2024 Nurburgring Webcam Live & Archived Images

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

A Motorhome lines up to enter the Nurburgring Nordschleife

Want to check out what’s going on at the Ring? Or want to go back and see if you can see yourself going through the barriers to start a lap during Tourist Driving or on a recent Nurburgring trackday? Then check out our roundup of every Nurburgring webcam in this article.


Nurburgring official live webcams

The Nurburgring has two official webcams that are available to view. These are updated every minute and provide a 360 degree view of their location. You can pan around and control the view point by scrolling the webcam screen yourself.

There is one 360 degree Nurburgring live cam located in the Nordschleife main entrance car park where you can also see the Devil’s Diner restaurant, and one on the Grand Prix track on top of a long pole overlooking the start finish straight, pitlane, grandstands and the whole final section of the circuit.

Click the images below to view each Nurburgring webcam feed in full 360 degree splendour.

If you want to go back and see if you can find yourself on the Nordschleife webcam, we have found a website that has a Nordschleife webcam archive and a Grand Prix track Webcam archive. It stores images from up to 180 days in the past.

Whilst you might do well to find yourself as it appears to go in hourly jumps, you can go and check out what the Grand Prix track looked at 5am whilst the Nurburgring 24hour was running back in May this year. Cool Ferris wheel.

Nurburgring Grand Prix track during the 24 hours of Nurburgring with a ferris wheel in the distance

Or you can check out a nice timelapse of the coming and going of all the Green Hell tourist drivers in the car park and onto the circuit.

The Nurburgring webcam showing the Nordschleife car park filling up with cars and drivers throughout the day

Adenau – Breidscheid bridge nurburgring webcam

There is a Nurburgring live cam on the Breidscheid Bridge entrance to the track, half way around the circuit in Adenau. This isn’t officially listed by the Nurburgring however we have found the following feed:

The website gives you the ability to go back through archived images from this camera over the last 24 hours, 30 days, 12 months or its whole lifetime. As you can only skip back hour-by-hour within the last 24 hour period, the chances of you finding yourself after a day’s lapping are pretty slim.

It does, however, allow us to determine that an illiterate Brit with rubbish grammar decided to paint Chris ball’s has crabs on the fence just across the track sometime between February 2015 and August 2016.

Adenau Breidscheid Bridge from a Nurburgring Webcam with Nurburgring graffiti on the track

It also lets us see that, amazingly, that bit of Nurburgring graffiti is STILL THERE at least 6 YEARS later! Hopefully for Chris’s sake the crabs are long gone.

Adenau Breidscheid bridge on the Nurburgring from a live cam feed

ED Tankstelle (fuel station) live webcams

If you’ve been to the Nurburgring then you’ve probably been to the ED Tankstelle next to the Dottinger Hohe straight. This infamous petrol station is located just a couple of minutes’ drive from the main entrance to the Nordschleife and has had more hardcore track and performance cars on its forecourt than probably any other petrol station in the world.

There are two ED Tankstelle webcams, one looking at the entrance to the petrol station so you can see how big the queue is, and one looking directly over the pumps so you can see what cars are currently in for a pitstop. Click the images below to view either cam, you have to manually refresh the page for the webcam to update which they will do every minute.

The Doettinger-Hoehe.de website is the official source of this camera feed, but we found the following website that has an archived history of images:

Nurburg castle webcam

There is a webcam in Nurburg itself, looking directly up at the castle. Whilst it doesn’t have the circuit in it, it might be nice to check what the weather is looking like today in Nurburg.  It also shows the Paddock restaurant, one of our favourites, – the big building right in the centre of the imageThe Nuerburg.de website is the official source of the feed, but the following website has the feed as well as an archived history of images:

A webcam looking at the town of Nurburg with the castle on the hill

Old Nurburgring webcam archives

There were number of other webcams that are no longer active in and around the Ring. The most infamous of these was the one directly over the entry barriers on to the Nordschleife. Too many of us have spent far too much time in years gone by randomly checking this webcam to see what kind of exotica could be spotted heading out on track. This was the favourite past time of the motoring forum user, each trying to outdo one another with the most unusual car sighting.

Unfortunately it looks like this Nurburgring webcam went down in November 2020, and has since been replaced with the 360 degree Nurburgring live cam overlooking the whole Nordschliefe car park.

The website below still holds an archive of the images from this camera, but only back to 2017. Once you’ve clicked that link, navigate to a date prior to November 2020 in the archive calendar lower down the page and see if you can find any gems. If you do – get in touch, and we’ll post them below.

A Ford GT race car is loaded in to a truck as seen from the Nurburgring webcam
A group of Jaguar XKR-S line up to enter the Nurburgring Nordschleife

There was also another camera from a slightly different angle at the Adenau Breidscheid bridge entrance, but this one is also no longer active.

And finally, there was a webcam from one of the older grandstands on the final corner of the GP track that, again, has gone down.

Archives back to 2017 can be found on the below website, and then navigating to the other cameras views in the ‘Webcams Nearby’ panel for both of these cameras.

The Nurburgring entrance at Adenau bridge as seen from a webcam
The Nurburgring GP track at night during the N24H

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