Adrian Newey gives biggest clue yet in to his future plans during interview

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Newey go again

Oyster Yachts

During an interview with his friend and manager Eddie Jordan at the Monaco Historic event, Adrian Newey gave a big hint in to his future plans when Jordan asked what was next for the genius car designer.

Newey's next plans

Adrian Newey, one of the most renowned figures in Formula 1, has hinted at his future plans in a recent interview with his manager Eddie Jordan, for Oyster Yachts at the Monaco Historic race weekend.

The 65 year old designer has been instrumental in designing championship-winning cars for multiple teams. In the interview he was asked directly by Jordan what his future plans were going to be.

Newey’s response suggests that his career in F1 might not be over yet. He said “I’m sure I’ll have a holiday…. I feel a little bit tired at the moment, but at some point I’ll probably go again.”

Newey’s career in Formula 1 is legendary. With a background in aerodynamics, he joined the sport in the 1980s and quickly made a name for himself. 

His design prowess has been a key factor in securing 12 Constructors’ Championships and 13 Drivers’ Championships across stints with Williams, McLaren, and Red Bull. Read the details about all of his championship winning cars here.

Known for his innovative approach and ability to push the boundaries of car design, Newey has remained at the forefront of F1 technology and strategy for over three decades. Nobody else has come close to having the same influence (and success) as he has on car design.

Getty images / Red Bull Content Pool

Recently it was announced that Newey would be leaving Red Bull Racing where he served as Chief Technical Officer. His departure marks the end of an era for the team, which has benefited immensely from his expertise. 

Under his guidance, Red Bull won four consecutive Constructors’ and Drivers’ Championships from 2010 to 2013, and more recently the team has been dominating again with back-to-back titles in 2021, 2022 and 2023. In total, the Red Bull F1 cars he’s designed have so far won 117 races.

In the interview, Newey reflected on his time with Red Bull and his passion for the sport. “I know I’d miss it if I wasn’t doing it” he admitted.

Getty images / Red Bull Content Pool

Newey’s departure from Red Bull is expected to take place in early 2025, giving him ample time to decide his next move. Until then he’ll no longer be involved in the team’s Formula 1 operations. His potential availability has already caused a massive stir in the paddock, with every other  team wanting Newey to become part of their line up.

But there are a couple of front runners. Newey has previously stated he’d love to work with both Ferrari and Lewis Hamilton, and if he goes there then he can tick both boxes.

Aston Martin owner Lawrence Stroll has also reportedly made him a huge cash offer to join the UK based team.

Exactly where he’ll end up is yet to be seen. But based on this interview, it very much looks like his influence on F1 car design isn’t yet over.

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