The 80 Fastest Nurburgring BTG Lap Times in 2022

The 80 Fastest Nurburgring BTG Lap Times of 2022

With the Ring now officially closed for tourist driving for the year, it’s time to take stock of the fastest Nurburgring BTG lap times in 2022. In this article I’ll count down the 80 fastest BTG laps, with video proof, that have been recorded over this year.

The list has a few serious surprises that you will want to see. 


why BTG laps?

BTG, or Bridge to Gantry laps, are not the full length of the circuit as they miss out the Döttinger Höhe straight. BTG laps are 1 mile shorter than a full lap, but still include all of the Nurburgring corners.

As tourist driving at the Ring does not allow drivers to use the full length of the straight, the BTG lap time has become the ‘unofficial official’ way to time your laps. So the lap times below might look close to some of the official lap records that we see car manufacturers set, but bear in mind the BTG lap is roughly 15 – 30 seconds shorter than a full lap, depending on the car’s speed down the main straight.

what does this list include?

It includes the fastest Nurburgring BTG lap times recorded in 2022, completed either during tourist driving or a track day at the Ring. Track days allow use of the full straight, which means that BTG lap times completed on a track day often includes a flying start by entering the bridge at high speed after having been flat out down the Döttinger Höhe straight.

I was in two minds about whether or not to include these, as the flying start can shave a couple of seconds off a lap time, rather than when you’ve just left the pit exit and are still gathering speed on a true TF standing start lap. But it’s not always easy to tell from the video or description, so in the end I decided to include both. I’ll state whether each lap is a standing start or flying start as best as I can, and let you decide what difference that makes to the order.

what's not included?

I wanted this list to be purely ‘amateur’ lap times, and whilst there may be a couple of racing drivers setting quick laps in a road car during TF or a trackday, there are a number of things that are not included:

  • Any laps completed during a race, be it a VLN, NLS, 12 or 24h race, historic events or anything else
  • Official manufacturer lap times
  • Multiple laps by the same car and driver. Just the single fastest lap of the year per car and driver combo
  • Cars on slick tyres
  • Laps where the video doesn’t clearly show the full lap e.g. if it cuts before going under the gantry
  • Any non-road legal cars

is nurburgring lap timing allowed?

The official Nurburgring rules quite clearly state that timing of laps is not allowed during tourist driving sessions. This makes sense – the Nordschleife is a public road during tourist laps and having a lap timer glowing red in your face telling you you dropped a couple of tenths on the last sector is a sure fire way to overdrive and bin it.

But recording your laps and looking at the lap times afterwards seems to be ok. As is lap timing on most track days. So that is how this list exists.

the 80 fastest Nurburgring BTG Lap Times of 2022

Let’s get in to it. Here’s your list of the 80 fastest Nurburgring BTG lap times of 2022.

Click on each image to view the lap video on YouTube.


Audi RS3 8Y - 7:39

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

Here’s the first car in our list, the new Audi RS3 8Y, and already we are well under the 8 minute mark with the 7:39 lap.

The car is being driven by the Nurburgring specialist from L’argus, a french motoring website. As with most of the Ring laps posted by L’argus, the driver is not afraid to push the car up to and beyond its limits of grip. This new RS3 has been reported as being the driftiest RS model ever, and our man behind the wheel does his best to prove that. Big armfuls of opposite lock ae required at Adenauer Forst, Weirseifen and Wippermann to name a few spots.

He also starts the lap chasing down a 992 GT3, so this first video on the list makes for great viewing.


BMW E46 M3 - 7:36

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start

At spot #79 is this track prepped E46 M3 manual, and this lap was completed during a track day. 

There would have been a time 5 or 10 years ago where the top lap times would have included a plethora of E46 M3s. But as time and technology moves on to newer, faster models, unbelievably this is the only E46 in the list. So as far as I’m aware, this is the fastest video’d E46 M3 lap of the year.


Porsche 918 GT4 - 7:36

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start

The first of many many Porsches on the list and the first of a large dose of GT4s is this lap at number #79. This is, however, the only 981 model GT4 represented here, the rest are the later 718 Caymans. 

We will see a lot of onboard cameras with data overlays like this, but this one is pretty unique as it shows us the elevation. This is pretty neat as you can see just how much change there is over the course of the 13 mile long lap. The lowest point on the track is at Breidscheid bridge in Adenau, and the highest point is at Hohe Act. Looking at the overlay the elevation increase between these two points is nearly 300m.

Also, enjoy the manual gearchange in this video. Most of the cars at the sharp end of this list are all flappy paddle’d.



Porsche 992 Carrera S - 7:35

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

One of the few non-GT Porsches on the list is this 992 Carrera S, showing that even the more standard models in the modern line up of 911s can mix it with the fastest cars on track. This one is on road-going Pirelli P Zeroes, not semi-slicks.

This lap video has a nice bonus, a second camera pointing at driver and passenger. We all love a reaction video and this is a decent one of those. The passenger is unable to hide their expressions as they get thrown around the lap. For the most part it looks like enjoyment, but I detected a small dose of fear on the run down the Foxhole. If nothing else here hair serves as a good guide to the lateral Gs the car is pulling at any given time.


BMW M140i - 7:35

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

Next car, another Beemer, and it gives me great pleasure to say this one is also a manual transmission. It’s an M140i but it is far from standard. The headline power figure is 470ps / 465bhp, but it has a wealth of chassis upgrades to help tame the extra ponies. Check out the huge list of mods in the video description.

A very smooth lap, a bit of traffic right at the start means there’s probably more to come from this guy in 2023.


Dodge Viper ACR 9 litre - 7:35

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start

This has to be one of the coolest cars on this list. Not only is a Dodge Viper ACR, but the standard 8.4litre V10 has been stroked to 9 litres in this one. 

The Viper ACR will forever have a strong link with the Nurburgring. In 2017 a team of enthusiasts and owners wanted to give the Viper a proper send off. They shipped two cars over from the USA in a bid to beat the lap record at the time for a production car around the ‘Ring. After a number of setbacks, the team managed a 7:01 for a full lap. Not quite the record, but an incredible acheivement nonetheless. Watch the full documentary on YouTube. 

In the lap above the owner is taking it pretty easy and there’s some traffic slowing him up. But the car sounds incredible and sets a very respectable lap time despite the fact it looks like he’s just cruising in a lot of places.


Porsche 991.2 GT3 - 7:34

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start

This seems to be a pretty standard 991.2 GT3 on Pirelli Trofeo R tyres on a track day. And the video description says it was the driver’s first time at the Ring with this car. So despite the car’s ability, getting up to speed this quickly is no mean feat. 

But as you’ll see from some upcoming laps, these cars have a lot more potential for faster lap times. 


BMW M140i - 7:34

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

This is the fastest of the ‘baby’ M cars on this list, this one being a pretty heavily modified M140i. The video description says it’s running a stage 2 MHD pack, it doesn’t state BHP figures but a quick bit of research says these packs top out at 470bhp. It has had some serious weight reduction – you can see the lack of headlining in the video, along with a custom wide body kit. 

All of this gives it just enough to beat the other M140i on this list by about 1 second.

It also seems that M140i owners pride themselves on not buying their photos from, instead just screenshotting the watermarked preview. Stop being tight, spend the 13 Euros and support the Ring economy!


Porsche 991.2 GT3 RS - 7:34

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

This laps was done by the guys at AReeve Performance, known for their BMW and Porsche tuning. This lap was set on a track day in a completely stock car doing its best to impersonate Kermit.

This is the first of many RS Porsches that we will see on this list. Keep reading to see just how capable these cars really are.


BMW M2 Schirmer GT - 7:33

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start

In the hunt for the fastest Nurburgring BTG lap times we will see many many BMW M2s, and this is the first. It is also the first we’ll see of a whole heap of Team Schirmer modified cars. Schirmer are the go to guys when it comes to making BMWs go faster than standard around the Nurburgring. They have had great success racing their own modified cars in the Nurburgring 24 hours over the years, and now offer many parts from their race cars to road-going customer cars.

The Schirmer GT kit for the M2 is a full-blown upgrade package, including the near 10,000 Euros chassis and suspension kit. And as we’ll see further down this list, it certainly works when it comes to making these set fast BTG times.

This lap is set whilst the driver is having instruction. Crank up the volume and you can just about hear the coach’s tips – maybe there’s a couple of hints you can pick up for yourself here.


Toyota Yaris GR - 7:33

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start

The little pocket rocket is one of the most exciting cars to have been released in the last couple of years. Manual, 4WD and turbocharged it is the car Toyota didn’t need to make, but did. Whilst the standard car can be a little soft and understeery for track use, this owner has a choice selection of mods to help improve its Ring ability.

The video suggests this is the fastest Yaris GR lap of the Ring, and I have not found a quicker lap so would have to agree. Toyota never set an official lap time, but Sport Auto did an 8:14 for a full lap in a standard car. Take the difference between a full lap and BTG lap of roughly 20 seconds off that, and it would suggest this lap is a good chunk of seconds quicker than the Sport Auto BTG lap time would have been. Good job.


Porsche 991.2 GT3 - 7:33

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start

Another 991, this time ‘just’ a GT3 with a lap time of 7:33 being set on a track day with a flying start. 

Not a bad lap but nothing special. The fact that three other Porsches have passed this guy and dissapeared off in to the distance by the end of Hatzenbach shows how much more potential there is to come out of these cars, as we will see much further down this list.


BMW E92 M3 - 7:32

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

Whilst the E46 M3 used to be the go-to M car for pounding round the ‘Ring, the E92 M3 was its sucessor. The extra grunt of the 400bhp V8 lent itself well to shaving additional seconds off these all important lap times. And whilst the E92s are now being replaced by F80 and G82 series models, these V8s are still an incredibly popular and capable Nurburgring track car.

This is the first of a whole bunch of E92 M3s we’ll see on this list, so keep reading to see just how fast these can go.


Renaultsport Megane 4 Trophy R - 7:31

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start

The battle for the fastest Nurburgring BTG lap times also includes a handful of FWD cars. The first of these on our list is this 7:31 lap in a Megane 4 RS Trophy R – the super duper hot hatch from Renault that was designed with uncompromising track performance in mind, carbon fibre wheels and all. 

The near 300bhp turbocharged engine makes its usual weird wooshing noise, seperated only by massive cracks and bangs every time the driver changes gear. A pretty smooth lap overall. But considering the official time posted by Renault for this car was a 7:40 on a full lap, there’s definitely some more time to shave off the BTG lap yet.


BMW G82 M4 Competition - 7:28

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start

Got used to that front grille yet? 

This not-quite-standard G82 M4 sets a very respectable lap time and is the first car on this list to dip below 7:30 BTG. The lap is set on a track day and is the second of two back-to-back laps. The 13 mile long Nordschleife is so demanding that not all cars can do two flat-out laps consecutively without something overheating, but this new M4 Comp takes it all in its stride.

Keep your eyes peeled for another one of these setting an incredible lap right at the sharp end of the countdown.


Mercedes AMG GTR - 7:28

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

This is kind of cool. Ok so the AMG GTR can go faster than this, but it’s a lap completed as part of the AMG Academy training at the Ring. The driver is following the instructor who is ahead, in another AMG GTR, pretty close at high speed. That’s one way to learn the track!

I’ve written that it’s a standing start as the driver isnt wearing a helmet, (indicating it’s tourist driving) and the speed under the bridge isn’t huge, but I think the AMG Academy is private track time. So maybe it’s a bit of both.  

The AMG GTR has been used a the official Nurburgring Taxi for a number of years now and you can see why. It sounds awesome and is supremely capable. 


BMW M2 Competition - 7:27

  • Flying start or TF Lap: TF Lap

Another M2, this time an M2 Comp with a choice selection of mods. A fairly clear lap during tourist driving helped get this closer to the M2’s potential. But we’re not quite there yet – more to come from the M2 brigade just yet.


BMW E92 M3 - 7:27

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

Here’s the next E92 M3 in the list. This is the the DCT transmission M3 ‘GT’ of DRS Performance, sporting a number of Team Schirmer upgrades. Schirmer once again proving they are kings at extracting maximum handling capability from these BMWs around the circuit.

This lap time was set during tourist driving, and by the end of Hatzenbach the driver has already been held up 3 times probably losing him 5 seconds easy. Definitely more to come from this one next year.


BMW E92 M3 - 7:27

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

Here’s another E92 M3, also setting a 7:27 BTG lap time. This one is the Flying Banana from Spain. Love it or hate it (I love it), the aesthetic upgrades like the TE37s are matched by the performance upgrades to make this a super competent Ring track car. 

Clears blue skies and a pretty clear track made for a lovely lap of TF in this DCT M3. These V8s sound glorious. Check the vid for a cool helmet-cam view of the lap. 


McLaren 600LT - 7:26.83

  • Flying start or TF Lap: Flying start

There’s three cars with a 7:26 lap time, and they have also posted their laps to the hundredth of a second so I thought I may as well order them accordingly to help bring an air of precision to this list of fastest Nurburgring BTG lap times.

This is the only McLaren on this list, a 600LT. Don’t be fooled by the AMG dial overlays in the video. 

McLaren have never set any official Nurburgring times, but Sport Auto completed a full lap of the Ring in the 600LT in a 7:08. So the optimal BTG time for this car is somewhere in the high 6:4xx. This BTG lap time of 7:27 coming in at #62 in this list, around 40 seconds off the car’s optimal lap time, shows just how capable this car is. 

Still, it’s great to see one of these being used properly!


BMW M2 Schirmer GT - 7:26.80

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

Another M2 with the full Schirmer GT package setting a very impressive lap time. It’s easy to think that being at #62 on a ‘Top 80’ list isn’t that good, but when a sub-8 lap is very fast, we must remember that a sub-7:30 BTG is pretty serious going. 


Mercedes AMG GTR - 7:26.28

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start

The quickest of the three cars seting a 7:26.xx lap time is another AMG GTR.  I love these huge cars, it’s great to see them being used properly. 

The Beast of the Green Hell official Ring taxi has no doubt inspired a number of purchases of the same car in the same colour, this green, and equally inspired people to go laptime hunting in them too.


BMW M2 - 7:25

  • Flying start or TF Lap: Flying start

This BMW M2 is a Schirmer GT Clubsport car, running stock power but a whole load of chassis upgrades. Check out the full list of mods in the video description. 

A 7:25 is a great lap, but as you’ll see shortly there’s more to come from the M2s just yet.


BMW E92 M3 - 7:24

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

A cool, calm and respectful lap during tourist driving nets this guy a 7:24 BTG lap time. His obvious exhale of breath as he passes under the gantry at the end of the lap shows that it was over 7 minutes of hard concentration to set this lap. Or maybe just a sigh of relief at another tourist driving lap completed without incident.

There’s a bunch of traffic during the first half of the lap, and again right at the end. Without that I think he’d have been in to the high 7:1x. Maybe next year…


Porsche 991.1 GT3 RS - 7:23

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

A 7:23.8 set in this wonderful sounding GT3 RS is a respectable lap. The driver has listed a few modifications in the video descriptions, most notably some tweaks by Manthey Racing who are the absolute masters of making Porsches go faster than standard around the Ring. 

Mathey are Nurburgring 24 hour winners, one of the finest achievements in world motorsport. Additionally they have held the official Nurburgring production car lap record in a GT2 RS MR edition since June 2021. That was until Mercedes finally put a lap together in their AMG One in November 2022 and trumped them for top spot. 



BMW E92 M3 - 7:23

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start

This is a pretty exciting lap to watch, with a lot going on.

It was set on a track day and the driver is hassling a well driven 991 GT3 RS for the entire lap, even being held up by him at some points (Wippermann for example). There is also a lot of traffic that he gets caught in – Adenauer Forst alone costs him a few seconds, as does the run from the Karussell up to Hohe Acht.

Without the traffic and hold ups this driver and car combo is easily capable of a 7:1x, and maybe even a 7:0x lap. But for now, this is the quicker E92 we will see in the 2022 hunt for the fastest Nurburgring BTG lap times.


VW Golf Mk2 'Pinderwagen' - 7:23

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start

It’s the Pinderwagen!

What a pleasure to see this so high up this list. Nigel is a vertan of the Ring and his home-build turbo special is probably one of, if not the most advanced Mk2 Golf track cars in the world. With huge improvements to the chassis, aero and engine this is far from a standard Mk2 GTi.

Power is restricted by gear, but once in top gear and using his ‘overtake’ button on the steering wheel the 2.0 turbo put overs 500bhp to the front wheels. Combined with all the other mods, this is one heck of a track car.

The lap featured above is from a track day where he is following a friend in a GT4 RS. On numerous occasions throughout the lap he has to lift off to avoid running in to the back of him. Plus he’s missing 5th gear, so has a lot of 4th to 6th (and vice versa) gearchanges.

Without those things, the Pinderwagen is easily capable of a 7:1x lap, if not more. Great stuff.


Ferarri F8 Tributo - 7:22

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

What a pleasant surprise to find a Ferrari high up in this list. It’s good to know they’re not all parked outside the Monte Carlo Casino afterall.

This is an enjoyable, high definition lap to watch, set by Dale from Bridge to Gantry driving the Rent4Ring rental Ferrari. Dale has done as many laps around the Ring as anyone, but still a 7:22 in someone else’s Ferarri on your first lap in the car is not to be sniffed at.

Believe it or not, we’ll see another one of these cars much higher up the list a bit later on.


BMW F82 M4 - 7:21

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

This is the first of the Fxx model M3 / M4s we’ll be seeing on the list. This 7:21 lap set by the guys at Plato motorsport. The DCT M4 is running on KW Clubsport suspension with some Millway chassis upgrades. The description says the engine is tuned but was suffering from a lot of heat soak meaning it was only around 400bhp on this lap.


Porsche 991 GT3RS - 7:20

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start

Well it’s been almost 5 spots since we’ve seen a Porsche, so it’s about time we saw another. This one, a 991 GT3RS, sets a fast lap on a trackday with a flying start. It looks like he has an instructor riding shotgun, and having done a lots of passenger laps around the ‘Ring myself I know how much of a strong stomach you need for that, so fair play.


BMW F82 M4 - 7:20

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

This awesome looking M4 is certainly not standard. It has massive 315 section tyres front and rear, a Drexler diff (you can hear the gear whine in the video) and aero enhancements to match the GT4 car. All in all this wannabe race cars pips the previous M4 on this list by just 1 second. 


Porsche Cayman GT4 RS - 7:20

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start

This is one of only two GT4 RS’ in the whole list, probably because they have only fairly recently hit the streets and are made in such limited numbers. But what a car – 500bhp in the Cayman body has to make this one of the most desirable cars in Porsche’s lineup. 

Porsche set an official full lap time of 7:04 in this car. The lap above is a 7:20 BTG, so still a way off what the car is capable of. But it is a good lap nonetheless – watch it to enjoy the incredible sound from behind the camera, and the very competent L’Argus driver getting up to and beyond the limits of grip chasing a GT3 RS throughout the lap. 


Porsche 991 Turbo S - 7:20

  • Flying start or TF Lap: TF Lap

When you think of Porsches setting fast laps you think of GT3 and GT2 RS’, probably with some Manthey upgrades. You don’t really think of the bigger, heavier 911 Turbos, but this driver has other ideas.

Whilst we naturally assosicate the Turbo S with straight line performance over outright lap times, this lap just goes to show how fast they are in the right hands – in this case the hands of a Spanish racing driver who sets a mighty impressive 7:20 BTG lap time. The fastest recorded full lap time for one of these is around 7:17, so a sub 7 minute BTG is probably just about possible, but that would take some serious commitment. 


BMW E36 M3 S54 - 7:20

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

Well what an honour to be able to list an E36 M3 here. Even with all of its modern descendants, a well driven E36 M3 can still hold its own on the most challenging circuit in the world. The E36 M3 fastest Nurburgring BTG lap times battle has been raging for years. And whilst this isn’t the fastest E36 M3 lap we’ve ever seen, it’s incredibly impressive. Just look at the other cars it has beaten on this list.

Ok so the car is not standard, infact it’s a long long way from that. The spec list in the video description is one of the longest I’ve ever seen. The main thing is that the original 3.0litre single-vanos engine has been swapped to the S54 from the later E46 M3, pushing out around 60 additional BHP and a bunch more torque.

And I am overjoyed to say that this is not the last E36 M3 we’ll see in this countdown.

#46 - Fastest motorbike

Suzuki GSX-R - 7:20

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

I didn’t expect to see a bike lap in this list, but when I found it I had to include it. I hold a special type of respect for bikers; riding fast round a track is one thing, but doing so during tourist driving on the Ring with countless clueless other drivers on track is something else entirely. 

The video is mad. Just check out the acceleration of the bike and how keen it is to lift the front wheel, even at high speed. 

The Nurburgring bike lap record is a 7:10 set over 10 years ago. There’s a lot of traffic holding the biker up on this lap. With no traffic I think it would have easily beaten that old record. I expect we’ll see it done in 2023!


VW Golf Mk7 GTi Clubsport S - 7:20

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

The advancement in FWD car performance over the years is amazing. There was a time when the Ford Escort XR2i was just hitting the streets that it was thought any more than 150bhp in a FWD car was madness. Now we’re seeing them with over 300bhp – this Clubsport S is running a Stage 2 engine pack – and setting incredible lap times around the Ring. 

The lap is a pretty clear lap of TF, chasing down a track prepped BMW M4 over the whole lap and catching him right at the very end. Numerous times on the slower corner exits you can hear the front tyres scrabbling for grip, I’m sure any more than 1 lap in a row would overheat them. 

A very very impressive lap time. But, believe it or not, this is not the fastest FWD Lap of the year. 


#44 - Wildest lap

Opel Speedster - 7:19

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

This is probably my favourite lap on the entire list. Let me set the scene – the track has just opened in the morning for TF, the driver is one of the first cars out but his tyres are cold and his tyre pressures are too high. Ahead of him, however, is one of the offical AMG Ring Taxis driven by the Nurburgring’s chief instructor. The Speedster driver is determined not to let him get away.

Despite the cold tyres and high pressures he goes for it. The entire lap it looks like he is fighting to control the car – the wheel wriggling in his hands, the back end stepping out on him numerous times (Pflanzgarten II at 6:28 in the video being the most heart-in-mouth). Combined with the low seating position and huge turbo wastegate, this looks like the most visceral and raw driving experience ever.  

This guy keeps the AMG GTR in his sights for the whole lap, even getting past him right at the end. Big respect to this on-and-over the limit driver. If ever there was a case of a little car punching way about its weight class, this is it. This little Opel Speedster Turbo putting in a 7:19 lap is awesome.


Nissan R35 GTR - 7:18

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

It’s Godzilla. When these were launched there was a lot of talk about them being quicker than the 911 Turbo, for a fraction of the price. Nissan backed this up by taking the volume production car record in 2008, starting a PR slanging match between themselves and Porsche who suggested that Nissan’s claimed laptimes for the original R35 GTR were false. 

For a long while after, the fastest Nurburgring BTG lap time battle raged, and Nissan tweaked various iterations of the GTR to continually improve its laptime, the last being an amazing 7:08 full lap in the GTR Nismo.

All of this has helped remind owners, or potential buyers, that the R35 is a very capable track car. This owner proves that by setting a 7:18 lap with a standing start.


Porsche 718 GT4 - 7:17

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

Here’s the first in a pair of stock, manual Porsche 718s. This one is a GT4, a more track focused version of the Cayman S.

What a joy it is to watch the driver change gear himself. Ok, we all know now that manuals are not as fast as their paddle-shift equivalents, whether on track or the drag strip. But a 718 GT4, a manual gearbox, and a fairly clear Nordschleife has to be one of the most enjoyable driving experiences going.


Porsche 718 Spyder - 7:17

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start

And here’s the second in the duo. This time is a 718 Spyder, the soft-top version of the GT4. Again it’s a manual, and again it’s pretty much stock with the exception of some Manthey geometry settings. 

If the previous GT4 with its manual box was one of the most enticing prospects, then perhaps this Spyder with the option for some wind-in-your-helmet lapping is even better.


Mercedes AMG GTR - 7:17

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

This is a cool video – more camera angles than you knew you needed, high resolution footage, nice data overlays and even a full lap of German commentary from the driver.

This lap was set in the all black AMG GTR chasing the Getspeed Race Taxi, a very fast 911 GT3 RS that offers passenger rides to those wanting to experience super quick laps of the Ring. And this is one of those – chasing down the Porsche, the Merc driver sets a 7:17 lap time in the big, brutish GTR.

#39 - Fastest FWD

VW Golf Mk7 GTi Clubsport S - 7:17

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

For fast FWD laps, the Golf Mk7 Clubsport seems to be the weapon of choice. Considering only 400 of these were ever made worldwide, having two of them this high up the list is a testament to how well suited to the Ring they are. 

And when paired with driver Joel Meili, this ends up being the fastest FWD lap all year. Pipping the previous Clubsport S to the post by just 3 seconds, this lap is an incredible 7:17 BTG.

The car’s power has been upped to 380bhp, it has some KW Clubsport V3s for suspension, Pirelli Trofeos in 265 on the front and Yokohamas in 245 on the rear. But stock brakes, just with some Endless pads.

The official full lap time for a standard Clubsport S was 7:47. This BTG lap time is 30 seconds quicker, probably faster than the standard car could have done thanks to the increase in power. 

Who knows what the fastest FWD BTG time will be next year, below a 7:15, maybe even in to the 7:0x? 


Porsche 718 GT4 MR - 7:16

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start

Another 718 GT4, this time with the Manthey handling pack. This lap is filmed on a 360 degree camera. These are usually a bit of a novelty, but it’s actually kind of cool being able to watch the lap through the front windscreen, wind the footage back and pan round to watch the driver’s expression for a few corners.

He seems cool as a cucumber, deep in concentration in an attempt to extract a lap time out of the car. A 7:16 is a great result.


Porsche Cayman 718 GT4 - 7:14

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start

Not the RS model, just a ‘normal’ GT4 which is a very very capable track car in its own right. This track day driver has a list of excuses in the video description about why the lap wasn’t any faster. A 7:14 lap is super impressive, but he obviously knows there is more to be had from the car.

And so do we; this is not the last 718 GT4 we’ll see…


Porsche 991 GT3 RS - 7:13

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

Watch the video if you want to see some fast Nurburgring driving combined with Eye of the Tiger playing over the top of it. I’d love to think that’s actually being recorded from the car’s stereo and the driver is channeling his inner Rocky to shave off those last couple of tenths. And with a name like Rex Kramer it all fits together perfectly.

See what you think as this 991 GT3 RS sets a 7:13.


BMW M2 Comp - 7:13

  • Flying start or TF Lap: TF lap

Another modified M2 Competition, this one running around 550bhp and setting a very fast lap during a clear TF session.

It seems these M2s can be made to go faster than the E92 M3s. It makes sense with the enhancements in technology, but it’s a shame we’ve lost the glorious V8 soundtrack in favour of the turbocharged drones we are now used to. This is not the last M2 we’ll see either.


Alpine A110 MP-Rezeau - 7:13

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start

The Alpine A110 is not a car I expected to see this high up the list. But this is not a standard car. MP Rezeau are a French performance and tuning company who were involved in the development of the A110 GT4/Cup/RGT race cars. They have since begun making parts that customers can fit to their road cars to get them closer to the racing versions, and this A110 MP-R is the result. But power is still only 300bhp.

Our man from the French motoring journalist site L’Argus is at the wheel and sets a very impressive lap time on a track day, even with some traffic. This is not the last we’ll see of this car, proving that you don’t need huge power to when hunting the fastest Nurburgring BTG lap times.


Porsche 991.1 GT3 - 7:13

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start

Another glorious sounding GT3 putting in a good lap with a flying start on the track day. We are still a long way off the full potential of the 991 and 992 models, but such is their massive capability, it’s no surprise to see them this far up the list anyway.


Porsche 718 GT4 MR - 7:12

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start

I said we’d see the 718 GT4 again, and here it is. Just 2 seconds quicker than when we last saw it on this list, this time with a whole host of Manthey Racing upgrades and driven by Nurburgring YouTuber xthilox. Known for his very fast Seat Cupra and Yaris GR ring tools, in 2022 he upgraded to a 718 GT4.

The 718 GT4 MR is undoubtedly more capable around the Ring than the standard car. In the video description you can see a number of reasons why xthilox didn’t think this lap would be his fastest, but it turned out it was. All those reasons are just an excuse to go faster next year! Check out the video for some cool angles and overlays. 

#31 - Fastest AWD

Nissan R35 GTR Track Pack - 7:12

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

It’s Godzilla Part 2. A different car this time, a track pack R35 GTR with host of mods. The descriptions says it’s running 550bhp at the wheels, so that will be well over 600 at the crank. 

With some sticky Nankang AR1s in 285 section all round, the driver manages to hustle the beast from the East around the circuit in 7:12. This is the fastest Nurburgring BTG lap times for an R35 GTR in 2022, and also the fastest AWD car on this list. 


Audi R8 V10 RWS - 7:10

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

This is the only Audi R8 on the list, a V10 RWS. RWS is Audi’s Rear Wheel Series so, you guessed it, this R8 is RWD. With power upped to 670bhp, KW V4 suspension and a Manthey Racing setup it is obviously incredibly well suited to the Ring.

The video description says the driver was lent the car by his friend, and this lap was only his second lap in the car. Putting in this sort of lap time in your buddy’s car is pretty serious going. There is definitely a sub-7 BTG in this.

#29 - Fastest sub-300bhp

Alpine A110 MP-Rezeau - 7:08

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start

Here’s the Alpine A110 MP-R again. I wasn’t sure whether to include it twice, but seeing as this specification of car can be purchased from MP Rezeau by any customer, and in each case it was driven by a different organisation I thought it was fair.

This is the ‘official’ lap time from MP-R themselves, a whole 5 seconds quicker than L’Argus managed a few spots above. In their video description they have stated that it’s the record lap time for a 300bhp car. I’m not sure about the previous years, but there’s nothing higher up this list that has 300bhp or less, so good on them for a very impressive lap time in a relative underdog.

Their theoretical best time was a 7:04, incredibly fast and incredibly close to the mythical sub-7!


BMW M2 CS - 7:08

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start

This is the fastest BMW M2 lap of 2022. This time an M2 CS with Nitron Suspension, a DM Performance Setup, Pirelli Trofeo R tyres and 520bhp to name just a few of the mods.

This guy is really moving. His car is a serious bit of kit, but not the most powerful M2 we’ve seen, and he really knows how to get the most from it.

The video is well worth a watch. The whole lap he is in a battle with a GT2 RS who absolutely dissapears on the straight sections, but gets caught by this M2 on the twisty bits. Right at the end the M2 finally catches him, and even gets held up by him slightly. Great work, great lap.


Porsche Cayman GT4 RS - 7:07

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start

The second and final appearance of the ballisitc Cayman GT4 RS in this list is here, with a 7:07 BTG lap.

This is a completely stock car, and the helmet-cam view of this lap gives a real sense of speed on some of the narrow and high-speed sections of the lap.

No doubt we will see more laps from the GT4RS next year and I fully expect to see one or two going sub-7.



Porsche 992 GT3 - 7:07

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

Another fast Porsche lap, this time ‘just’ a GT3, but a 992 GT3, the newest model. The fastest full lap this car has managed is a 6:55, so whilst this BTG lap time is a little way off the optimal, it’s still a great lap. 

It was set on a track day, but judging by how much the car is accelerating under the bridge at the start of the video I think he’s just left the pits, hence I’ve classed it as a standing start lap.


BMW F80 M3 - 7:07

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

This pretty heavily modified F80 M3 sets an awesome lap time of 7:07 BTG. The time is set on a track day, but he’s just left the pits so I’m not classing it as a flying start.

The lap is mostly clear, with a slight hold up behind a 992 GT3 just before the Karussell.  This shows just how capable these cars are, and why Apex Nurburgring use one as their Ring Taxi capable of taxiing 3 passengers each lap.

Believe it or not this is not the fastest BMW lap of the year, nor is it the fastest F80 M3 lap.


Porsche 991.2 GT3 RS - 7:06

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start

Another GT3 RS at the sharper end of the list, this being a 991.2 with a flying start on a track day and a very clear track.

Check out the vid for some high-quality footage and to listen to that glorious flat-six behind the camera.


Porsche 992 GT3 - 7:06

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start

This is a very fast 7:06 set by a 992 GT3 and we are getting ever closer to that mythical sub-7 BTG lap time. But this is not the fastest 992 GT3 lap we will see on the list.

The 992 GT3 RS recently set an official full lap time of 6:55 around the Ring, making it one of the fastest N/A cars ever to lap the circuit. Expect to see some of those setting crazy fast lap times next year – theoretically getting down in to the low 6:3x BTG is possible.


Ferrari F8 Tributo - 7:06

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

We saw one earlier, and here’s another. When you think of people chasing the fastest Nurburgring BTG lap times, you don’t really think of exotic Ferraris. But this F8 Tributo is obviously an incredibly fast car with over 700bhp as standard. And to see them being driven hard around the Nurburgring is a real treat.

This is the faster of the two F8s on this, with a super impressive BTG lap time of 7:06. Yes, if Charles Leclerc or Carlos Sainz was behind the wheel then it could go faster. But this is still a lot of money to be thrashing around a track, so big respect to this driver.  



AMG GTR Pro - 7:01

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

This lap time of 7:01  was set by an AMG GTR Pro during a trackday, but from leaving the pits so not a flying start.

It always feels like these cars shouldn’t be as quick as they are around the track. The big brutish V8 and long bonnet stretching out ahead of the cabin makes it feel like a muscle car. But this model has been tweaked and honed by AMG to make it as fast as possible on track, and it has worked.

Turn the volume up and enjoy the video. This big bruiser would have gone sub-7 if he had hit this lap with a flying start.

The fastest Nurburgring BTG lap times of 2022 are about to get in to the top 20 spots…


Porsche 992 GT3 - 7:01

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start

This striking looking 992 GT3 comes ever so close to setting a sub-7 lap, but doesn’t quite get there. However a 7:01 BTG lap in this completely standard car is still very impressive.

This video is well worth a watch. The driver is pushing on pretty hard in most places, and it’s filmed in 4k60fps. So watch it on a big screen and maybe with a set of headphones on to make the most of that fantastic soundtrack, and enjoy a little over 7 minutes of driving bliss.


Porsche 991 GT3RS MR - 7:00

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

This GT3RS has the full Manthey package and looks to be a road-going race car; fully stripped, fully caged, and the video poster says that it weighs 100kg less than the standard car. It sounds different to most of the other GT3 RS on this list, probably because the weight reduction has included sound deadening removal so the exhaust note sounds a lot more raw.

If the standard versions of these cars can do this sort of lap time (see two spots below), then this one will definitely be capable of a quicker time. 


BMW E36 M3 S54 - 7:00

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start

Well I didn’t expect to see an E36 M3 anywhere near this high up the list, but boy am I pleased it’s here. The E36 M3 BTG lap time battle has been raging for years – first dipping in to the 7.20s, then the 7:10s. Now, unbelievably, this E36 M3 has done a 7:00 BTG lap of the Ring. Madness.

The driver of this one is Joel Meili, the same guy that set the 7:17 lap in the VW Golf Clubsport S above. 

Ok so the car isn’t standard. It has just under 400bhp from an S54 and lots of chassis upgrades but at the end of the day it is still just an E36 M3 running on 235 wide tyres all round. Think about that – all the Porsches will have tyres over 300mm wide at the rear, as will the AMGs, and almost as wide on the fronts. But the E36 has one thing on its side – weight. The video description says it weighs 1180kg with driver and fuel included, a good few hundred kilos lighter than the other cars at this point in this list. It just goes to show that such is the demand of the Nurburgring’s corners that weight still makes a big difference.

E36 M3s have been a track car of choice for decades now, and its fantastic to still see them taking it to the modern stuff. Good on you. Maybe in 2023 an E36 will go sub-7?


Porsche 991.1 GT3 RS - 7:00:00

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start

The search for the elite Sub-7 club couldn’t really get much closer than this lap, with a time of 7:00:00. You can bet the driver was thinking of all the tiny differences he could have made to his driving over the course of the lap to dip in to the 6:59s.

This is an enjoyable video to watch – good camera angle that shows the driver’s inputs, high quality footage that gives a good sense of speed and that wonderful flat 6 howl. It’s a very committed lap, the driver is flat out through the compression at the bottom of the Foxhole and doesn’t leave much on the table. The traction these cars have on corner exit is just incredible. There’s a few bits of traffic, none really slow him down but they do comprimise the ideal line slightly on a couple of occasions. I like purple. 


Porsche 991 GT2RS MR - 6:59

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

So here we are, in the hyper-elite Sub-7 Nurburgring BTG lap time club. And it’s only fitting that the first car to get here is a GT2 RS Manthey Racing edition. This is the same as the car that held the production car lap record of the Nurburgring for a while, with an incredible 6:43 for a full lap set in June 2021. Only in November 2022 was this beaten by the Mercedes AMG-One.

Manthey made their tuning package for that lap record car available to their customers, so this is the first of a handful of laps we’ll see of these cars in the sub-7 club.

This lap is almost entirely traffic free, right up until near the end where the driver gets stuck behind a Cayman GT4 from Pflanzgarten II right to the end of the Stefan-Bellof S section, undoubtedly costing him a couple of seconds.


Porsche 991 GT3 - 6:59

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

This is the second car to dip under the 7 minute BTG lap time, and whilst this is ‘just’ a 991 GT3 rather than a full blown GT2 or GT3 RS, this one does have few Manthey upgrades including suspension and aero mods. 

The driver has a bit of a wobble at 4:21 in the video, on the very high-speed crest on the right hander of Klosertal, but keeps it gathered up and goes on to achieve elite sub-7 status. Just listen to that engine sing.

This is the fastest non-RS 991 model Porsche in the list.


BMW F80 M3 'GT4' - 6:57.7

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

Whilst it seems like the GT3 and GT2 RS Porsches can bang out these kinds of lap times all day long, to get a Beemer under 7 minutes takes some serious commitment. And that is what the driver of this M3 ‘GT4’ is showing during this lap.

Another racecar-for-the-road track edition, this lap is set on Dunlop Direzza semi slicks. The driver enters the Karussell a little too hot and pops out of the concrete banking too early. From there on, it seems like his rear tyres have overheated and for the rest of the lap he is managing some serious oversteer on both corner entry and exit. Check out Brunnchen; on both the entry and exit to this section he has big armfuls of opposite lock dialled in.

With some more rear end grip, this guy could definitely shave a little bit more time off. But big respect for a fully committed lap.


BMW M4 Team Schirmer GT VLN - 6:57.4

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start

The battle of the 6:57s is won by another Beemer, this time an F82 M4 GT VLN by Team Schirmer. This is effectively a road-legal version of the M4 that Team Schirmer entered in to the Nurburgring 24hour race, running around 520bhp.

A much more composed lap, the driver doesn’t seem to be struggling with the tyres going off like the previous guy was, probably because he is running Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Rs. He does, however, have a bit of traffic to deal with – 6 overtakes throughout the whole lap, each costing him a smidge of time. Plus the incredibly fast left hander of Kesselchen is slightly damp so he has to lift, costing him time up the long hill that follows.

A great lap, but amazingly not the quickest BMW lap of the year.


Porsche 991 GT3 RS - 6:56

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

Another lap from the guys at Plato motorsport, this time a 6:56 BTG in a 991 GT3 RS with some KW suspension setup by Manthey. A pretty quiet lap with not a lot of traffic, starting from the pitlane on a trackday, nets these guys a very impressive lap time.

The video description states that more is to come from this car and driver next year, so we will wait to see what 2023 holds for a lap time improvement.


Porsche 991 GT3 RS - 6:54

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start

Another sub-7 lap time, another Porsche 991 GT3 RS. This lap was set on a track day with a flying start and an almost entirely clear track. Not much else to say, just Porsches doing what Porches do.


Porsche 991 GT2 RS MR - 6:54

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

Now we’re in to the top 10 fastest Nurburgring BTG lap times of 2022, and what better way to start it than with another GT2RS MR. This is a video from xthilox again, but this time as a passenger. He is wearing a helmet cam and being in the passenger seat gives a new perspective on the speed and ferocity of the lap, based on just how much his helmet is moving around without the steering wheel to brace himself on.

Some slightly damp sections of the track – down the Foxhole for example – barely slow down the driver who sets a 6:54 BTG lap time. 

#9 - Fastest BMW / non-Porsche

BMW G82 M4 Schirmer GT - 6:54

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start

Team Schirmer are the guys when it comes to fast BMWs at the Ring. So it is only fitting that their latest development, the G82 M4 Schirmer GT, sets the fastest BMW lap of the year. And it does so with style, setting a stunningly fast lap of 6:54. 

The lap was set with a flying start on a track day. And whilst there’s not much traffic, the weather and track conditions weren’t perfect for a fast lap. The theoretical best was a 6:51, so I fully expect to see this dip in to the 6:4x in 2023. 


Porsche 992 GT3 - 6:53

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start

For the sake of variety I’m sorry to say it’s all Porsche content from here on in.

This is the fastest 992 GT3 lap of the year, albeit this one has some Manthey Racing upgrades. The video thumbnail states a 6:52 but the exact time is a 6:52.88, so I’m classing it as a 6:53. Either way, blisteringly fast and one of only a handful of guys to get in to the Sub-7 BTG club for the year. 

This is the fastest non-RS Porsche lap of the year.


Porsche 991.2 GT3 RS - 6:52

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start

Back to the 991 chassis for this lap, this time with a GT3 RS. Thanks to the driver posting in the comments section below, we now know this is running Manthey suspension but with stock aero.

A pretty smooth lap with minimal traffic, but set on a hot day where car and driver are having to work pretty hard.


Porsche 991 GT2 RS MR - 6:49

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

This the first member of the even more elite sub-6:50 club. This lap time kind of unsurprisingly set in another Manthey Racing GT2 RS. The modifications that Manthey offer for these cars are so well researched, developed and manufactured that they are now offered as official Porsche upgrades, part of the Porsche Tequipment options that any new owner can spec their car with at the time of ordering.

This clear and mostly quiet lap was set on a Destination Nurburgring trackday, one of the most popular trackday events at the Ring.  The driver suggests he is still getting to grips with the car, so who knows how fast it will go in 2023.


Porsche 991.1 GT3 RS MR - 6:49.8

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

Now we’re in to the top 5, and its time to get in to the tenths of a second. This is a 991.1 GT3 RS MR being driven by Alex Hardt doing a 6:49.8x lap. The video doesn’t state the exact lap time, but it cuts at 49.8x so I’m going to say that it just dips below the 6:50 mark. I’m pretty sure this lap started from the pits looking at the acceleration under the bridge, so even more impressive.

Given that the GT2 RS is the king of the Ring, this fast in a GT3 RS even with a bunch of Manthey Racing mods is very impressive. The driver, Alex Hardt, is a Nurburgring regular and racing driver who sets fast laps in anything he drives around the ring. 5 years ago he was fully embroiled in the E36 M3 BTG battle, once holding the record at 7:25. Look at spot #18 on this list to see just how far that battle has come! 

The video description suggests there’s more to come from this car yet, so let’s keep our eyes peeled in 2023 to see how much of an improvement can be made.


Porsche 991 GT2 RS - 6:49.58

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start

Here’s your #4. A GT2 RS setting a 6:49.58 BTG lap time, pipping the GT3 RS above by just a few tenths of a second.

This lap was set during a Manthey Racing trackday at the Ring. There is no hint at any Manthey modifications to the car in the video or description, but seeing as it’s on a Manthey day I wouldn’t be surprised if they had sprinkled some of their tuning magic over this one as well.


Porsche 991.2 GT3 RS MR - 6:47.45

  • Flying or standing start: Flying start

So here we are, our first podium finisher, and I am kind of pleased to say that it isn’t another GT2 RS MR. That would have been too obvious. Instead it’s something completely different… a GT3 RS MR. 

Ok so not that much different at all, this is the GT3 RS modified by Manthey Racing. Once again they have worked their magic, upgrading chassis, braking and aero components to extract more performance out of the already incredible GT3 RS. Power remains standard at 520bhp; considering the GT2 RS is 690bhp, then this car mixing it with the GT2s is mighty impressive.

This lap is pretty clean, just a couple of bits of traffic that comprimised the driver’s line slightly, and some oil at Eiskurve may have slowed him down slightly, but not much. An incredible lap in an incredible car, well worthy of the 3rd fastest Nurburgring BTG lap of the year.



Porsche 991 GT2 RS MR - 6:44.30

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

Number 2 on this list is another GT2 RS with the full Manthey Racing upgrade package. The driver is the YouTuber Sebastian Vittel, well known for posting incredibly fast lap times around the Ring and being one of, if not quite the fastest guy you might see on any given day during tourist driving. 

The Sub-7 BTG club is elite, but this lap goes one better. This BTG lap was completed as part of a full lap run on a trackday. His lap time for the full lap of the Ring was 6:59.88. He dipped below 7 minutes for a full lap of the Ring. This is something very few people will ever manage. The official full lap time for this car set by Porsche and Manthey themselves is is 6:43 so he is still 16 seconds off that, but that gives a theoretical best BTG time of a low 6:3x.

The lap time was set on a trackday but his acceleration under the bridge at the start suggest he just left the pits, so I’ve classed it as a standing start lap. 

Sebastian has now sold this car, so we won’t see any improvement from him on this lap time in 2023. As he said himself, chasing seconds, or tenths of seconds at the kind of pace he is already going out means you are pushing harder and harder. Fine for a factory Porsche driver to do on a closed circuit during a record run, but for a punter to do on a trackday or TF starts to get dangerous.

I am looking forward to seeing what Sebastian is driving next year. Now on to the long awaited #1 spot…

#1 - Fastest 'amateur' lap ever recorded

Porsche 991 GT2 RS MR - 6:41.87

  • Flying or standing start: Standing start

This is it. #1. Top of our list of fastest Nurburgring BTG lap times of 2022. And as it turns out, the fastest ‘amateur’ BTG lap time ever recorded.

The lap is a 6:41.87 and seeing as how much presence Manthey have had at the sharp end of this list, it is only fitting that the #1 spot is s set in another Manthey Racing special, the GT2 RS MR. The 690bhp car has had Manthey modifications to its suspension, chassis, brakes and aero. Until November 2022, the GT2 RS MR had held the official lap record for a production car around the Nurburging since June 2021. Only recently has it been beaten by the Mercedes AMG One. 

The driver of this GT2 RS is BTGAlex. Both he and Sebastian Vittel have traded blows throughout the year on who can set the fastest lap on the quest for a sub 6:40 BTG lap. Whilst neither quite dipped below a 6:40, BTGAlex just came out on top by a couple of seconds with the fastest Nurburgring BTG lap time overall.

And thankfully, just like the #2 lap, his acceleration under the bridge at the start suggests he just left the pits so it’s also classed as a standing start lap. 

I’m sure this car will go under 6:40 BTG in 2023, if not driven by BTGAlex then by one of the other GT2 RS MR owners pounding in the laps. 

the list in full

Here is the full list of the 80 fastest Nurburgring BTG lap times of 2022:

know of any faster laps?

A lot of people claim they did this lap time or that lap time. I am only including the ones with video proof of the full lap on YouTube.

I have spent too much time compiling this list (don’t feel sorry for me – watching hours of Ring Laps on YouTube is no hardship), but that’s not to say I haven’t missed some. If you know of any other fastest Nurburgring BTG lap times that fit within this list, with video proof, then leave a comment below with the link.

DISCLAIMER: I can’t guarantee people aren’t sad enough to speed their lap videos up. If you have sped your video up to shave a few seconds off then get a life.

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You missed my 7’13 BTG with my 997.2 GT3 RS 😉

Drew Dorling

Great job and writing, thanks!


Fastest 997.2 GT3 RS 😉😉

Blair McConachie

Wouldn’t make the list (even if I hadn’t been held up at carousel). But putting it in here as a special sub catagory for fastest time with the slowest top speed! 😂 change of regs means a more track spec tyre for next year so I might just squeeze onto the list with a clear lap.


P7 is a 991.2, Manthey Suspension with Stock Aero! 😉 nice project 💪🫶

Cristian Vidal

Yeahhh! Great Job!!! 🫡

one of the slowest 7:38 BTG but… stock Cayman 981 GTS, 3.4l 340hp, manual transmission (heel&toe shifting), better brake pads and discs, Pirelli Trofeo-R.


Hey, here is my 7:21 BTG with my street legal E92 M3 built by Custom Racetec / Schirmer.🫡


Thanks for the Work i was surprised to see me here 🙂

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Cupra MANUAL 7.34seg

Dan Pettersen

Awesome job creating this list! Must have been so much work going through all those videos. 🙂
Thankful for beeing a part of if. Fastest AWD… 😉


here a fast civic 7:25

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Stighiz Wigiz

Thank You for this List 💪
7.22 with a 991.1 gt3