Las Vegas F1 Grandstands: Seat Plans, Tickets, Best Seats

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Las Vegas GP grandstand at the Sphere

I went to the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix. If you’re thinking about getting a seat to watch the race next year, I’ve put together this guide to the Las Vegas F1 Grandstands.

This guide includes videos of examples of the view from each grandstand. Plus a map and location of each stand around the Las Vegas Strip circuit. It also includes seating charts so you can see which block of each stand is where.

I’ve also included my suggestions on the best seats from my experience at the 2023 race.


Las Vegas F1 grandstands

There’s currently 18 official grandstands available to buy tickets for at the Las Vegas Grand Prix. The map below shows the location of each of these grandstands around the Las Vegas GP track layout.

Further down this page you’ll see an additional couple of ‘un-official’ grandstands provided by Ellis Island.

The circuit at the Las Vegas Grand Prix will be split in to a number of different zones for spectators. The zones that include the grandstands are:

  • T-Mobile Zone at Sphere
  • East Harmon Zone
  • West Harmon Zone
  • Mirage Zone

See my guide to Las Vegas F1 parking & Monorail for tips on how to park close to your zone and avoid the worst of the traffic.

If you’re coming to Vegas for the weekend, check out my guide to the best Las Vegas F1 hotels for tips on where to stay, and which hotels are closest to which zones.

Las Vegas F1 grandstands - tickets

If you buy Las Vegas F1 tickets for seats in any grandstand at the Vegas Grand Prix, you only get access to the zone which that grandstand’s in. You cannot access any other zones or areas around the circuit.

At last year’s race I bought my Vegas GP tickets through Stubhub.

I bought seats in the SG4 grandstand on StubHub and paid less than the offical price. They have lots of Vegas Grand Prix tickets for sale even when they are sold out on the official site.

I had a great buying experience and will definitely use them again for Formula 1 tickets.  Their FanProtect guarantee is very robust and will keep your money and your tickets completely protected.

All grandstand seat tickets include complimentary food by Wolfgang Puck catering, water and soft drinks.

If you want cheaper tickets then check out the Las Vegas F1 General Admission options.

You can wear whatever clothes you want in the grandstands, but make sure you prepare for the cold. See my full Las Vegas F1 dress code guide for some tips.

T-Mobile Zone at Sphere grandstands

The T-Mobile Zone at the Sphere is located around turns 5 to 9 on the Las Vegas Strip circuit. This zone includes 8 different grandstands:

  • SG1
  • SG2
  • SG3
  • SG4
  • SG5
  • SG6
  • SG7
  • SG8

The Sphere is the huge spherical screen that is now an infamous part of the Vegas landscape. It serves as an incredible backdrop to the GP and the stage which hosts the majority of the concerts during the Vegas F1 weekend.

You’ll can see the Sphere from all stands in this zone except for SG8 as that one faces the other way.

This section of the circuit has an amazing atmosphere and is definitely the mosty lively section around the track. Whenever there’s no on-track action there’ll be artists or DJs playing to the stage which is visible from a number of the stands. 

I was sat in SG4 for FP1 (all 8 minutes of it) and was super happy with my seats. I much preferred sitting here compared to the Main Grandstand PG1.

T-Mobile Zone grandstands seating chart

Below is the seating chart for the Las Vegas F1 grandstands in the T-Mobile Zone at Sphere.

T-Mobile Zone grandstand ticket prices

The cost of a 3-day seat in any of the T-Mobile zone grandstands was the same for 2023:

  • T-Mobile Zone Grandstands: $2000

Views / Best Seats

Here’s a video I put together showing the view from each section of every grandstand in the Sphere zone.

My seat for the race was SG4 Row 30 seat 4 and I was very happy with it. I was nice and high so had a great vantage point, plus I was directly facing the stage so had an amazing view of the artists right from my seat.

SG3, SG4 and SG5 have the best views of the stage. SG6 and SG7 have the best views of the chicane at Turns 7 and 8.

SG8 is probably the least desirable place to sit as it faces away from the Sphere and stage, but it does give you some of the best views of Turn 5. 

Sitting high up is a good idea for a nice wide vantage point, but the only issue is that the lighting rig can slightly block your view of the track or a screen. If you sit in rows 1 – 20 then you should be under the rig, as 3:00 in the video above shows. 

Avoid SG2 103 rows 34 and up as the TV screen blocks your view to the left. See 2:28 in the video above.

East Harmon Zone grandstands

The East Harmon Zone is at the very start of a lap on the Las Vegas Strip circuit, and covers turns 1 – 4.

The East Harmon Zone includes the following grandstands:

  • PG1 Main Grandstand
  • PG2
  • PG3 Red Bull Fan Grandstand
  • PG4
  • PG5

PG1 is the Main Grandstand that runs along this start / finish straight. This is a huge permanent structure with multiple levels. It has normal grandstand seating as well as VIP ‘Skyboxes’ higher up in the stand.

It’s directly opposite the pit lane and garages, plus the podium will be towards the end of the pit lane / near Turn 1, so you’ll be able to see it from there too.

The PG1 Main Grandstand, and all the other stands at the circuit are uncovered. Here’s what the Main Grandstand looked like just before the start of the opening ceremony.

East Harmon grandstands seating chart

Below is the seating chart for the Las Vegas F1 grandstands in the East Harmon Zone. It shows the arrangement of the different block numbers that make up each stand.

The sections run from PG1 102 (closest to T1) to PG1 118 (closest to Turn 17, the final corner). There is no PG1 101.

Rows are numbered 1 at the front and increase as you get higher up / further back the stand.

East Harmon grandstands ticket prices

Below are the 2023 costs for 4-day seats (including the opening ceremony) in the different East Harmon Grandstands at the Vegas Grand prix:

  • PG1 Main Grandstand: $2500
  • PG3 Red Bull Grandstand: $3280
  • PG2, PG4, PG5: $2500

Views / Best Seats

Here’s a video I put together of the view from different sections of the PG1 Main Grandstand.

PG1 is probably the best place to sit in the East Harmon zone. Turn 1 is a big braking zone from about 200mph down to about 65, so there’s a lot of overtaking here. It’s where Max pushed Charles off at the start of the 2023 Vegas Grand Prix.

The start line will be aligned with blocks 114 and 116. You can see in to the garages from pretty much anywhere in this stand. Even the front row is raised up above the ground so you can see over the wall fairly well. 

I was sat in PG1 105 Row 24 seat 36 and had a nice high vantage point and a clear view of Turn 1. Great seats.

Avoid sitting in PG1 103 rows 32 to 40, as the Skybox blocks your view to the left (see 0:23 in the video above). Also avoid PG1 115 rows 32 to 40 for the same reason.

Turns 2, 3 and 4 will be nearly flat out. There’s less overtakin there as the cars go through in single file, so there’ll be less on track action to see from grandstands PG2, PG3, PG4 and PG5.

West Harmon Zone grandstands

The West Harmon Zone is at the very end of the lap, right around Turn 17. It’s a smaller zone made up of just 2 grandstands on the inside of the circuit:

  • HG1
  • HG3

NOTE: As of 21st October 2023, the Las Vegas GP organisers have announced they will not be building the HG2 grandstand due to ‘sightline’ issues.

Anyone who had already bought a ticket for that grandstand will be moved to one of the T-Mobile at Sphere zone grandstands.

West Harmon grandstands seating chart

Below is the seating chart for the West Harmon Zone grandstands at the Las Vegas F1 race.

West Harmon grandstands ticket prices

The West Harmon grandstands are the cheapest at the Las Vegas Grand Prix, which is probably why they’re the first to sell out. Below is a 3-day ticket price.

  • West Harmon Grandstands: $1500

View / Best Seats

Being on the inside of the circuit just before Turn 17, from any of the West Harmon grandstands you pretty much just see the cars fly past at full throttle.

Turn 17 looks like it will be almost flat out at over 180mph, so you’ll get an amazing sense of speed as the cars come past you but not a lot else other than the entry to the pit lane.

I’d try and get seats on the far left hand side of HG1 (as you sit in it and look at the track) for a better view of Turn 17 itself.

Mirage Zone grandstands

The Mirage Zone is on the outside of the fast left hand kink at Turn 13 and includes two different grandstands:

  • MRG – Standard tickets
  • MRV – VIP tickets

The MRG grandstand caters for normal grandstand ticket holders. The MRV grandstand is for VIP packages where seats are about twice as expensive. More info on the Mirage website here.

Mirage Zone grandstands seating chart

Below is the seating chart for the Les Vegas F1 grandstands in the Mirage Zone.

Mirage Zone grandstand ticket prices

  • MRG: $2200
  • MRV: Starting at $5000

Best View / Seats

The Mirage Grandstands at the Vegas Grand Prix aren’t in the most exciting position. Turn 13 is merely a kink on the incredibly long full-throttle section between turns 12 and 14.

From either Mirage grandstand all you’ll see is the cars speeding past in a flash (or hitting a drain cover). 

Ellis Island Grandstands

Ellis Island Hotel, Casino and Brewery is located on the outside of the circuit between turns 4 and 5 on the ‘Koval Straightaway’. The hotel is right next to the track and they are setting up some grandstands for race viewing.

To sit in these stands you don’t need official F1 tickets, instead you need tickets you have to purchase directly through the hotel. You don’t get access to any of the other official spectator zones around the track though, just Ellis Island.

Ellis Islands grandstands seating chart

Below is the seating chart for the Ellis Island grandstands at the Las Vegas F1. 

The grandstands are split in to two halves and each half is made up of 4 sections, named L1 – L4 and R1 – R4. Each section has a total of 10 rows, where row 10 is the highest up at the back.

Ellis Island grandstand ticket prices

  • Thursday only: $250
  • Friday only: $500
  • Saturday only: $750
  • 3-day ticket: $1500

Best View / Seats

The Ellis Island grandstands are just after the exit of Turn 4. There’s a temporary car bridge directly to the left of these stands which will block the view back to towards Turn 4 a little.

For that reason I’d probably chose seats lower down in the front rows to try and get a better angle to look along the track past the bridge.

Best Las Vegas F1 grandstand seats

I sat in the T-Mobile Sphere Zone in SG4 102 Row 30 Seat 4 and I was incredibly happy with my seats. I’d say that SG5 grandstand is the best place to sit in the Sphere Zone at the Las Vegas GP as it has the best view of Turns 7 and 8 plus the stage.

The Sphere Zone has the majority (if not all) of the live music and artists playing on its stage. Being able to sit in my seat and easily see / hear Nile Rodgers, Mark Ronson and Kylie was awesome.

The East Harmon Zone in comparison only had driver appearances and much smaller artists / DJs. And none of the East Harmon grandstands have a direct view of the stage. But if I wanted to see some famous F1 faces, have a view of the pit lane and podium then I’d go for the PG1 Main Grandstand.

But would I actually be paying thousands of dollars for a seat in a grandstand at Las Vegas? Probably not. 

The prices are the highest on the F1 calendar by a long way, and whilst you get complimentary food and drink (I should hope so too!) you don’t get access to the other zones around the track.

But for the 2023 race the ticket prices fell dramatically the closer to the F1 it was. I picked up a Thursday-only ticket to SG4 for $200 on StubHub.

Check out the full Las Vegas Grand Prix schedule for info on timings across the weekend.

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Ruth Surrey

I have been in the skybox all four days . This is race day and unless you were willing to stand outside for 2 1/2 to 3 hours minimum you won’t be able to see a thing besides the tvs . You can see all the paddock suites and it’s the same thing there . Four deep in people trying to peek through someone’s armpit . It’s not worth the money . I’d rather pay more and have less people here . There is no best view in the hospitality suites . I’d pay to stand by the pit if there was such a ticket . Otherwise don’t waste 10k a ticket or more .


Awesome read, very helpful. Thanks very much


Is there any seating at turn 14? I walked past that area during FP3 and qualifying – there’s even a small restaurant at track level on the inside of 14 – lots of action, but no grandstands… .

Wayne Donnelly

I was there all 4 days. This is a great summary and very useful. I was in the Skybox for opening ceremonies. As indicated by another post, it was 3 people deep standing at the railing. Can’t imagine that for the race. I’ve been to the Paddock Club at COTA. It might be the only one with a few tows of seating. A much better design in my opinion.


Really useful as we are planning our Vegas F1 for 2024. Most likely we will opt for PG1 – Main grandstand is a favorite in other races…Singapore was superb! Same in Saudi and Abu Dhabi.
Will let you know the impression and feedback

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