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The Singapore GP lap record was set in 2018 by a HAAS Formula 1 car, on the old circuit layout.

In 2023 the layout was changed slightly so new, faster lap times have been set. 

This article looks at the lap record, fastest lap times and top speeds around the Singapore GP circuit.


Race laps or Qualifying laps?

For a lap record to become official it must have been set during a race. Lap times set during either practice or qualifying sessions don’t count as official lap records.

However, lap times set in qualifying are often faster than those set in the race. During qualifying cars are set up for ultimate one-lap pace. This means they have minimum fuel and brand new tyres. Their engine’s performance will be cranked up to 11 to maximise the car’s speed for that one all-important quali lap.

During a race the cars will be on older, worn tyres and will be carrying more fuel, so it’s unlikely that they’ll ever go quicker in a race than in qualifying.

Singapore circuit changes

From 2023 onwards the Singapore GP circuit was shortened slightly. See my article on the Singapore GP track layout changes for more info.

Singapore GP lap record

New layout (2023 onwards)

The Singapore GP lap record is 1:35.867 set by Lewis Hamilton driving for the Mercedes F1 team on the new circuit layout in the 2023 race.

The fastest ever lap on the new Singapore street circuit is 1:30.984 set by Carlos Sainz driving his Ferrari during Q3 of the 2023 qualifying session. That lap time gave him pole position and was almost 5 seconds faster than the quickest lap in the race.

Old layout (up to 2022)

The old Singapore GP lap record was 1:41.905 set by Kevin Magnussen driving the HAAS VF-18 F1 car during the 2018 Grand Prix.

The new Singapore circuit layout is around 6 seconds quicker than the old one.

Can the Singapore GP lap record be beaten?

So Kevin Magnussen’s lap record on the old circuit cannot technically be broken as the drivers won’t race on that layout again. But the new circuit layout is undoubtedly going to see much faster lap times in the years to come.

Check out our guide to the Singapore F1 tickets if you want to see the cars in action at Marina Bay first hand.

Singapore GP fastest lap times - F1

Below is a list of the fastest F1 lap times set both during the race and during qualifying at the Singapore GP. The list only goes back to 2013, as that was the first year the circuit layout was changed to remove the ‘Singapore Sling’ chicane from Turn 10.

The race didn’t run in 2020 or 2021 due to COVID-19.

Singapore GP Fastest Laps
Year Fastest lap - Race Fastest lap - Qualifying
2023 Hamilton - 1:35.867 Sainz - 1:30.984
Circuit layout updated and shortened 2023 onwards


Russell – 1:46.458

Leclerc – 1:49.412


Magnussen – 1:42.301

Hamilton – 1:36.217


Magnussen – 1:41.905

Hamilton – 1:36.015


Hamilton – 1:45.008

Vettel - 1:39.491


Ricciardo – 1:47.187

Rosberg - 1:42.584


Ricciardo – 1:50.041

Vettel – 1:43.885


Hamilton – 1:50.417

Hamilton – 1:45.681


Vettel – 1:48.574

Vettel – 1:42.841

As the list shows there’s a big difference in lap times from year to year. The reason is mainly down to the changeable weather conditions that Singapore always faces. Qualifying and the race are often held in the rain which slows down lap times considerably.

Singapore GP F1 top speed

The top speed reached by an F1 car around the Singapore GP circuit is 328kph / 203.8mph, achieved by Nico Hulkenberg driving for the Renault F1 team in 2019.

This top speed was achieved in the first Singapore DRS Zone, at the end of the long straight just before the braking zone for Turn 7. Hulkenberg would have had DRS activated and would have used the slipstream of the car in front to reach that speed.

Singapore Grand Prix F1 top speeds in 2019

Singapore GP F1 average speed

The Marina Bay street circuit is one of the slowest tracks on the F1 calendar, with not many long straights and lots of tight, technical corners.

If we look at Kevin Magnussen’s lap record as an example, his average speed over that lap was 175kph / 109mph.

The highest average speed around one lap of the Singapore GP circuit is 185kph / 115mph, set by Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes W09 on his pole-position qualifying lap in 2018.

W-Series Singapore GP lap record

In 2022 the W Series raced at the Singapore Grand Prix circuit as one of the support races to the F1. The W Series lap record at the Marina Bay street circuit is 2:13.986 set by Alice Powell.

This is faster than the quickest W-Series qualifying lap time as the quali session took place in the rain.

Porsche Carrera Cup Singapore GP lap record

The Porsche Carrera Cup series has supported the F1 on numerous occasions at the Singapore Grand Prix.

The Porsche Carrera Cup lap record at the Marina Bay street circuit is 2:17.760 set by Will Bamber during the 2019 Porsche Carrera Cup Asia race.

GT3 Singapore GP lap record

The Thailand Super Series (TSS) GT3 championship has been a support race during the F1 weekend at Singapore for a number of years. The cars in this championship are all GT3 spec.

The GT3 lap record around the Singapore GP circuit is 2:16.137 set by Kantasak Kusiri driving a Mercedes AMG GT3 Evo in the Thailand Super Series race in 2022.

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