Singapore F1 Dress Code: What to wear to the Grand Prix

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Singapore F1 fans in the rain

If you’ve got walkabout or grandstand tickets there’s no official Singapore F1 dress code that you need to follow. But you do need to wear the right clothes to prepare for the extreme weather conditions that the Singapore Grand Prix often faces.

If you have a VIP or hospitality ticket then there is a dress code that you should be aware of.

Below is a full guide to what to wear to the Singapore Grand Prix, for fashion and comfort purposes!


Is there a Singapore F1 dress code?

There is no dress code for Singapore F1 Walkabout or Grandstand ticket holders at the Singapore Grand Prix. If you have those tickets then it’s most important to dress for the conditions.

If you have VIP or Hospitality Singapore F1 tickets the dress code for those exclusive areas is Smart Casual. 

Read on for more information on what to wear for all types of ticket holders.

What to wear - Walkabout / Grandstand tickets

Dress for the weather

With no dress code for Walkabout or Grandstand ticket holders, the emphasis is mainly on comfort. There are a couple of things to think about and the first is the weather.

Singapore often sees humidity levels of over 95% during the day and 80% in the evening when the F1 sessions are held. The temperature when the sun sets can still be over 30 degrees Celsius. It will be hot and sweaty like you cannot imagine. If you’re not used to that climate and are flying in for the race weekend then it will be sweaty beyond belief.

Plus it often rains heavily, so you need to be prepared to get wet. It’s worth checking the forecast but this often changes quickly.

Here are some clothing tips and suggestions for the Singapore F1 to help make the conditions as bearable as possible:

  • Wear loose-fitting clothes that hang off your body. Avoid anything that clings to you.
  • Use ‘moisture-management’ or ‘wicking’ technical clothing that moves sweat off your skin.
  • Look for quick-dry sports clothing, often advertised as ‘Dri-fit’.
  • Use technical clothing with built in vents or mesh panels to help breathability.
  • Lightweight, loose linen materials are good.
  • Women’s dresses and tops with cut-outs are good for ventilation.
  • Wear shorts!
  • Light coloured clothing is good if you’re at the track in the daylight hours, but not so important during the night time.
  • Pack lightweight waterproof jackets / ponchos.
  • Pack something waterproof that you can sit on to keep your bum dry on the seats.
  • Pack a small foldable umbrella.
  • Avoid jeans!


The other thing to consider is how much walking you’re likely to be doing. Chances are you’ll be doing tens of thousands of steps a day, so it’s incredibly important to wear something comfortable.

Running trainers with cushioned soles are great. Birkenstocks or other sandals are good for ventilation but not so comfortable for a full day of walking around. Whatever you wear, make sure it’s going to be comfortable.

You should also be prepared for your shoes to get wet and dirty. The rain at the 2022 Singapore GP made the grassy areas incredibly muddy, especially the area in front of the Padang Stage for the headline Singapore F1 concerts. 

Wear something that you don’t mind getting ruined (an old pair of running trainers), or bring an extra pair of sacrificial or waterproof shoes for the rain and mud. Walking boots or small Wellington boots might be an idea.

Picture below of the 2022 Singapore F1 Mud-Bog thanks to @f1faninheels.

Singapore F1 Hospitality Dress Code

Clause 9.6(a) of the Singapore Hospitality terms and conditions states the following:

“All Associated Persons entering the Facility must be at least in smart casual attire. For the avoidance of doubt, open- ended footwear, uncollared shirts, shorts or beach wear are not permitted. SGPPL and/or the Event Organiser reserves the right to refuse or restrict entry to the Facility, and may request the departure from the Facility, of any person SGPPL and/or the Event Organiser deems to be dressed or behaving inappropriately.”

This applies to the Singapore Paddock Club and all other hospitality / VIP areas.

This dress code lists a few specific items that aren’t permitted. These are worth addressing in more detail:

  • Open-ended footwear
    Men should wear closed footwear. Shoes or smart, clean trainers / pumps are fine. Women can wear open strappy sandals, heels or wedges. Flip-flops / slides are not allowed.
  • Uncollared shirts.
    This one’s applicable to the men. They should wear polo shirts or smart casual collared shirts. You can also wear F1 team clothing in the hospitality areas, but are normally asked not to wear it out of respect for the other teams if you’re doing a tour of the pit lane or garages.
  • Shorts
    The Ts&Cs above says shorts aren’t allowed, but in previous years people have worn shorts in the hospitality areas. If you do, make sure they’re very smart chino style shorts. Definitely no denim ones allowed. If you wear trousers, again think lightweight materials, and no jeans.
  • Beach wear
    This one’s fairly obvious. Don’t turn up in your budgy smugglers or bikini!

This dress code applies to all hospitality areas at the Singapore Grand Prix, including the Paddock Club, Sky Suite, Twenty3, Flyer Lounge, Green Room and the Lounge at Turn 3.

If you’re in the Singapore hospitality areas then just think smart casual with a focus on dressing for the conditions. The hospitality areas and lounges will be air conditioned so you can cool off in between outdoor viewing sessions.

F1 Smart Casual clothing ideas

Below are some ideas for smart casual clothing that would keep you in line with the Singapore F1 dress code for the hospitality areas.

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