F1 Wives & Girlfriends Quiz – Which driver is dating which WAG?

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman


F1 drivers often have some of the most beautiful wives and girlfriends. But the Formula 1 driver WAG lineup can change as quickly as the drivers do.

Put your F1 knowledge to the test with this short 14-question multiple choice quiz where you have to try and match up the WAGs with their drivers.

Formula 1 drivers are some of the most eligible bachelors in the sporting world. Thanks to Drive to Survive the sport’s popularity has skyrocketed, meaning the drivers are some of the most recognisable sportsmens ever.

They live a life of luxury and travel. With 24 races on this year’s calendar their work takes them across the globe as part of the non-stop travelling circus that is Formula 1. They’ll stay in the fanciest hotels, drive the most expensive cars and have the red carpet laid out for them wherever they go on race weekend.

Let’s not forget how much they earn, either. The top drivers like Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton take home the biggest bucks, with paychecks of $55 million and $45 million respectively.

All of that adds up to a very attractive lifestyle for the drivers and their partners alike.

With the sport and its drivers being so high profile, it can often attract other celebrities in to its fold.

Lewis Hamilton, in his earlier years of competeting in F1, was dating Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger. She was often seen at the races supporting her man, and was even present when he took his maiden championship title in at Brazil in 2008.

But the non-stop travel involved in the sport can be challenging. It means little time at home during the season and precious few moments to enjoy any downtime.

That can make it hard for relationships to thrive. Lewis and Nicole dated on and off for around 7 years before calling time.

There’s always countless rumours swirling around about who F1 drivers are dating. One of the most high profile of those in recent years was the amazing rumour that Fernando Alonso was dating Taylor Swift.

Fuel was only added to that rumour recently when one of her new song lyrics said “Small talk, big walk, act like I don’t care what you did I’m an Aston Martin that you steered straight into the ditch.”

The Aston Martin F1 team driver’s response was this short video clip on TikTok. Make of it what you will…

@astonmartinf1 I’m an Aston Martin Aramco Formula One Teaaaaaaaam🔉🎶 #F1 #Formula1 #F1TikTok #ChineseGP #AMR24 ♬ original sound - A (Taylor’s Version)

The Quiz

So it’s time to put yourself to the test. 

Below is a 14-question multiple choice quiz that will show you an image of a driver’s current wife or girlfriend. These are well known partners of the driver, rather than just rumours.

All you have to do is select which driver is dating them. 

Sound easy? Let’s see.

F1 WAG Quiz

Welcome to your F1 WAGs quiz. There's 14 multiple choice questions where you've got to guess which wife or girlfriend is with which F1 driver.

Ready? It's lights out and awaaay we go.

How did you get on? Are you a true die-hard F1 fanatic or do you need to do some mid-season testing to hone your skills further?

Getting full marks in this quiz is not easy, so if you managed it then great work.

Whatever your score, leave a comment at the bottom of this page to let me and everyone else know how you got on, and which questions caught you out.

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Join the oversteer48 F1 Insider's club

I’ll send you a weekly email with insider info on the latest F1 news and results. 
Read by over 5,000 busy F1 fans each week.