2024 F1 Singapore Concert Lineup, Tickets, Stages, How to Watch

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

F1 Singapore 2023 concert lineup

The F1 Singapore concert and entertainment lineup is almost as hotly anticipated as the Grand Prix itself. 

With multiple stages dotted around the Marina Bay circuit park there’s plenty of live music to keep you entertained across the whole Singapore Grand Prix weekend.

This guide lists the F1 Singapore concert lineup and timings, provides info on the location of the different stages and what tickets you need to be able to watch the performances.


2024 Singapore GP lineup

The lineup for the 2024 Singapor GP hasn’t been announced yet, but when it has this page will be updated.

Below are the acts from last year’s GP.

2023 F1 Singapore concert lineup

The headline acts have been announced for the 2023 F1 Singapore concerts. These are as follows:

  • Robbie Williams
  • Post Malone
  • Kings of Leon
  • The Cooks
  • Madness
  • Culture Club
  • Groove Armada
  • 88Rising – Jackson Wang, NIKI, Rich Brian, Warren Hue, XG, Bibi, Milli, Atarashi Gakko!

The remaining smaller acts will be announced on the Singapore GP website in the months and weeks leading up to the weekend.

F1 Singapore Concert Headliners Lineup and Timetable 2023
Date Artist Stage Zone Time
Sun 17-Sep '23 Robbie Williams Padang Stage Zone 4 22:25 - 23:35
Kings of Leon Wharf Stage Zone 1 18:50 - 19:30
Madness Wharf Stage Zone 1 16:15 - 17:15
Groove Armada Padang Stage Zone 4 18:00 - 19:15
Sat 16-Sep '23 Post Malone Padang Stage Zone 4 22:25 - 23:45
Kings of Leon Padang Stage Zone 4 19:00 - 20:15
The Kooks Wharf Stage Zone 1 16:30 - 17:30
Culture Club Wharf Stage Zone 1 19:15 - 20:45
Fri 15-Sep '23 88Rising artists Padang Stage Zone 4 19:20 - 23:55

2023 F1 Singapore concert stages & zones

The Singapore Grand Prix circuit park is split in to four different zones. The stages where the live music will play are split between Zone 1 and Zone 4.

Zone 4:

  • Padang Stage – Main stage
  • Downtown Stage – Smaller stage
  • Waterside Stage – Smaller stage

Zone 1:

  • Wharf Stage – Second largest stage
  • Sail Stage – Smaller stage
  • Sunset Stage – Smaller stage

The Singapore GP circuit park map below highlights the location of each of these stages around the Marina Bay track.

Where are the artists performing?

The headline artists above are performing on either the Padang Stage in Zone 4 or the Wharf Stage in Zone 1:

  • Robbie Williams: Padang Stage Zone 4
  • Post Malone: Padang Stage Zone 4
  • Kings of Leon: Wharf Stage Zone 1 & Padang Stage Zone 4
  • Madness: Wharf Stage Zone 1
  • Groove Armada: Padang Stage Zone 4
  • The Cooks: Wharf Stage Zone 1
  • Culture Club: Wharf Stage Zone 1
  • 88Rising artists: Padang Stage Zone 4

For details on how to get to the circuit and to the Padang stage see our guide on the Singapore GP Travel & Entrances.

Concert set times

Below are the set times for the headline performers on each day of the Singapore Grand Prix weekend. The start times for these can vary slightly depending on the duration of the race, qualifying and practice sessions. 

  • Robbie Williams: 22:25 – 23:35 Sunday 17th September after the race has finished. 
  • Post Malone: 22:25 – 23:45 Saturday 16th September after qualifying has finished. 
  • Jackson Wang: 22:00 – 23:55 Friday 15th September

The set times for the smaller artists will be available on the Singapore GP website.

F1 Singapore concert tickets

Only interested in the music

If you’re mainly interested in seeing the live music, the cheapest way to access the venue is to purchase one of the Walkabout tickets. See our full guide to the Singapore GP walkabout tickets for full detailed information on these.

To summarise, there are two types of Walkabout tickets:

  • Premier Walkabout
  • Zone 4 Walkabout

If the artists you want to see are all on the Padang Stage in Zone 4, then you only need to buy a Zone 4 Walkabout ticket. 

These tickets will get you to access to the whole of Zone 4 and all of the trackside viewing areas within it, plus all of the other Zone 4 stages, food and drink outlets, merch stalls and entertainment facilities. You cannot access Zone 1 with these tickets.

If you are keen to see some music on the Wharf Stage in Zone 1, then you need to purchase a Premier Walkabout ticket. This gets you access to all zones within the Marina Bay circuit park, so you can walk between the stages in Zone 1 and Zone 4 as you please.

See our guide to the Singapore F1 tickets for more information.

Racing & music

If you’re keen on watching the racing as well as the F1 Singapore concert then you have other options for grandstand seating.

The Padang Grandstand, Connaught Grandstand and Stamford Grandstand all come with Zone 4 access and are very close to the Padang Stage. You can get to the front of the stage within a couple of minutes from any of these stands to get yourself a great view of the concert.

The Pit Grandstand and Turn 1 Grandstand are right next to the Wharf Stage in Zone 1 and come with full access to the whole circuit park. Bear in mind that walking from the Zone 1 grandstands to the Padang Stage can take 45 minutes after the race.


In 2022 the rain fell hard most days across the Singapore GP weekend. This meant that the grassy area in front of the Padang Stage turned in to a mud-bog during the closing concert after the race.

Thousands of people found themselves ankle-deep in mud with ruined trainers. If you’re going next year, plan on bringing some waterproof boots or shoes you don’t mind getting destroyed! Check out our guide to the Singapore GP dress code for more ideas on what to wear across the weekend.

Thanks to @f1faninheels for the image below.

2022 F1 Singapore concert lineup

The lineup for the Singapore F1 concert in 2022 included the following headliners:

  • Greenday
  • Marshmello
  • Westlife
  • Black Eyed Peas
  • The Kid LAROI
  • TLC
  • Suede

Below is the 2022 timetable for the music and concerts at the Singapore GP. The 2023 timings are likely to be very similar.

Check out the full 2023 Singapore F1 schedule for detailed timings of all on-track action.

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