F1 drivers… if they were bald

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Bald F1 drivers

Ever wondered what the current grid of Formula 1 drivers might look like if they didn’t have any hair? Me too.

Well thanks to the power of AI and FaceApp, you don’t need to wonder any longer. Below are all of the current Formula 1 drivers with DRS enabled.

Max Verstappen Bald

Max doing his very best impression of a hitman. 

Sergio Perez bald

Checo has always had a very solid head of hair. Who knew it was hiding such a round bonce.

Carlos Sainz Bald

First it was the appendix, now it’s the hair. Sainz is in a never-ending bid to remove unnecessary body weight. The smooth operator just got even smoother.

Charles Leclerc bald

It seems like Leclerc still has some stubble on his head, so it must have been a conscious choice to get rid of the hair for aerodynamic purposes.

Lewis Hamilton bald

There was always some speculation over whether or not Lewis had a hair transplate a few years ago. Well here’s the best way to remove all the speculation; remove the hair. I like it.

George Russell bald

Princess George could probably do with a crown to sit atop that smooth head of his.

Fernando ALonso bald

I thin FaceApp has done Alonso a little dirty here. There’s no way his head is that big. Unless that’s what needed to store all of his incredible driving knowledge.

Lance Stroll bald

Lance looks a bit thuggish without any hair. The kind of guy you wouldn’t mess with late at night in a bar.

Lando Norris bald

If Lando didn’t fair very well when AI made him look old, then this one makes up for it. THe stubble on his head combined with the goatee is a strong look and I’m all for it.

Oscar Piastri bald


Daniel Ricciardo bald

The Honey Badger strikes again. With the beard he 100% suits no hair. If it ever happens, you’re on to a winner Danny Ric.

Yuki Tsunoda bald

Yuki looks like one bad ass mofo.

Kevin Magnussen no hair

K-Mag, the Viking, is rocking this look pretty well with his beard. I can definitely see him pulling this off in the future.

Nico Hulkenberg no hair

Turns out the Hulk has a big head. I think I preferred it when he went full Ken mode and dyed his hair peroxide blonde.

Alex Albon bald

Alex, I think I preferred you when you had bright blonde hair.

Logan Sargeant no hair

Hopefully a little bit less drag might help Logan find a little bit more pace to make him competitive. Then again, maybe not.

Pierre Gasly no hair

If there’s one driver on the grid who may end up with no hair, it could well be Pierre. But I think it’s for the best – keep the beard and Gasly’s got himself a good look.

Esteban Ocon no hair

Esteban makes it work. Nothing to fear here.

Valtteri Bottas no hair

Bottas is well known for the mullet he sports nowadays, so to lose it is a real shock. But with the ‘tash, I think this new look is working well for him.

Zhou Guanyu bald

Got a favourite F1 driver with DRS enabled? Drop a comment below.

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I’ll send you a weekly email with insider info on the latest F1 news and results. 
Read by over 5,000 busy F1 fans each week.