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by Alex Gassman

Fangio Grandstand Australian Grand Prix

Image credit Ben Mason

Fangio grandstand location

The Fangio Grandstand, named after the late-great Argentine Formula 1 driver Juan Manuel Fangio, is located on the outside (left-hand) side of the start / finish straight on the Albert Park circuit layout, as the map below shows.

Fangio grandstand map Australian GP

It’s opposite the pit lane, pit garages and part of the stand is directly in line with the start / finish line, so you’re well positioned to see drivers potentially set new Albert Park lap records.

It’s also directly adjacent to the Senna grandstand which is to its right, and the Moss grandstand is further along the straight to its left, closer to Turn 1. 

Melbourne Grand Prix grandstands start / finish line

Other grandstands

The other grandstands at the Melbourne Formula 1 circuit are listed below. Click the links to read my grandstand guide for each.

Australian Grand Prix grandstand map

Grandstand tickets - Australian Grand Prix

Tickets for this grandstand at the Formula One can be purchased from the official Australian Grand Prix website.

You can buy standard tickets or premium tickets. The premium tickets give you seating under the covered section at the very top of the stand.

Tickets can be purchased as:

  • Single day ticket (Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday)
  • 2 day tickets (Saturday & Sunday)
  • 3 day tickets (Friday – Sunday)
  • 4 day tickets (Thursday – Sunday) options.

There’s no Formula One action on the Thursday, it’s support races only. See the full Australian F1 schedule for more info.

Whichever ticket you purchase, you’ll have a reserved seat in this grandstand and will also have access to all of the Park Pass General Admission areas, fan zones and concerts on the day of your ticket.

See my article on Australian Grand Prix ticket prices for the costs of tickets in this grandstand at this year’s Grand Prix in Melbourne. 

Grandstand details

TV Screens

There are three TV screens visible from this grandstand. One screen is the background of the podium, the other two are larger screens on top of the pit building directly opposite this stand.

TV screens at the Melbourne F1 track


The seats are chairs with fixed backs and bases.


The majority of the stand is uncovered.

There’s a roof at the very back of the stand which gives the premium seats at the top some shade from the sun. The only downside to being seated in the premium area is that the poles that support the roof can obscure your view slightly.

Check out my guide on what to wear to the Australian GP for tips on how to dress to keep comfortable in the Melbourne temperatures.

premium seats Australian grand prix

Fangio grandstand seating map

Below is the seating map for the Fangio grandstand at the Australian Grand Prix.

The grandstand is made up of 10 sections from A to K (no section I). A is closest to Turn 1 and K is closest to the final corner.

The start / finish line is in front of sections B. The podium is opposite sections B and C.

The premium seats are those in rows AA – GG at the top of the stand. The basic non-covered seats are in rows below those with single letters that go from A to T. There’s no row I or O. 

As the map shows, seat numbers increase from left to right as you stand on the track and look up at the stand, and start from 1 again at the beginning of each section. Each section is 62 seats wide.

Fangio grandstand view at the Aus GP

The image below shows the parts of the track that are visible from this stand highlighted in pink.

The view from this stand is mainly of the start / finish line, the pit lane where you can watch each F1 team in action and the podium. You will struggle to see up towards the first or last turns during the race as the safety fencing can obscure your view a lot.

To see over the wall in to the pit lane more easily you ideally need to be sitting in row K or above. Anything lower than that and you’ll struggle to see as clearly due to the pit lane wall and fences obscuring your view.

The video below was filmed from Section C row A, the front row, and shows how limited the view is from this near the front.

Section A is closest to the first corner, but even from here you will only be able to catch a glimpse of the action at Turn 1. 

The video below was filmed from Section A Row S and shows how little you can see of the first turn.

This next video shows the view from Section B row S, one section over.

This video shows the view from the premium seats at the top of the stand under the cover, section D row EE.

And this video shows the views from a number of different points in the stand:

  • 0:18 – Section C Row J
  • 0:54 – Section F Row K
  • 1:13 – Section J Row M

It shows that even from section J you struggle to see much of the last corner. 

Best seats Fangio grandstand

Sitting as high as possible in the Fangio stand is best. The premium tickets in the shade at the top are the best seats, but if you’re on a budget the normal ticket will be great, as long as you aim for rows M and above for a higher (better) vantage point.

Regarding which section to chose, nowhere in this stand will give you a great view of the Formula 1 cars going around the first or last corners.

So instead I’d go for the ones close to the start / finish line (which is in the same place at the Melbourne Grand Prix) – sections B and C. 

The other benefit of going for those sections is that you’ve got two TV screens and the podium pretty much directly opposite, so you’re well place to see the winner being awarded to coveted Australian GP trophy.

If you are desperate to catch a glimpse of your favourite driver, team manager or celebrity during the build up to the Grand Prix then you’ll want to sit in sections D and above.

You could also go the whole-hog and get one of the F1 Experiences (approved Formula 1 hospitality ticket reseller) Hero Packages which includes the premium seats along with a hotel stay and other VIP travel options.

Good place to sit?

This grandstand isn’t the best place to sit if you’re super keen to see some close racing and overtaking. For that the Jones, Hill, Ricciardo, Moss or Brabham grandstand will guarantee you some more on-track activity.

Instead, this is the place to be if you want to see some pit lane action, the start and finish of the race or the cars, drivers and celebrities walking on the grid before the Grand Prix begins.

There are lots of food and drink vendors behind this stand, plus it’s right next to a bridge over the track that gets you to the Main Stage and Fan Zone after only a short walk.

Nearest entrance

The best and nearest Albert Park entrance gate to this stand at the Aus GP is Gate 1, only a short walk away.

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Hey Alex, great article. I have secured section B tickets but at row A at Fangio grandstand. Would you consider this great tickets to view from as it would be close to starting line? I was scouting for resale tickets in the same grandstand as I was afraid that I would be too close to the track to enjoy it.


Help a mum out Alex. I’m taking my son to Albert Park and we have 2 pairs of tickets – Fangio DD Seats 3 & 4 and DD 34 & 35.
I’m going to onsell one pair because his 2 mates pulled out. Which pair are the better seats for us to keep?
Thank you so much.

Steven Sims

Gday Alex we will be in Sec B row AA covered. Taking my elderly dad and his main question is how comfortable are the seats lol are they hard plastic or being premium soft and padded. Needless to say he’s extremely excited thx 👍


Hi! As my partner forgot to buy tix for my sons bday we ended up.with section K row M …. is that not opp pit lane with a TV screen in front? Really hard to.find any diagrams to sus out the vire although one of your videos kinda sorta gave us an idea

Christy will.consult your info for next time! Im sure he’ll have a blast just being there this time and it’s not an awful spot


Hi Alex, thanks for the article, I wish I had read before purchasing tickets!! I have Fangio Section G row F, will these seats be ok to view the cars, pits and a large screen? I’m worried now that we are not going to be able to see too much. Cheers

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