Grandstand 34 Montreal Grand Prix: Seating Chart, Tickets, Views

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by Alex Gassman

View from Grandstand 34 at the Montreal Grand Prix in Canada

Image credit Zachary Jurkowski

Grandstand 34 at the Montreal Grand Prix is the most iconic seating area at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. 

This tall grandstand is squeezed between two sections of the track giving fans an amazing panoramic view of one of the most common overtaking spots at the Canadian Grand Prix.

This article provides a complete guide to spectating from Grandstand 34. It includes a seating chart, examples of the view, information on how and where to buy tickets and tips for getting the best seats.

Grandstand 34 Montreal Grand Prix Location

Grandstand 34, also known as Tribune 34, is located on the inside of the Montreal Grand Prix track near to turns 10, 11 and 12.

The grandstand is squeezed between two sections of track. On the left of the stand there’s the section between turns 9 and 10. On the right side of it is the section between turns 11, 12 and 13, known as the Casino Straight.

Grandstand 34 is facing towards the Hairpin (also known as l’Epingle) at Turn 10

Canadian GP Grandstand 34 tickets

Tickets for the Montreal Grand Prix Grandstand 34 sell almost instantly through the official Canadian GP website.

So I’d recommend buying them through Stubhub. 

I used Stubhub for F1 tickets multiple times last year and had great experiences. Their FanProtect guarantee is solid and they currently have a big inventory of tickets available for the Canadian GP.

Grandstand 34 details


Grandstand 34 at the Montreal Grand Prix is uncovered. There’s no roof so it’s completely exposed to the elements. Make sure you bring suitable weather protection, come rain or shine!

Grandstand 34 at the Montreal Grand Prix


The seats are bleacher style benches with allocated spaces. There are no backrests.

TV Screens

There is one giant TV screen visible from Grandstand 34. It’s part of the 4-sided Jumbotron screen that sits right on the inside of the Hairpin, straight ahead of the stand.

The screen is a little way ahead so can feel a little small, especially from the grandstand rows higher up / further back. Bringing a pair of binoculars is not a bad idea to help you see it more easily.

Grandstand 34 Montreal GP Seating Chart

Below is the seating chart for Grandstand 34 at the Montreal Grand Prix.

There are 4 sections within this grandstand. Section 1 is nearest to the track that F1 cars will be driving on once they’ve exited the Hairpin. Section 4 is closest to the track the cars will use as they’re approaching the hairpin.

This is a tall grandstand that’s very steeply tiered. There’s 52 rows of seats but each row is named using letters.

The front row lowest down is row AA. The next row back (row 2) is row BB. That continues until the 26th row which is ZZ. The 27th row is row A, the 28th is row B all the way until the 52nd row highest up at the back which is row Z.

The seat numbers increase as you move to the right of the stand (as you look at it from the circuit). The seat numbering starts at 1 at the beginning of each section.

Sections 1 and 4 are 10 seats wide, sections 2 and 3 are 20 seats wide.

Grandstand 34 Montreal Grand Prix views

The image below shows the sections of the track that can be seen from Grandstand 34 highlighted in pink.

Grandstand 34 view at the Canadian F1 grand Prix on Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal

The grandstand has great views of the entry, apex and exit of the hairpin which often sees lots of overtaking.

The safety fence to the left of the stand on the side of section 4 is very high. If you’re sat on the extreme left in section 4 and in a row quite low down, then it may block your view of the Hairpin slightly.

The video below filmed from the far left seat (seat 10) in section 4, row CC (third row up) shows how the fence blocks the view.

Whereas if you sit higher up in section 4, even from the far left seat you’ll be able to see over the fence. The video below was filmed from the 26th row up (AA) seat 10, section 4.

If you sit on the extreme right hand side of the stand, seat 1 in section 1, then you can turn around to your right and watch the cars head down Casino Straight after they’ve exited the Hairpin.

This video was filmed from seat 1, section 1, row KK (11th row up).

If you can sit in the back row, row Z, then you’ll have an amazing panoramic view of the hairpin plus you’ll be able to turn round and watch the cars approach and exit this section of the track.

Pan around the 360 degree image below, taken from seat 5, row Z, section 1, to see the great vantage point from the back row. The TV screen is further away from here, however.

Best Seats in Grandstand 34

The seats to avoid in Grandstand 34 are those low down in section 4. As shown above, the tall safety fence to the left of the stand will obstruct your view of the Hairpin if you sit in anything below row KK.

If you’re happy with being a little further away from the screen then the best seats are those in the back row, row Z. From here, high up at the top of the stand, you’ll have wonderful panoramic views of the whole Hairpin section of the track plus the surrounding landscape.

Additionally, being in the back row means you can stand up without blocking anyone behind you and turn around to watch the cars approach or exit this section of the track.

Generally, pick a seat in anything above row KK anywhere in the stand and you’ll have a great view of the action.

Is Grandstand 34 a good place to sit at the Montreal Grand Prix?

The Hairpin at Turn 10 is one of the best overtaking spots on the Canadian Grand Prix circuit. The 2023 Montreal F1 race at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve saw many drivers making passing moves here, including Lando Norris in the McLaren. 

Grandstand 34 has great views of the Hairpin so if you grab a seat here, you’re pretty much guaranteed to be able to see some good action on the circuit.

Plus this is a very reasonably priced stand, and with three-day tickets being only $145 CAD more than a general admission ticket it’s definitely well worth trying to get a seat here.

Nearest entrance

The nearest entrance to the Grandstand 34 at the Montreal Grand Prix is the Cosmos entrance gate. From there you can take a short walk towards Turn 9 and use the pedestrian bridge to get to the inside of Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, where Grandstand 34 will be diretly in front of you.

See our guide to the Canada GP entrance gates for more information and details.

For more information on how to get to the track for the Formula 1 weekend, check out our full Canada F1 travel guide.

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