How to get to Singapore GP: F1 Travel & Entrance Gate Guide

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Singapore MRT and Marina Bay Sands

The Singapore Grand Prix is held in downtown Singapore and is incredibly easy to access using public transport.

Whether you’re flying in from overseas or are staying in a hotel right next to the track, this guide on how to get to the Singapore F1 will provide all the info you need on travelling to the Marina Bay street circuit. 

It also lists the different Singapore F1 entrances and which ones you should use.


Where is the Singapore GP held?

The Singapore Grand Prix is held on the Marina Bay street circuit, located in the Downtown and Kallang districts of Singapore. Tickets can be purchased using our Singapore F1 ticket page.

The circuit uses a number of public roads which are closed over the course of the Grand Prix weekend. Read our guide to the Singapore GP layout and route for more info on where the track runs through the city.

Travel to the Singapore Grand Prix

Being located in central Singapore, the circuit is most easily accessed using public transport. The best methods of travelling to the Singapore Grand Prix are:

  • Singapore MRT (metro)
  • Buses
  • Taxis

Singapore MRT

The MRT consists of 6 underground and overground train lines with 140 stations across Singapore. This is the primary public transport method used by residents and offers the easiest and cheapest way to travel to the Singapore Grand Prix. Plus it’s fully air-con’d, so it’s a nice way to stay cool whilst you travel.

Many of the MRT stations are located right next to the circuit entrances so provide the most efficient way to get to the track. Read more in the sections below about which stations are near which entrances.

Paying for MRT trips is easy. Every station has contactless card readers at the turnstiles on the entry and exit. Simply tap your bank card or mobile wallet on the readers at the start and end of your journey. Just make sure you use the same payment method to start and finish each trip, or you’ll be charged double.

MRT fares are based on the distance you travel, but are incredibly cheap. Prices never really exceed S$2.50 for a single journey.

The MyTransport.SG mobile app provides maps, directions, routes and live train times so is definitely worth downloading for the weekend.

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Singapore Buses

Singapore has a good bus network which over 3 million people use every day. The buses are comfortable and fully air conditioned. 

There are thousands of bus stops dotted around Singapore, so this is a great option if you want to take shorter trips and is sometimes a good way to stay cooler than walking.

The buses have contactless card readers that you have to tap when you get on and off, and fares are again charged based on the distance you travel. You’ll do well to pay over S$2 for a journey.

The traffic around the circuit will be heavy during the Grand Prix weekend, so the buses may get caught up in it if you’re trying to reach one of the stops near the track.

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The map below shows the location of the bus stops nearest the circuit. The key at the bottom right of the image describes which bus stops are which, and which routes run to or from each stop. It’s a big image so click the thumbnail below and the hi-res version will automatically download.

Singapore Taxis

Everywhere you look you’ll see taxis in Singapore. These are all metered and air con’d, and can be hailed from the kerb.

Beware of additional surcharges coming in to effect at peak hours across the Grand Prix weekend. In 2023 an additional S$8 surcharge was applied to all taxi journeys at peak hours after qualifying and the race. Most journeys will probably cost an extra S$10-20 on top of the surcharge. 

Taxis take cash and card payments, but often charge a little more for card. So it’s a good idea to have some cash on you.

During the Singapore Grand Prix there are designated taxi collection and drop-off points near the circuit. These are mostly around the Marina Centre and Suntec Towers. These points can be seen on the map above.

Singapore bus and traffic” by Simon_sees is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Driving and Parking at the Singapore GP

Driving to the Singapore GP isn’t advised. There are a number of road closures around the circuit during the F1 weekend and this will cause some very heavy traffic. But if you do plan on driving to the Singapore Grand Prix, there is some parking available near the circuit.

The Suntec City, Millenia Walk and Marina Square car parks remained open for the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix weekend.

The Singapore Flyer, Esplanade, Singapore Rec Club, Singapore Cricket Club and Empress Place car parks were closed throughout the Singpaore F1 weekend.

View the full Singapore Road Closure & Public Transport Access Plan for more details of road closures and driving routes. 

Leave a lot of extra time for your journey, especially on the Sunday, to allow for congestion on the roads.

Nearest Airport for the Singapore F1

If you’re flying in to watch the Singapore GP from overseas you will want to use the Singapore Changi Airport (SIN). This is the largest airport in Singapore and the one almost all international flights use.

To get from the airport to the Downtown area it’s cheapest to use the MRT. Changi Airport is on the East-West Line and is a 50 minute MRT ride to Raffles Place right next to Marina Bay. The cost for that MRT journey is a mere S$1.96

If you take a taxi to do the same route it will only take 20 minutes but will cost 10 times more.

Singapore GP Entrance Gates

There are four different zones covering the Marina Bay circuit park. Within these zones there’s a total of 9 different entrance gates around the perimeter of the Singapore Grand Prix track. Check out the full Singapore F1 schedule to see the entrance gate opening times across the weekend.

Different ticket holders have access to different zones. For information on which Zone you can enter, check out our guide to Premier and Zone 4 Walkabout at the Singapore Grand Prix. 

As a short summary, if you have a Zone 4 Walkabout ticket or a seat in one of the Zone 4 grandstands (Padang grandstand, Stamford grandstand, Connaught grandstand or Orange Empress) then you can only enter the circuit by one of the Zone 4 gates.

If you have Premier Walkabout tickets or seats in a Zone 1 grandstand then you can through any gate.

The table below lists the different entrance gates, which zone they give access to, which grandstand they’re closest to and the nearest MRT station to each.

Singapore GP Entrance Gates, Grandstands & MRT Stations
Gate Zone Nearest Grandstands Nearest MRT Stations MRT Station Codes
1A 1 Turn 1 / Turn 2 / Pit / Super-Pit / Pit Exit / Sheares / Pit Entry Nicoll Highway Station CC5
1B 1 Turn 1 / Turn 2 / Pit / Super-Pit / Pit Exit / Sheares / Pit Entry Nicoll Highway Station CC5
2 2 Republic / Raffles Promenade Station CC4 DT15
3A 4 Stamford / Padang / Connaught City Hall Station EW13 NS25
Esplanade Station CC3
3B 4 Stamford / Padang / Connaught City Hall Station EW13 NS25
Esplanade Station CC3
4 4 Orange Empress / Padang Raffles Place Station EW14 NS26
5 4 Orange Empress / Connaught Raffles Place Station EW14 NS26
6 4 Orange Empress / Connaught Raffles Place Station EW14 NS26
7 4 Connaught / Stamford Esplanade Station CC3
8 2 Promenade / Bayfront / Pit Entry / Pit / Super-Pit Bayfront Station CE1 DT16

The map below shows the location of each of those gates in relation to the grandstands, circuit and MRT stations. Gates 1A and 1B are just shown as Gate 1 on this map. Both A and B gates are right next to each other where Gate 1 is shown.

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