Nurburging Petrol Station – Where can you get fuel near the ‘Ring?

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Gumpert Apollo and Peugeot 306 at the Nurburgring petrol station

In this article we list all the Nurburgring petrol station options near the circuit for when you’re in a time of need.

Alternatively check out the list of EV chargers near the Nurburgring.


Nurburgring driving is thirsty work

13 miles of the Nordschleife will drain your fuel at a rate you’ve probably not seen before. Friends of ours with tuned 996 turbos and modified Nissan GTRs have reported managing only 3 or 4 laps on a full tank of fuel before needing to fill up. And you don’t want to run out on circuit – if you do, you’ll have a hefty bill to pay for the recovery truck.

If you are hiring one of the Nurburgring rental cars, you will normally also have to bring it back with a full tank but this does change based on each company.

And for you gas guzzlers with your big loud internal combustion engines, make sure you’re away of the noise limits before your head to the track. 

Below are the nearest petrol stations to the Ring for when it’s time to give your car a drink.

The closest petrol station - ED Tankstelle

Fuel grades:

  • Diesel
  • LPG
  • Super – 95 octane
  • Super – 95 E10
  • Super Plus – 98 octane

Car wash: No

Driving time from Nurburgring entrance: 3 mins

The nearest Nurburgring petrol station is the infamous ED Tankstelle Dottinger Hohe. Almost as well known as the ‘Ring itself, it’s pretty much a rite of passage to stop by here and put some tasty (but pricey) super unleaded in your car. 

A tourist attraction in its own right, the ED Tankstelle shop is filled with racing and ‘Ring memorabilia. How many petrol stations do you know with their own website!? Having been opened for over 30 years it must have had more high-value performance and track cars across its forecourt than any other gas station in the world.

A Ferrari F40 and Ferrari 288 GTO at the ED Tankstelle at the Nurburgring

This petrol station is also a hotel and bistro, so you can get some half-decent food in the shop if you’re as hungry as your car is thirsty. You can also buy TF lap tickets here.

On almost any given day will be a hangout for supercar spotters with their cameras in hand. On a busy day there will be crowds of people sat by the side of the road here watching cars leave the forecourt. 

Don’t be too tempted to get caught up in the wheel-spinning showboating antics; you’ll end up on YouTube and look like a bit of a muppet if you get it wrong, plus the Polizei are never too far away.

A McLaren 670S outside the Nurburgring petrol station ED tankstelle

Often the queues to get on to the petrol station forecourt can be quite long. There are two webcams here though, so check those out before you head there to see how long the wait might be.

The ED tankstelle fuel station in Nurburg on a busy day

ED Tankstelle is located parallel to the Dottinger Hohe, just a 3 minute drive from the main entrance to the Nordschleife. In the webcam image above you can see the Audi Sport gantry at the start of the Dottinger Hohe straight in the top left.

Turn right out of the Nurburgring car park, head down the hill alongside the main straight, take a right at the bottom under the bridge and another right at the junction and it’s on your left, you can’t miss it.

Google map showing how to get to ED tankstelle from Nurburgring

For its convenience and proximity to the circuit, the prices here are normally a few Euro cents more expensive than the next closest Nurburgring petrol station. Google maps shows fuel station prices so you can always check that before you go.

The second closest petrol station - ARAL Adenau

Fuel grades:

  • Diesel
  • Ultimate Diesel
  • Super- 95 octane
  • Super – 95 E10
  • Ultimate – 102 octane

Car wash: Yes – automatic

Driving time from Nurburgring entrance: 8 mins

The next closest fuel station to the main Nordschleife car park entrance is the ARAL in Adenau. Not quite as infamous as the ED Tankstelle, but this petrol station still gets very busy on a weekend when the Ring is open for tourist driving.

ARAL is a little further away, being an 8 minute drive from the main entrance. To get there, take a right out of the car park down the hill. At the T-junction at the end, turn left down the hill towards Adenau. 

This takes you down the winding road over the hills and through the trees with the two hairpin turns. At the end of that road, turn right in to Adenau and the ARAL will shortly be on your right.

Google maps showing how to get the ARAL Adenaur from the Nurburgring

It is only a minute’s drive from the half-way circuit entrance / exit point at Breidscheid bridge so was perfectly placed if you needed a top up. Unfortunately that entrance point is now officially closed. 

This Nurburgring petrol station doesn’t offer 98 octane fuel, instead you can either get Super 95 or the proper GoGo juice – Ultimate 102. Whether you car can make use of the extra octanes depends on your ECU mapping, but maybe the placebo alone will help you shave 0.5 seconds off your lap.

There is also a carwash here. It’s an automatic one with big roller brushes, so maybe avoid it if you’re precious about your paint work and swirl marks give you recurring nightmares.

Total Tankstelle inside the Nurburgring GP track

Google maps also shows a fuel station within the Nurburgring Grand Prix track – a Total Tankstelle. 

If you are doing a trackday on the Nurburgring GP track, and sometimes if the GP track is open for tourist lapping then you can get access to this. But normally, as it’s inside the circuit, you can’t get access to this Nurburgring petrol station so use one of the two above instead. Plus it will be way more expensive than the other two.

Total Tankstelle inside the nurburgring gp track

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