AI predicts how Formula 1 circuits will look in the future

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Future Saudi Formula 1 circuit in the desert

AI is slowly creeping in to our lives more and more every day. And whilst it seems a bit scary, it does have its uses.

One of those is to create pretty realistic images, based on a text promot, so that’s what I’ve asked it to do. I’ve told AI to predict what the current Formula 1 circuits are going to look like in the future, between 50 and 100 years from now.

Here’s the results…

Formula 1 circuits

Some of the circuits on the Formula 1 calendar have been there for decades. Silverstone and Spa, for example, have been in use since the 1950s. And whilst the track layouts have changed, the location and general feel of those circuits is pretty much the same as it was years ago.

Other circuits on the calendar are much newer. The Las Vegas strip circuit was new for 2024, and it looks like there will be a new street ciruit in Madrid in 2025.

Saudi Arabia have just announced their plans for a new track as well, called the Qiddiya circuit. This one is planned to be completed in 2027 and will feature something never seen before – a futuristic looking raised circuit that is 70 metres above the ground.

AI's vision for future F1 tracks

The crazy design for the new Saudi track looks like something you’d expect to see in 50 years time, not in 3 years.

And that got me thinking. I’ve already asked AI to predict what F1 cars will look like in the future, so why don’t I ask it to predict the future of the F1 tracks too.

So here’s a selection of the current Formula 1 circuits, as AI predicts they’ll look in the future.

Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

As if the proposed Qiddiya circuit above wasn’t enough, AI has taken the country’s future Grand Prix track one step further.

Clearly following the vision for Saudi’ urban desert living The Line, the proposed circuit runs straight through the Arabian Desert in a clear tunnel that must be climate controlled.

I’m sure in a few decades the F1 cars will be electric so they won’t need to worry about getting rid of the exhaust gases.

Miami Grand Prix

Currently the Miami Grand Prix is held in the parking lot that surrounds the Hard Rock Stadium.

Judging by the picture above, AI thinks that in the future the Hard Rock Stadium will have turned in to a massive multi-level building easily 20 times the size of the current one. Both sides of the circuit will be lined by the building, and the track will be shadowed by palm trees the whole way along.

Seeing as the current Miami GP track is a bit of let down in the parking lot, this AI vision is a definite improvement.

Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix is undoubtedly the most prestigious race on the F1 calendar.

The Monte Carlo circuit runs along the Monaco marina which houses some of the world’s biggest superyachts.

In this AI vision of the future, the circuit retains a lot of its original character but they’ve built an additional level of track, set in to the hillside. A two-tiered Monaco GP track would be an incredible sight to behold, I’m all for it. 

Austrian Grand Prix

The Austrian Grand Prix uses the Red Bull Ring circuit, and AI’s prediction for the future development of the track includes a UFO-shaped building that overlooks the start / finish straight, alongside a massive grandstand.

The UFO would undoubtedly be where the VIPs would enjoy the ultimate hospitality experience, with panoramic 360 degree views of the circuit.

Or maybe the aliens will have landed by then, and they fancing watching some racing too.

British Grand Prix

The Silvestone circuit is one of the oldest tracks on the F1 calendar.

In AI’s vision for the circuit’s future, the track is still clearly nestled in the green Northamptonshire countryside. The Wing building seems to have been expanded and there’s a few new twists and turns on the track, otherwise it’s not a dramatic overhaul.

Belgian Grand Prix

The Belgian Grand Prix is held on the incredible Spa Francorchamps circuit. It’s in the middle of the Ardennes forest and often sees some pretty torrential rain during GP weekend.

AI has taken all those things in to consideration. The wet track, surrounded by dense woodland, clearly resembles Spa.

But once again, rather ominously, the main pit lane building is shaped like a flying saucer.

Dutch Grand Prix

If one thing’s a certainty at the Dutch Grand Prix, it’s that Max Verstappen’s Orange Army will be out in force supporting their home hero.

And AI knows it. The Zandvoort circuit appears to have had more grandstands built on both sides of the circuit and they’re packed to the rafters with Dutch fans.

Azerbaijan Grand Prix

I’m glad to see that the classic buldings that line the streets of Baku are still intact in AI’s vision of this race’s future.

The major change, however, is pretty obvious. The circuit now features a raised corner that comes directly out of one of those old buildings. What a way to use the city’s existing features without disrupting the traffic flow.

Plus there’s new glass spectator bridges over the track, and the barriers that line it are also glass.

I love it. Make it happen F1.

Singapore Grand Prix

Two of Singapore most iconic attractions are the Marina Bay Sands hotel, and the Gardens by the Bay illuminated trees.

The Singapore GP track of the future appears to incorporate as much of both of those as possible. It looks like the circuit passes directly by the Gardens by the Bay and goes right under the Marina Bay Sands hotel

Mexican Grand Prix

The current Mexican Grand Prix circuit is famed for it’s stadium section, where the track cuts through a massive grandstand that’s surrounding all sides of the circuit.

AI has taken that theme and run with it. The future Mexican Grand Prix track, according to AI, is basically one huge stadium with three levels of seating.

It looks like it could fit hundreds of thousands of fans, all shouting ‘Checo, Checo”

Las Vegas Grand Prix

The inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix caused a huge amount of hype in November 2023. The sport closed down the Las Vegas Strip and turned it in to a race track.

AI’s prediction for the future circuit is a pretty cool one. A raised track that makes its way high above the Vegas landmarks would provide a stunning (and scary) backdrop for the drivers. 

At least that would stop the issues with the traffic disruption.

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Let’s end this post with the last race of the season, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

The grandstands at Yas Marina are very distinctive with their sail-shaped roof. AI’s vision of the future does away with the sails but massively expands the grandstands.

There’s also a few worrying looking drones in the sky, but let’s hope they’re where the VIPs view the race from.

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I’ll send you a weekly email with insider info on the latest F1 news and results. 
Read by over 5,000 busy F1 fans each week.