Singapore F1 Tickets 2024: Prices, Options, Best Value Seats

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by Alex Gassman

Singapore GP night race Ferrari F1 car in the rain

Singapore F1 tickets are the most expensive they’ve ever been, yet they’re selling out faster than ever before.

This page provides all the information you need to know about buying tickets for the Singapore Grand Prix.

It includes the different options, prices, best value tickets, the best seats at the GP and the best places to purchase your tickets from.


Where to buy Singapore F1 tickets?

Singapore F1 tickets can be purchased through the official Singapore GP Website. 

The first tickets for the Grand Prix are usually released almost exactly a year in advance of the race weekend. 

For the 2024 GP the majority of tickets for most grandstands were released on the 1st November 2023.

The first tickets that go on sale will be early bird tickets. This will be offered at a discounted rate where you can usually save a few dollars. Early bird ticket prices will be cheaper than those listed in the price tables lower down this page.

Alternatively, Singapore GP lists a number of official ticket resellers that you can purchase tickets from. Often these will still have some ticket availability even after they’re sold out on the official website.

A full list of the Singapore F1 ticket resellers can be found here.    

Singapore F1 ticket types

There are four types of ticket you can purchase for the Singapore Grand Prix:

  • Walkabout tickets
  • Grandstand tickets
  • Combination tickets
  • Hospitality tickets

Singapore GP Walkabout tickets

Walkabout tickets at the Singapore Grand Prix are the same as General Admission tickets. These give you access to walk around the circuit and find your own viewing spot. They don’t give you access to any of the grandstands or the pit lane / paddock area.

There are two types of Walkabout tickets at the Singapore F1:

  • Premier Walkabout
  • Zone 4 Walkabout

Premier Walkabout gives you access to all four Zones around the circuit. There are no restrictions on where you can go in the general admission areas so you have more places you can stand and watch the racing. Plus you have access to all of the live music stages around the circuit.

Zone 4 Walkabout only gives you access to Zone 4. This is where most of the live music and entertainment takes place, including the headline artists who play on the Padang Stage. If you’re just as interested in the music as the racing then these are the cheapest tickets you can get to see the headliners perform.

The map below shows the different Zones around the circuit and some of the best Walkabout viewing points.

Singapore F1 Premier and Zone 4 Walkabout viewing areas for the F1 Grand Prix

See our full guide on the Singapore GP Premier and Zone 4 Walkabout for more information on what the tickets include and where the best viewing spots are.

Singapore GP Walkabout ticket prices

Below are the prices for a 3-day adult Walkabout ticket at the Singapore GP.

Singapore GP Walkabout Ticket Prices
Walkabout Price
Premier Walkabout S$598
Zone 4 Walkabout S$348
Singapore GP walkabout tickets 2024

Singapore GP Grandstand tickets

There are a number of different grandstands located around the Marina Bay street circuit. Tickets for the grandstands give you a reserved seat, plus access to walk around either the whole circuit or just Zone 4, depending which stand you go for.

The map below shows all of the grandstands at the Singapore Grand Prix.

Singapore GP Grandstand Map

The green grandstands on the left hand side of the image are all in Zone 4. Tickets for any of these grandstands only give you access to walk around Zone 4 and not the rest of the circuit.

The pink grandstands on the right hand side of the image are all located in Zones 1 and 2. Tickets to any of these grandstands give you access to walk around the whole circuit, including Zone 4.

Which Singapore GP grandstand is best?

The best grandstand at the Singapore Grand Prix is the Turn 2 grandstand. In particular, seats in sections A2 and A3 of the Turn 2 grandstand are the best seats at the Singapore Grand Prix. These have a view all the way down the start / finish straight (one of the Singapore DRS zones) plus you can see all of Turns 1, 2 and 3 from there.

If you’re more interested in the live music and entertainment then my suggestion would be the Stamford grandstand. This is only a couple of minutes’ walk from the Padang Stage where the headline acts will play. It also has a great view of Turn 7 which is where most of the overtaking happens.

If you want to watch the winner lift the Singpore GP trophy then you need to be in the Pit Grandstand.

Check out our full guides to each of the grandstands for more information, examples of the views and details on which seats are the best:

NOTE: The Bay grandstand is no longer in use at the Singapore GP. 

Singapore F1 Grandstand ticket prices

Below is a comparison of 3-day adult ticket prices for each of the grandstands at this year’s Singapore Grand Prix.

Singapore GP Grandstand Ticket Prices
Grandstand Price
Super-Pit S$1988
Pit Grandstand S$1388
Pit Exit Grandstand S$1388
Pit Entry Grandstand S$1288
Sheares Grandstand TBC
Turn 1 Grandstand S$1388
Turn 2 Grandstand S$1388
Promenade Grandstand S$1188
Republic Grandstand S$798
Connaught Grandstand S$598
Orange @ Empress Grandstand S$598
Padang Grandstand S$598
Stamford Grandstand S$498
Singapore GP grandstand ticket prices 2024

Singapore GP Best Value Grandstands

The grandstands located in Zone 1 are the most expensive as they give you access to walk around the whole circuit.

The Republic Grandstand was new for 2023 and is by far the cheapest grandstand that gives you full access to the circuit. In fact it’s only S$200 more than a Premier Walkabout ticket, so it seems like it would be great value.

For the same reason the grandstands in Zone 4 are the cheapest as those tickets give you limited walking access.

Of these, the Stamford Grandstand is definitely the best value. With great views of Turn 7, being super close to the Padang Stage and S$100 cheaper than any other grandstand this is definitely a great option. It’s only S$150 more than a Zone 4 walkabout ticket.

Singapore GP Combination Tickets

Combination tickets at the Singapore Grand Prix only come in 3-day packages and offer you some variety across the whole weekend.

Each day of the combination usually offers you something different, both from where you can sit and which zones you have access to.

Below are the different Singapore Combination ticket options for this year’s race.

Singapore GP Combination Tickets
Combo Price Friday Saturday Sunday
Seating Zone Access Seating Zone Access Seating Zone Access
Pit Combo S$1188 Padang stand Zone 4 Stamford stand Zone 4 Pit stand All zones
Padang Combo S$898 Stamford stand Zone 4 Pit stand All zones Padang stand Zone 4
Stamford Combo S$598 Pit stand All zones Padang stand Zone 4 Stamford stand Zone 4
Zone 1 Walkabout Combo S$898 Pit stand All zones Pit stand All zones None All zones
Stamford Walkabout Combo S$688 Stamford stand Zone 4 Stamford stand Zone 4 None All zones

Be mindful that if you purchase one of these packages your Zone access may reduce across the weekend. For example if you purchase the Stamford Combo, the cheapest option, you’ll have access to all zones around the circuit on the Friday but then only Zone 4 on Saturday and Sunday.

Singapore GP Hospitality tickets

If you want to experience the Singapore Grand Prix in absolute luxury then the hospitality and VIP ticket options are probably best for you or your company.

There are a number of different hospitality packages offered during the Singapore F1 weekend:

  • Paddock Club
  • Sky Suites
  • Twenty3
  • The Green Room
  • Lounge @ Turn 3
  • The Flyer Lounges

The location of each of these hospitality areas around the Marina Bay street circuit can be seen on the map below.

Tickets for these hospitality options range from a few thousand dollars in the shared Lounge@Turn 3 hospitality area, to over S$11,000 for a Paddock Club ticket.

Read our full review on the Singapore GP Paddock Club here.

A full brochure of all of the Singapore GP hospitality options can be found here.

Do Singapore F1 tickets sell out?

Singapore F1 tickets often sell out incredibly quickly. Last year all the grandstand tickets sold within 6 hours of being released.

The Singapore F1 organisers will usually release more tickets in the few months leading up to the race. Make sure you sign up to the mailing list on the official website to be notified of any additional upcoming ticket releases.

Selling Singapore F1 tickets

If you’re a local resident you can sell your Singapore GP ticket through the local market place. 

Alternatively the Singapore GP Fans Facebook group is often full of people looking to purchase tickets. 

Child tickets

Children, regardless of age, must have their own tickets to attend the Singapore GP. Unfortunately kids don’t get in free.

On select tickets there are discounted ‘Junior’ options available at a discounted price. Currently these are only offered on the Pit and Stamford grandstands, and are applicable to anyone aged 16 and under.

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. 

To bring in children under 7 years old you need to sign an Indemnity Form and hand it to the marshal at the ticket gates. These can be found online or at the ticket booths outside the gates. 

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