Turn 2 Grandstand Singapore F1: View, Best Seats & Tickets

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Singapore Turn 2 grandstand view

The Singapore Turn 2 Grandstand has some of the best seats at the Marina Bay street circuit. It’s located on the outside of the second corner, but if you get the right spot you have a perfect view back along the whole start / finish straight.

This guide provides everything you need to know about the Turn 2 Grandstand. It includes example views, tips on where the best seats are and how and where to get your tickets.


Turn 2 Grandstand Singapore - Location

The Turn 2 grandstand is located on the outside (right-hand side) of the Singapore GP circuit layout by turns 1 and 2. 

It’s positioned at 90 degrees to the start / finish straight and the Turn 1 Grandstand that’s directly adjacent to it on the left (as you look at the track).

The grandstand is set back a way from the edge of the track because of the large run-off area on the outside of Turn 1.

Is Turn 2 a good place to sit?

This grandstand is called the Turn 2 grandstand but in fact it’s as much next to Turn 1 as it is Turn 2. This part of the track is at the end of the long start / finish straight which is one of the Singapore DRS zones. This makes Turn 1 a hot spot for overtaking moves as the drivers hit the brakes.

With turns 1 and 2 being tight and technical it means this is also a prime location for any first lap accidents, like we saw with the massive pile-up at the start of the 2017 race.

With guaranteed overtaking and action, plus views that include the whole start / finish straight, in my opinion the Singapore Turn 2 Grandstand is the best place to sit at the Marina Bay street circuit to watch the Grand Prix.

Grandstand details


The Singapore Turn 2 grandstand isn’t covered. It’s completely exposed to the elements. 

If it rains, which it has done many times at the Singapore Grand Prix, then you’ll get wet. So bring some protective clothing; our Singapore GP dress code guide has some tips.


The seats are individual chairs with folding seat bases.

TV Screens

There is one large TV Screen visible from the Turn 2 grandstand. It’s on the other side of the circuit on the inside of Turn 1, behind the Sheares Grandstand. It’s visible from everywhere within the Turn 2 stand.

Singapore F1 Turn 2 Grandstand Tickets

Tickets for the Turn 2 Grandstand can be purchased through the official Singapore GP website. 

  • A 3-day ticket for the 2024 Singapore Grand Prix in the Turn 2 Grandstand costs S$1,388
  • Tickets include complimentary rides on the Singapore Flyer
  • Tickets include access to all Zones (1, 2, 3 & 4) around the circuit. Same a Premier Walkabout ticket with the addition of reserved seats in this grandstand all weekend
  • This is one of the most expensive grandstands at the circuit
  • Tickets include access to all of the Singapore GP concerts across the weekend

See our guide to purchasing Singapore F1 tickets for more information and alternative places to buy.

Selecting your seat

When buying grandstand tickets through the Singapore GP Website you can select the grandstand block number that you want to sit in. You can’t, however, select a specific row or seat numbers.

The booking system will automatically assign you some seats once you’ve selected a block. Once you’ve confirmed your block you can see the seats you’ve been assigned.

Singapore Formula 1 seat selection

If you aren’t keen on the seats you have been assigned you can leave those in your cart, continue shopping and start the process again. Or you can choose a different block to see which seats you’re allocated. You have 10 minutes to complete your transaction or you’ll lose the seats. 

The booking systems gets very busy when the tickets go live. Make sure you keep the first seats you’re assigned in your cart as a backup whilst you try and get some others. There isn’t any guarantee that you’ll be able to get any more before they sell out.

Singapore Turn 2 Grandstand Seating Plan

Below is the seating plan for the Turn 2 grandstand at Singapore. As it shows, block A1 is sandwiched between the Turn 1 and Turn 2 grandstands as it positioned at 45 degrees to both. The main part of the Turn 2 grandstand is blocks A2 to A6.

The grandstand is tiered. The front rows are lower down, almost level with the track. The back rows are higher up.

Turn 2 Grandstand view

From the Turn 2 grandstand you have views of Turns 1, Turn 2 and the entry to Turn 3. Plus if you sit in block A2 or A3 you have a view all the way back down the start / finish straight. The image below shows the areas of the circuit visible from this stand highlighted in pink.

Blocks A2 and A3 are the prime seats in this grandstand. As mentioned they give you a view not just of the first few corners, but the whole start / finish straight and the pit exit as well.

The video below was filmed from block A2, row 12, seat 12. This is the perfect seat to be able to see the whole way back down the start / finish straight.

Normally I’d suggest sitting in the highest rows possible to give you the best vantage point. But if you’re in blocks A2 or A3, sitting in the lowest rows is still good. 

It not only puts you closest to the track but it also means you can see under the bridge that crosses the main straight. That gives you a clear view all the way down to the exit of the final corner.

You will have to look through the safety fence, but you’ll still have a great view. You’ll be able to see less of the pit lane, however. The image below kindly provided by Nancy Lebeau was taken from block A3, row 3, seat 22.

If you sit in row 15 or higher in blocks A2 or A3 the bridge over the main straight is likely to block your view of the whole straight slightly. But row 15 and up will mean you can see over the safety fence.

Blocks A4, A5 and A6 are not in line with the main straight, so you can see less of the cars as they head in to Turn 1. The video below was filmed from block A5 row 13 and shows you can only see a little of the cars as they enter Turn 1.

I don’t think the view from A1 it quite so good for the main straight as it’s blocked slightly by the Turn 1 grandstand to its left, plus it’s set back from the edge of the straight. Sitting higher up helps see over some of the obstacles. Plus if you sit on the left hand side of the stand (lower seat numbers) you’ll have a slightly better angle for a more of a view of the entry to Turn 3. 

Here’s the view from block A1:

In blocks A2 to A6 your view of Turn 3 is pretty limited, as the rest of the stand to your right will block your view. Unless you sit in seat 12 of block A6, then you can look to your right and have an unobstructed view of Turn 3.

The 360 degree image below was taken from block A2 row 4 and shows how the grandstand to the right blocks the view of Turn 3.

Turn 2 Grandstand best seats

Blocks A2 and A3 of the Turn 2 Grandstand are the best places to sit at the Singapore Grand Prix. Sit below row 15 and you have an unobstructed view looking down the whole pit straight.

You’ll be able to see the start and finish of the race, cars leaving the pit lane plus the action at Turns 1 and 2, of which there’s normally lots.

Nearest Entrance & MRT Station

The nearest entrance gate is Gate 1 on Republic Boulevard, close to Nicoll Highway MRT station CC5.

See our full guide on travelling to the Singapore GP for more detail on how to get to the circuit and which entrances to use.

Distance to Padang Stage / Zone 4

The Padang Stage in Zone 4 is where most of the major live music artists will be performing across the weekend. 

Unfortunately the Turn 2 Grandstand is about as far away from there as you can get, and would probably take the best part of 45 minutes to walk there (which in the heat and humidity isn’t fun).

Alternatively you could exit via Gate 1 and take the MRT from Nicoll Highway to City Hall (around 15 minutes, need to change) and re-enter the circuit via Gate 3 close to the Padang Stage.

There is, however, the Wharf Stage in Zone 1 right next to the Turn 2 stand where some of the non-headline artists will be performing.

Check out the Singapore F1 schedule and the Singapore F1 concert lineups to see details and timings for on and off-track activity across the weekend.

Other Singapore Grandstands

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