AI predicts how Formula 1 cars will look over the next 50 years

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Futuristic AI Red Bull F1 car

AI is slowly creeping in to our lives in more ways than we know. Whilst it can seem a daunting prospect, it does have its uses.

One of those is to create realistic images, so that’s what I’ve asked it to do. I’ve told AI to imagine Formula 1 car designs for the next 50 years. I’m not sure you’ll like what it predicts.

AI in Formula 1

Formula 1is a sport always at the forefront of technological innovation, so it should come as no surprise to learn that F1 has been using AI for a few years already.

In the top level of motorsport where data is king, AI’s ability to process incredible amounst of information in split seconds is becoming increasingly useful.

AI helps with Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling that can predict how much downforce or drag different car designs will have.

AI helps with race simulations, where it can model millions of different parameters that can all effect the outcome of a race. That allows the team to understand which variables can lead to better results.

It can also help with in-race strategy, where it can take all the data available to it and help the team make the most efficient calls.

AI's vision for the future of Formula 1

But now let’s use AI ourselves. Along with its ability to process huge amounts of data, Artificial Intelligence can now also create incredible life-like images. There’s a few tools out there that do this, but the one I’m using is one of the best – Midjourney.

So, to see what AI thinks of Formula 1, I’ve asked it to show me what F1 cars will look like at the turn of every decade for the next 50 years.

Looks like we’re in for one heck of a ride.


There is a LOT going on here. I can only imagine that by 2030 Adrian Newey has been offered a huge amount of money to move to Mercedes, and before penning a new design for the Silver Arrows he took a healthy dose of LSD.

There are winglets and canards everywhere. he rear wing is super low slung for minal drag.

I’ve got no idea what’s up with the tyres, though. Maybe they’re trialling a new set of intermediates with some jazzy tread pattern.

Either way, it looks friggin’ AWESOME.


So in 2040 it looks like a few things have happened.

The HALO has been replaced by a full screen that’s obviously based off the Indycar design that’s cirrently in use.

The front wing endplates have grown massively to act as slight protection for the front wheels, and there’s something similar going on at the back.

The sidepods have some jazzy design going on as well. But overall, if that’s what we end up with, I’d be happy.


Now we’re over 15 years away and this is very much an evolution of the previous design.

The screen has grown and now it wraps around in to the top of the sidepods. And the sidepods themselves have returned to a design that’s very similar to what we see nowadays.

It appears the FIA’s technical regulations keep changing about whether or not the wheels need to be covered, as now the rears are completely exposed (which looks super cool).


It’s good to see Mercedes will still be in the sport in 35 years time, and so by the looks of it is the Silverstone circuit.

This is a pretty substantial change to the previous design. The single pointy front nose that we’ve grown accustomed to has been replaced by one large piece taht covers the whole front of the car.

There also seems to be a distinct lack of a driveshaft at the back on this design, let’s just hope they’ve not gone front wheel drive by then.

Oh, and where’s the driver? Let’s just hope he’s short and hidden behind the wheel, rather than F1 turning in to another version of Roborace.


Now we’re in for a massive change. Somewhere between 2060 and 2070 the technical regulations appear to go through a massive overhaul.

The cars now looks like a cross between an F1 car (as we currently know it) and a LeMans winning LMP1 prototype. I like it.

The biggest change is obviously the fully enclosed cockpit. Maybe they’ve finally decided to prioritise the driver’s safety. Or maybe the only way to keep the drivers cool once global warming’s got worse in 45 years is by enclosing the cabin and installing air conditioning.


2074, fifty years from now, this is what we might end up with. 

It’s definitely a slight progression from the 2070 design, with all four wheels now fully enclosed, a thinner nose (with a slightly dodgy looking red bit on the end) and less limo-spec tints in the windows.

Good to see that even if the car designs are completely different 50 years from now, AI thinks that the trusty armco barriers will still be going strong.

Other designs

Here’s a few other random F1 car designs AI came up with. Let me know your favourite in the comments below.

Formula E1

A lot of inspiration has been taken from Formula E here, with the almost fully enclosed wheels. The front wheel covers are cool, especially combined with the open and super deep-dish rear wheels.

The Platypus

This one’s pretty wild. It looks like the HALO has morphed in to a screen and the tyres have gone from full slicks to something that resembles the Pirelli P-Zero road tyre pattern.

The Findycar

AI has definitely taken a lot of its inspiration from Indycar for this one. The full screen and sidepods that act as covers for the rear wheels are definitely taken from the American series.

This must be the Monza super low drag setup as the rear wing is nowhere to be seen.

The Paddle Steamer

This is another iteration of the Merc that ‘s at the year 2040 above. This time it looks a little sleeker and a little less busy.

But the tyres!? They look like paddles or something a dune buggy would use in the desert. Maybe Liberty Media will be introducing some off-road F1.

The 500

This is another that’s been heavily influenced by Indycar with the screen instead of a HALO, but the sidepods are still very F1. I’m not sure how much air the intake would get being behind the screen, but that’s details.

Maybe we’ll go back to the days when F1 and Indycar shared the track together at the Indy500.

The Warthog

I don’t know why but this one feels like it should be called the Warthog. The weird curved design of the front end makes it a strange shape and for some reason it reminds me a little of the Warthog from Halo.

The Chromium

The all chrome racer looks like something that Skynet have morphed on to the track, fresh from one of the Terminator movies. Glad to see a Mercedes bagde on there though, after all it’s the perfect car for the Silver Arrows.

The Anteater

The super long nose on this one is definitely give me anteater vibes. I’m not quite sure how much room there is for the driver’s head, nor how well protected it will be. But I love the low slung rear wing that’s the same height at the rear wheels.

The Newey

This is the most subtle design AI came up with. If anything it just looks like something the wizard Adrian Newey will conjure up in a few season’s time. I love it.

The Monaco

The front wing now morphs in to mud guards for the front wheels, which have LED strips running along their edge. The rear wing only has a single central support (that must be seriously strong). 

The HALO is still present and the rest of the design looks fairly similar to what we have now. Looks like they’re racing at Monaco, glad to see the Monte Carlo circuit is still on the calendar in the future.

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Bender 'Bending' Rodriguez

interesting…would the drivers be cybernetically augmented including AI-assisted neural chips or full-on AI cloned drivers of the past? what about the engine? thermonuclear?

and when do you expect to see these suckers fly, much less hit AT LEASE Mach 1 on the straights?

they should also bring back race-queens (in any of the xx-genders) when political-correctness and woke-mentality are considered outdated as superstition


Which AI did you use? How did you did you edit your prompt? and did you train it with specific images ?

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