Canadian F1 Dress Code: What to wear to the Montreal Grand Prix

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

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Heading to the Montreal Grand Prix? Wondering if you need to dress smart or can wear whatever you want?

This article provides all the details of the dress code at the Canadian F1 race and offers lots of tips and suggestions on what to wear, both for form and function.

Is there a Canadian F1 dress code?

There is no dress code if you have Canadian F1 General Admission tickets or a ticket for a seat in one of the grandstands around Circuit Gilles Villeneuve during the F1 weekend.

If you have VIP or hospitality tickets then you need to follow a smart casual dress code. More info on what that looks like lower down this article.

What should you wear to the Canadian Grand Prix?

This sections applies to Montreal F1 General Admission and Grandstand ticket holders who don’t have to follow a dress code.

The most important clothing to wear to the Canadian Grand Prix is something that you’ll be comfortable in, and will be appropriate for the weather.

Dress for the weather

Ah the weather. How unpredictable it can be in Montreal. With the race being held in June you’d hope for nothing but sunshine. And whilst that does happen, you can’t rule torrential rain out of the equation either.

Qualifying day on the Saturday of the 2022 and 2023 Canadian Grand Prix weekends was a complete wash out. If you weren’t prepared then you’d have had a miserably wet day.

Here’s some suggestions on what to bring in the event of rain:

  • Lightweight rain jacket (it’s likely to still be reasonably warm so nothing too thick and heavy).
  • Waterproof trousers
  • Waterproof backpack cover
  • Large poncho with hood – big enough to cover your backpack too
  • Umbrella (not allowed in the grandstands)
  • Something waterproof to sit on
  • Waterproof shoes – walking boots or wellingtons
  • A peaked hat – helps keep rain out of your eye

If the weather gods are looking favourably on the weekend and it looks like it’s going to be dry, hot and sunny then here’s a few clothing suggestions:

  • Loose fitting clothes that hang off your body are good for airflow and keeping cool
  • Quick-dry sports clothing, often advertised as ‘Dri-fit’ is good for moving sweat away quickly
  • Technical clothes with inbuilt mesh panels are good for breathability
  • Lightweight loose materials such as linen are good for keeping cool
  • Wear shorts


One thing that you’re likely to be doing is a lot of walking. Even if you’ve got grandstand seats you’ll still have to walk quite a distance to get to them from any of the entrances.

If you’re a General Admission ticket holder and what to check out different viewing points around the track then you can expect to tens of thousands of steps each day.

There’s nothing worse that wearing shoes that hurt your feet within five minutes. So here’s a couple footwear suggestions for the Canadian Grand Prix:

  • Comfortable shoes are super important for all the steps you’ll get in. Walking boots or running trainers with cushioned soles are good.
  • If it’s going to rain, expect the pedestrian pathways to be muddy. Wear something you don’t mind getting filthy dirty.

Montreal GP outfit ideas

Here’s a few examples of outfits that GA or grandstand ticket holders have worn to the Montreal GP.

F1 Merch at the Canadian GP

Of course you are always encouraged to wear all your F1 merch in support of your favourite team and driver.

There will be countless stands dotted around the circuit selling teamwear over the weekend for a pretty hefty price tag if you want to pick up the latest designs from the home of the Wall of Champions.

Canadian F1 Dress Code for Hospitality & VIP

The dress code for the hospitality areas at the Canadian Grand Prix is smart casual. The areas which require the smartest clothing are the Paddock and Champions Clubs, both run by F1 Experiences.

Here are some guidelines on what smart casual clothing looks like:

  • Long pants are preferred but on the hottest days smart chino shorts are usually ok for men
  • Women can wear a dress, skirt or pants
  • Ripped / torn jeans aren’t normally allowed, but very smart ones should be ok
  • Men should wear collared shirts; polo shirts or casual shirts
  • Footwear should be clean
  • Smart trainers are ok
  • Flip-flops, slides or casual sandals are not allowed, but smarter sandals like Birkenstocks should be ok. Women can wear open strappy sandals, heels or wedges.
  • More formal attire is always welcomed
  • No beach wear
  • No track suits or jogging suits
  • F1 merchandise is ok, but you’re not supposed to wear it if you’re visiting another team’s pit garage out of respect.

If you’re unsure on what to wear to your hospitality area it’s worth getting in touch with your sales rep before the event and they should be able to clear up any specific questions.

Canadian F1 Dress Code - Smart Casual ideas

Below are some ideas for smart casual clothing that would keep you in line with the Canadian F1 dress code for the hospitality areas.

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