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Singapore GP Premier WAlkabout

SG F1 GP” by Daran Kandasamy is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

The Singapore GP Walkabout tickets give you access to walk around different zones of the Marina Bay street circuit for the F1. The zones you can enter depend on whether you go for Premier Walkabout or Zone 4 Walkabout Singapore Grand Prix tickets.

All Walkabout options can be a great value alternative to some of the more expensive grandstand seats.

With a Walkabout ticket you get a chance to explore the circuit’s surroundings and try out a number of different trackside viewing areas. 

This guide includes info to help you choose between the different Walkabout tickets, details on each of the 4 zones and tips on some of the best viewing locations around the circuit.


What are Singapore GP Walkabout tickets?

Walkabout tickets are the equivalent of General Admission tickets that you see at most other F1 races. Walkabout tickets can be purchased as single-day tickets or 3-day weekend tickets for the Singapore Grand Prix.

These tickets give you access to specific zones around the Marina Bay circuit park, depending on which type you choose. Within the zones you have access to, you can walk freely around the circuit and watch the action from a number of different viewing areas. 

You can purchase food, drink and merchandise from any of the vendors and watch the live music and entertainment that’s available in your zone(s). 

There are three different types of Walkabout ticket available for purchase:

  • Premier Walkabout
  • Zone 4 Walkabout
  • Zone 1 Walkabout combination

Premier Walkabout

Premier Walkabout Singapore GP tickets give you access to all zones around the Marina Bay street circuit. These are the most expensive Walkabout tickets, costing $598 for the full 3-day weekend, the same price as the Padang Grandstand or Connaught Grandstand.

Having access to all the zones gives you a chance to explore the whole circuit and try out many different view points and entertainment options.

You don’t get access to any grandstands with the Singapore GP Premier Walkabout tickets, just the trackside viewing areas.

For 2024 Premier Walkabout tickets also include free rides on the Singapore Flyer observation wheel.

Zone 4 Walkabout

As the name suggests, the Zone 4 Walkabout Singapore GP tickets get you access to Zone 4 only. You cannot access Zones 1, 2 or 3 with these tickets, even after the racing has finished.

Having more limited access makes these the cheapest tickets at the Singapore Formula 1 race. A 3-day adult Zone 4 Walkabout ticket costs just S$348.

These tickets give you to access all of the food, drink, merchandise and entertainment areas within Zone 4, including the Padang Stage.

Zone 4 Walkabout tickets don’t give you access to any of the grandstands in Zone 4.

Singapore F1” by Kyle Lam is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Zone 1 Walkabout combination

The Zone 1 Walkabout Combination tickets are slightly different. These are only available as a 3-day packages and each day you have access to something different:

  • Friday (day 1): Pit Grandstand seats + Premier Walkabout
  • Saturday (day 2): Pit Grandstand seats + Premier Walkabout
  • Sunday (day 3): Premier Walkabout only

On the first two days you have a reserved seat in the Pit Grandstand. See our guide to the Singapore F1 Pit Grandstand for more information on the view from there. You also get access to all Zones around the circuit like you would with a Premier Walkabout ticket.

On the third day, race day, you only have a Premier Walkabout Singapore GP ticket. You no longer have a seat in the grandstand.

This combination package is more expensive than the other Walkabout options, costing S$898 / £525.

Grandstand or Walkabout tickets at Singapore F1?

The million dollar question. Should you go for Walkabout tickets or grandstand seats? The answer comes down to how tough you are.

If you’re willing to rack up tens of thousands of steps per day, walk for many kilometres and stand in the same place for up to 8 hours straight all to get a good view of the racing, then Walkabout tickets could be right for you. 

Make sure you wear some comfortable shoes if you go for it. See our guide to the Singapore GP dress code for more suggestions on what to wear.

The reality is that on Friday and Saturday you might be able to sit down on some of the viewing platforms, but come Sunday they’ll be standing room only. If you want a good spot you’ll have to get there well before the race starts, probably at around 3pm, and not leave your spot until it finishes many hours later.

If all of that walking and standing around doesn’t sound good then I’d definitely suggest getting a grandstand seat. With grandstands you can still go for a walk but know you’ll always have a seat to come back to. Plus you’re guaranteed a view of a TV screen.

Note the Bay Grandstand is no longer in use due to some ongoing redevelopment works near that area of the circuit.

Singapore Grand Prix Zones

There are four different zones at the Singapore GP, known simply as Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3 and Zone 4. The circuit map below shows each of these highlighted in a different colour.

Best Walkabout Viewing Areas

The map above shows the different Walkabout viewing areas dotted around the circuit, marked with the 👁️ symbol. Having a 3-day Walkabout ticket gives you a chance to explore the different viewing areas and find the ones you like the most in preparation for race day.

For info on travelling to the circuit and using the right entrance gate, see our guide on the Singapore GP travel and entrances.

On the map below I’ve highlighted some of the best viewing areas that are definitely worth checking out in the different zones. The next section in this guide provides examples of the view from each of these.

Zone 1

1 – Viewing area at the end of the Pit Straight / Entry of Turn 1

This is a great Walkabout viewing area. It’s a large viewing platform with tiered steps that runs along the outside of the pit straight in the braking zone for Turn 1. Part of the platform is underneath the motorway flyover so offers a very limited amount of weather protection.

From here you have a great vantage point of the start line, the exit of the pit lane and the first corner. A great place to watch the start of the race to see any first corner incidents. The pit straight is one of the Singapore DRS zones so it’s a popular place to see some overtaking as well.

There’s a TV screen visible from here, on the other side of the circuit.


2 – Viewing area inside Turns 1 / 2

This is a standing viewing area on the inside of the circuit, inside Turns 1 and 2. It gives you a view of the first two corners plus the entry to Turn 3. There’s a pedestrian bridge at the end of the pit straight, just before Turn 1, that gets you across the circuit.

There’s a TV screen visible from here, on the far side of the circuit across the run off area.

18 – Viewing area before Turn 18

On the short straight between turns 17 and 18 there are a couple of Walkabout viewing platforms that include individual seats. These are first come first served and can’t be reserved. There’s only a couple of hundred seats available.

If you manage to get a seat here you only really have a view of the cars driving in a straight line, and unfortunately there’s no TV visible.

19 – Viewing platform at the final corner

This is one of the very best Premier Walkabout viewing spots at the Singapore F1 race. On the outside of the final corner is a raised viewing platform that’s high enough for you to look over the safety fence.

You can see the cars enter the final corner and then head down the start / finish straight, all the way to Turn 1 where they disappear out of sight. You also have a perfect view of them entering the pit lane.

The only downside is that you don’t have great visibility of a TV screen. There is one screen on the pit lane buildings but you’re viewing it at a very sharp angle, so it’s difficult to see it clearly.

Zone 2

17 – Inside the circuit just after Turn 17

Near the Singapore Flyer wheel on the inside of the circuit are a couple of small viewing platform that includes individual seats. The view is very similar to that from platform 18 above, but just from the other side of the circuit.

Again there’s only a very limited number of seats here and it’s first come first served. Unfortunately there’s no TV screen visible from here.

Zone 3

Zone 3 is known as the ‘transit zone’ where people are just walking between Zone 4 and Zones 1 and 2, so doesn’t have any designated viewing areas.

Zone 4

13 – Esplanade Drive viewing platforms

When the cars leave Turn 13 they accelerate along Esplanade Drive, otherwise known as Jubilee Bridge, directly over Marina Bay.

Just after the exit of Turn 13 are some raised viewing platforms on the outside of the circuit. Turn 13 is a tight corner so the cars will be accelerating at full speed along here.

If you sit or stand in the right spot on the platform you’ll be able to see one of two TV screens on the other side of the circuit.

14 – Turn 14 viewing platforms

This is another great viewing area and probably the best in Zone 4 Walkabout at the Singapore GP.

At the other end of Jubilee Bridge there are some more viewing platforms on the outside of the circuit. These are positioned in the braking zone for Turn 14, which is at the end of the long DRS zone over the bridge. There’s often some good overtaking action to be seen here as a result.

You can’t actually see the apex of Turn 14 itself but the overtakes normally happen in the braking zone.

There’s one large TV screen visible from this area on the other side of the circuit.


The main entertainment is split between Zone 1 and Zone 4 over the weekend. These are the main features of each zone:

  • Zone 1: The Wharf Stage, The Sail Stage, F1 Village, F1 Driver Meet & Greet, F1 Paddock
  • Zone 4: Padang Stage, Waterside Stage, Downtown Stage, Esplanade Outdoor Theatre, Dockside Hawkers, Portside Hawkers, F1 Village

See our guide to the concerts at the Singapore GP for more information on the headline artists. The Padang Stage is the main stage where the headliner will play on Sunday night after the race.

The F1 Driver Meet & Greet takes place on the Wharf Stage in Zone 1. The F1 Paddock isn’t accessible to Walkabout guests, but if you stand near its entrance you stand a chance of getting up close to the drivers and team members.

Premier Walkabout or Zone 4 Walkabout tickets?

Zone 4 Walkabout Singapore GP tickets are a good deal cheaper than Premier. In my opinion the viewing areas in Zone 4 aren’t so good, but if your main aim is to soak up the atmosphere and party hard to the live music then Zone 4 tickets are great value.

If you’re determined to see some good racing action then I’d recommend paying the extra for the Premier Walkabout Singapore GP tickets. Not only do you get a much better range of viewing areas in Zone 1 and 2 but they’re likely to be a little less busy as a lot of people stay in Zone 4. The same goes for queues at the food and drinks vendors; these will all be shorter in Zone 1 than Zone 4.

Premier Walkabout also means you can see the F1 Driver Meet & Greet on the Wharf Stage plus you might be able to see a driver or two up close by the exit of the paddock. And you can still walk over to Zone 4 at any time.

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Thank you! Helped a lot today


Great overview of the walkabout tickets, as well as the other sections. Do you know when the 3-day or individual day walkabout tickets usually go on sale?


Hi, great site – really helpful thank you. Do you happen to know when 3 day walkabout tickets were sold for 2023? We tried to be on it and kept checking but never saw them for sale at all? For 2024 they weren’t available for super early bird or early bird – maybe they’ve stopped doing them?


hello do you know when can i buy the day 1 pass or the walkabout, cause right now its still not available for singapore 2024 thankyouu


Available now 🙂


Was the premier walkabout get free acces to singapore flyer?


Hi Alex, is there any TV screens to watch the race from the Padang Stage?


Thank you for your informative site.. Learned alot… What is the price for the race day Premier walkabout ticket only please? and when they go on sale?

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