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by Alex Gassman

Clark grandstand Australian GP

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Here’s my guide to spectating from the Clark grandstand at the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne.

It includes my tips on getting the best seats, examples of the view, a full seating plan and more.

Grandstand location

This grandstand, named after the two-time Formula 1 World Champion Jim Clark, is on the outside of the circuit between corners 8 and 9.

Clark Grandstand location at the Australian F1

Prior to 2021 there used to be a chicane on this part of the track, known as the Clark Chicane.

However the changes to the Albert Park circuit in 2021 removed this chicane for the Grand Prix. Now it’s just a gentle flat-out curve (that may as well be a straight). 

Seating area at the Melbourne GP

Other grandstands

Check out my spectating guides to the other grandstands at the Melbourne GP:

Tickets - Australian Grand Prix

Grandstand tickets are sold on the official Australian Grand Prix website. You can buy them as a 1, 2, 3 or 4-day ticket:

  • 2 day: Sat & Sun
  • 3 day: Fri, Sat & Sun
  • 4 day: Thu, Fri, Sat & Sun
  • 1 day: Any one of the four days

There isn’t any Formula 1 on-track action on the Thursday, that day is reserved for the support races only. But these include the spectacular V8 Supercars and Porsche Carrera Cup, which are both amazing motorsport to watch.

See the full Australian GP weekend schedule for specific details and timings of the action over the weekend.

A ticket for this stand not only gets you a reserved seat but you’ll also have access to walk around all the General Admission areas and Fan Zones.

Grandstand details


The grandstand is completely uncovered. It’s exposed to the elements so make sure you dress appropriately for the sun or rain.

My guide on what to wear to the Australian GP has some tips and advice.

TV screens

There’s one big TV screen on the other side of the circuit, opposite this grandstand. It’s visible from everywhere in the stand.

TV screen at the Albert Park F1 Circuit


The seats are plastic chairs with a folding base. Not the most comfortable to spend the whole day sat on, so bring a soft cushion for added comfort.

Clark grandstand seating plan

Below is the seating chart for the Clark grandstand at the Melbourne Formula 1.

Clark Grandstand seating chart Melbourne GP

As the seating chart shows this grandstand is made up of three sections named A, B and C. 

All sections have rows which start at A (lowest down nearest the front) and go up to N (highest up at the back). There’s no row I. 

Seat numbers start from 1 in each section, and increase from left to the right (as you stand on the track looking at the grandstand).

You can choose which specific seat you want when buying your tickets. See my tips further down this page on which seats are the ones to aim for.

Grandstand views

The image below shows the parts of the circuit visible from this grandstand highlighted in pink.

Clark grandstand views at the Australian GP

As the map shows, from here your view is limited to the high speed kinks in the track as the cars approach and head away from this stand. 

You’ll be looking directly at the Albert Park Lake and the Melbourne city skyline is off to the right. Lovely backdrops, but not the most exciting or comprehensive view of the track.

The video below shows the view from Section B, row J, seat 46 of this grandstand.

This view is only 4 rows from the back of the stand. But because it’s so close to the edge of the track, you’re always looking through the safety fences to see the cars. 

The fences make it harder to see the cars in the distance as well, especially if you’re sat lower down in the stand.

Discard any videos you see from pre-2020 taken from this stand, as they will feature the old track layout with the chicane that’s no longer there.

Best seats Clark grandstand

The best seats in the Clark grandstand are those in rows H and above in section A, B or C.

Viewing from any of the three sections or any particular seat numbers doesn’t really change what you can see; the amount of track visible will always be pretty much the same at the Grand Prix.

The important thing is how high you sit in the stand. Like mentioned above, sitting right at the front means you’ll be looking along the fence line when the cars are to the left or right of you, and that makes it hard to see.

So pick seats in as high a row as possible, ideally H and above, to have a better vantage point.

A good place to sit?

Before the circuit changed in 2021 this was a great place to sit at the Grand Prix as the old Turn 9 / 10 chicane saw a lot of overtaking.

Now the chicane’s been removed it’s just a flat-out section and the start of one of the four DRS zones. You might see some drivers begin an overtaking move but you won’t see how it pans out.

The Waite grandstand has a view of Turns 9 and 10 at the end of this DRS zone where you can see if the overtaking moves stick or not. Prices for seats in that stand are the same as this one, so I’d definitely go for that one instead.

For a grandstand where you’re more likely to see some more regular action you want one near the first corner. The Jones grandstand on the outside of the track is a great choice, as is the Brabham stand on the inside but both are very popular. The Moss grandstand is also at T1 and is a cheaper option.

If you want to see the start of the race and your favourite teams in action in the pit lane then you need the Fangio grandstand.

Nearest entrance

Entrance gate 8 at Albert Park is closest to the grandstand, but gate 5 is also not far away. You should aim for either of those when planning your travel to watch the Formula 1 at the circuit.

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