What F1 drivers would look like if they were Nascar drivers

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman


Formula 1 may be perceived as the pinnacle of motorsport by many, but in America NASCAR is still the number 1 racing series to watch.

In the past some F1 drivers have decided to make the switch to NASCAR after their time in Formula 1 is over. So to preempt what that may look like for the current grid of F1 drivers, I’ve used FaceApp to convert them to NASCAR racers.

F1 drivers in NASCAR

There’s been a number of Formula 1 drivers who’ve decided to try their hand at NASCAR when their time in F1 is up. From the modern era of Formula 1, some of these drivers include:

  • Jenson Button
  • Kimi Raikkonen
  • Juan-Pablo Montoya
  • Jacques Villeneuve
  • Daniil Kvyat
  • Nelson Piquet Jr

Of those listed above, Juan-Pablo Montoya was by far the most successful in NASCAR. The Colombian driver took two wins and nine podiums in the Cup series before moving on to IndyCar.

Montoya is undeniably one of the most talented F1 drivers in recent history. But not all drivers were able to get to grips with the lack of downforce and fender-to-fender nature of NASCAR, especially when it came to oval racing. No other driver on that list above has ever had a podium finish in the series.

Current F1 drivers as NASCAR drivers

Out of intruige (and to keep me occupied more than anything else) I thought I’d see if I could use FaceApp’s AI to covert the current field of Formula 1 drivers to budding NASCAR racers.

As you’ll see there are some themes that emerge with the way our budding oval racers look, so please try and see the light-hearted side of it.

Their move to North America appears to have got them well acquainted with the vast array of fast food options the States has to offer. And with all that time on the road between the different races it seems they’ve very much partaken in their fair share of Bojangles, Raising Cane’s and Cook Out. 

Gentleman, start your engines.

Max Verstappen Nascar driver

Away from the spot of the world’s media at everyone Formula 1 race, the current world champ Max Verstappen has evidently decided to let his grooming take a bit of a back seat.

Sergio Perez Nascar Driver

Everyone’s favourite Mexican driver, Sergio ‘Checo’ Perez, seems to have gone even more Mexican. His hair’s longer and he’s grown a ‘tash. Coupled with the shades (and the extra few pounds) he’s ready to hit the Super Speedways.

Carlos Sainz Nascar driver

No Spanish driver has ever competed in NASCAR. Perhaps Carlos Sainz, with his buzz-cut hair, goatee and impeccable tan, could be the first.

Charles Leclerc Nascar Driver

Uh oh. Charles Leclerc’s been hitting the Wing Stop a little too hard and has morphed in to an overweight Stone Cold Steve Austin. Lets hope Hendrick Motorsport’s strategy guys can do a better job for Charles than Ferrari’s.

Lewis Hamilton Nascar Driver

Lewis’ hair’s got shorter, his beard and goatee have got sharper and his shades have become more tinted. Put the 7-time champion in a Chevy and let’s see what he can do on a road course.

George Russell Nascar Driver

George Russell has evidently been enjoying the Florida sunshine. His tan is almost the perfect amount of orange, his moustache is neatly trimmed and his glasses make him look just the part for the middle-ages oval racer role.

Fernando Alonso Nascar Driver

Alonso has already had the longest F1 career of any driver in history. It would only be right if he continued competing in motorsport when he does eventually leave the Formula 1 paddock.

He’s previously competed in two Indy 500s, so turning his attention to the Daytona 500 in the NASCAR series would be the next logical step. Expect to see him racing well in to his 70s at this rate.

Lance Stroll Nascar Driver

Apparently this is Lance Stroll. I see it, just. For some reason though it’s giving me (very tanned) Jacques Villenuve vibes. I think it must be the glasses.

Lando Norris Nascar Driver

Lando Lando Lando. He’s gone from the adorable kid who streams on Twitch in Formula 1 to a bad-boy Machine Gun Kelly wannabe in his NASCAR guise.

Oscar Piastri nascar driver

Oh my. Oscar, is that you? I don’t know if you’d class this a glow up or not, but he’s definitely glowing. So much so that he’s now pretty much the same shade of papaya as his race suit.

The lack of hair, trimmed beard and earring complete the look perfectly.

Daniel Ricciardo Nascar Driver

Its Danny ‘the Don’ Ricciardo. When Formula 1 has visited Texas for the United States Grand Prix, he’s often trimmed his beard in the most American way possible. Big sideburns and a goatee.

Now he’s let the curls grow out, ditched the sideburns but very much kept the goatee.

Yuki Tsunoda Nascar Driver

I don’t know what to say here other than that it’s Yuki with a massive bald head. 

Kevin Magnussen Nascar Driver

This is too good. K-Mag has definitely aged a few years and he seems to be fighting off the grey hairs.

No doubt he’d be racing for the Stewart-HAAS racing team.

Nico Hulkenberg Nascar Driver

Well if I thought K-Mag was good, Hulkenberg might be even better. He looks slightly younger, like he’s come straight off the college football team. His short spikey hair, beardy chin and stocky neck make him look ready to jump straight on to the ovals.

Alex Albon Nascar Driver

Alex Albon. Too good.

Logan Sargeant Nascar Driver

Logan Sargeant is the only current American Formula 1 driver, but he’s not had much luck in the sport so far. Despite that, it’s awesome for the American fans to have someone on the grid representing the states.

Maybe when he departs F1 he’ll keep racing in his home country and try his hand at NASCAR. Get the shades at the ready. 

Pierre Gasly Nascar Driver

Somehow Gasly seems to have grown one heck of a beard and got younger at the same time. 

Esteban Ocon Nascar Driver

Esteban is looking hungry for some NASCAR action and hungry for his third helping of KFC.

Valtteri Bottas Nascar Driver

Sheesh. Valtteri has definitely piled on the pounds. But if there’s one driver who’s look would suit the America way, the mullet-sporting Bottas would definitely be the one.

Zhou Guanyu Nascar Driver

And finally it’s Zhou Guanyu. No Chinese driver has ever competed in NASCAR so he would definitely make it a first.

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Geez, that is what AI thinks? You must of modified. Why don’t you look at actually NASCAR Cup Drivers. https://www.nascar.com/drivers/nascar-cup-series/

Note, they do train hard, most eat right, most are small in stature and race hard, but they do handle a 3200 lb car around, mostly ovals with banked corners but several road courses and at least one street course. I’d like to see any current F1 driver tackle Talladega a 2.66 mile high banked tri-oval track, or Daytona, and throw in a couple short tracks like the world’s fastest .5 mile in Bristol, or even Martinsville and Atlanta.

John S

Yeah, a 3200lb car with power steering and brakes, oval circuits…not that hard actually. Don’t think an F1 driver would have too much trouble there lol


That really wasn’t the point! It was disparging NASCAR and impling their drivers are unfit fat fuckers. But OK, they really don’t have power steering, like a tradional car, races aren’t 2 hrs long but over 3 hrs and some are 4+ hours inside a cockpit nearing 150° F with high humidity. Plus there are no paddle shifting, no DRS. Yes majority tracks are ovals but the do race road circuits too.

John S

Fair point, I know the drivers endure tough conditions during a race and they have to be in pretty good shape to cope with it, whether on race tracks or ovals, but I would say that F1 drivers are better able to cope due to the amount of high g-forces they are subjected to every race. Not to mention how hot it can get in the cockpits.

Last edited 9 days ago by John S

Well there have been only 2 F1 drivers to ever win in NASCAR, Mario Andretti won the the 1967 Daytona 500 (tri-oval), his only win out of 14 starts and Juan Pablo Montoyo 2 wins out of 255 starts both his wins were on road courses, Sonoma and Watkins Glen.


Really? Nice facts, but that was called humour.. 😅


Not so humorous when it disparages another race series F1 people don’t understand.

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