver approches the start of the lap at 319kph / 198mph before having to lift for the left kink under the Bridge. These cars are seriously fast.

#3 - 6:51

Porsche 992 GT3 MR

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start
  • Driver: Guillaume Salvodelli

So here’s the third place podium finisher, suitably in another Manthey Racing fettled Porsche. The ever popular 992 GT3 has, unsurprisingly, turned out to be a serious Ring tool and this lap just goes to show how capable they really are.

The driver of this one managed to shave 2 seconds off their PB Nurburgring BTG lap time from last year. Obviously we’re in the realms of ever diminishing returns at this pace.

And listen to the flat-six sing. We’ll miss engines like this in a few decades time. But whilst we’ve still got them, I’m all for keeping the Eifel mountains alive with the sound of horsepower.

#2 - 6:44

Porsche 991 GT2 RS MR

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start
  • Driver: Jangobipbip

Here’s the second fastest lap, set in another all-conquering GT2 RS MR. But this time, unlike in 2022, it couldn’t quite conquer this list.

Still an incredibly quick lap, and one of only two guys to go sub-6:50 this year. The driver managed to shave 5 seconds off their lap time from last year. But unfortunately it wasn’t enough to top the list.

#1 - 6:39 - Fastest 'amateur' lap ever recorded

Porsche 991.2 GT3 RS

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start
  • Driver: Alex Hardt

Ladies, gents and Ringworms, here we are. After 99 contenders fell by the wayside, this is the fastest Nurburgring BTG lap of 2023. 

And in fact, it’s the fastest recorded ‘amateur’ BTG lap ever.

This incredible 6:39 lap, 5 seconds quicker than #2 on this list, was set by Alex Hardt. Alex is a Nurburgring specialist, coach and racing driver and set the lap time in his 991.2 GT3 RS. 

In 2022 his best lap was a 6:49, this year he’s shaved 10 seconds off and is subsequently the first ‘amateur’ ever (on YouTube at least) to dip under the 6:40 BTG mark.

This lap is 2 seconds quicker than the best lap from 2022, and that was set in a GT2 RS MR with a lot more power. So full kudos to Alex for an amazing lap, but he thinks there’s still more to come. I’ll wait and see…

The list in full

Here is the full list of the 100 fastest Nurburgring BTG lap times of 2023:

And as a comparison, here’s the list from 2022:


Here is the full list of the 100 fastest Nurburgring BTG lap times of 2023:

  • 45 BMWs
  • 32 Porsches
  • 11 Front Wheel Drive cars
  • 3 AMGs
  • 2 Teslas
  • 1 Audi R8
  • 1 Ferrari
  • 1 Nissan GTR
  • 1 Mitsubishi Evo
  • 1 Alpine
  • 1 Caterham
  • 1 Motorbike

Know of any faster laps?

A lot of people claim they did this lap time or that lap time. I am only including the ones with video proof of the full lap on YouTube. So if you did a fast lap that would have made the list but didn’t put it on YouTube then you’ve inly got yourself to blame. Same rules as last year.

I have spent too much time compiling this list (don’t feel sorry for me – watching hours of Ring Laps on YouTube is no hardship), but that’s not to say I haven’t missed some. If you know of any other fastest Nurburgring BTG lap times that fit within this list, with video proof, then leave a comment below with the link.

DISCLAIMER: I can’t guarantee people aren’t sad enough to speed their lap videos up. If you have sped your video up to shave a few seconds off then get a life.

Alex Gassman

I‘m Alex. I write F1 and motorsport travel guides based on my experience as racing driver and full-time motorsport nerd. I’ve traveled the world watching F1 and other racing series.

I started oversteer48 with the aim of helping other motorsport fans who are planning on watching some racing themselves.

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You missed my 7’13 BTG with my 997.2 GT3 RS 😉

Drew Dorling

Great job and writing, thanks!


Fastest 997.2 GT3 RS 😉😉

Blair McConachie

Wouldn’t make the list (even if I hadn’t been held up at carousel). But putting it in here as a special sub catagory for fastest time with the slowest top speed! 😂 change of regs means a more track spec tyre for next year so I might just squeeze onto the list with a clear lap.


P7 is a 991.2, Manthey Suspension with Stock Aero! 😉 nice project 💪🫶

Cristian Vidal

Yeahhh! Great Job!!! 🫡

one of the slowest 7:38 BTG but… stock Cayman 981 GTS, 3.4l 340hp, manual transmission (heel&toe shifting), better brake pads and discs, Pirelli Trofeo-R.


Hey, here is my 7:21 BTG with my street legal E92 M3 built by Custom Racetec / Schirmer.🫡


Thanks for the Work i was surprised to see me here 🙂

Last edited 1 year ago by Christian

Cupra MANUAL 7.34seg

Dan Pettersen

Awesome job creating this list! Must have been so much work going through all those videos. 🙂
Thankful for beeing a part of if. Fastest AWD… 😉


here a fast civic 7:25

Last edited 1 year ago by Fernando
Stighiz Wigiz

Thank You for this List 💪
7.22 with a 991.1 gt3


My 7.19 lap on Cayman GT4 (981)

Last edited 5 months ago by Igorossa
Jimmy Särås

Hi, a friend of mine who was on the 2022 list with a e92 m3 did a 7:00 with a porsche 991.1 which is quite impressive i think. Here is the link:

Great list nevertheless, great job!

Last edited 5 months ago by Hobbit

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