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Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

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The Singapore F1 Paddock Club is the most exclusive hospitality and VIP experience at the Singapore GP.

It offers high-end clientele an opportunity to get up-close to the Pit Lane action. There’s unlimited food and drink on tap provided by world class chefs served in dining areas directly overlooking the start / finish straight.

But is it worth it? For 20234the Paddock Club Singapore tickets cost over S$11,000 each. 

This article takes a look at what’s included with the Singapore Paddock Club tickets and whether it’s truly a once in a lifetime experience worthy of splashing the cash on.


Where is the Singapore F1 Paddock Club?

The Paddock Club at the Singapore Grand Prix is located in the buildings that run alongside the pit lane and directly above the pit garages.

These are on the inside (left-hand side) of the Singapore GP circuit and extend all the way from the pit-lane entry right down to the pit exit.

It’s directly adjacent to the start and finish lines, giving ticket holders some of the best seats in the house for both the beginning and end of the race. You’re perfectly place right next to the podium to watch the race winner lift the Singapore GP trophy at the end of the night.

This straight is also one of the Singapore DRS Zones, so it’s a great place to see some overtaking action during the race.

The Paddock Club is a multi-storey building with different levels offering a variety of hospitality experiences and viewing options. Read on for more information on these.

Paddock Club Singapore tickets

How much is the Singapore F1 Paddock Club?

Tickets for the 2024 Singapore F1 Paddock Club cost just over S$11,000 per person for a full 3-day weekend pass. Cheaper tickets could be purchased if you wanted to go for just 1 or 2 days.

Where to buy tickets?

Paddock Club Singapore tickets can be purchased through the official Singapore Grand Prix website, after consulting with their hospitality team. You can also find them on the official Formula 1 tickets website.

The Singapore GP also has a number of official ticket resellers listed here. Some of these offer hospitality and Paddock Club tickets as well. If the official sites are sold out then it’s worth trying some of these third-party resellers as they may have a few remaining.

See our page on Singapore F1 tickets for more info.

F1 Experiences

The Paddock Club hospitality package is available at all races on the F1 calendar. At almost every race, the package is presented and managed by F1 Experiences to ensure a consistent offering is provided across the season.

However, at the Singapore GP the Paddock Club is managed by the Singapore GP themselves. This has its benefits as it means there’s a wider and more bespoke selection of food and drink offerings. The bars serve beer, wine, champagne, cocktails, spirits and whiskey.

Circuit Access

For clarity, a Paddock Club ticket is not the same as a Paddock Pass.

A Paddock Pass gets you access to the F1 paddock and garages where the teams, drivers and F1 cars are.  To get a Paddock Pass you have to know the right people at the circuit or in the F1 teams. They are not available for purchase publicly.

Unfortunately the Paddock Club tickets don’t quite give you the same level of access. With these you can access the hospitality and exclusive viewing areas, plus you can do pit lane walks at various times across the weekend.

You cannot go in the Paddock area itself, but from the second floor of the pit lane building you have a great view directly overlooking the paddock where you can catch a glimpse of the teams and drivers.

See 3:48 in the video below for an example of the view. This whole video provides a great insight in to the Paddock Club experience.

With a Paddock Club ticket you also have access to the whole circuit park. This means you can go for a walk in any of the Zones to experience the atmosphere and views from different parts of the track. Read our guide to the Singapore Walkabout areas for more info on the best spots to view from trackside.

You can also watch the headline music performers in the Singapore F1 concerts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings on the Padang Stage. To get there it’s a 45 minute walk around the track after the race has finished.

Can you meet F1 Drivers?

You won’t have any pre-arrange driver meetings at the Paddock Club, but if you get lucky you may be able to bump in to one or two of them during the Pit Lane Walk. See more information on that below.

Plus you’ll be able to see them in the paddock from the second floor, as shown above. 


If you’re driving to the circuit there’s a dedicated parking area for Paddock Club ticket holders near the circuit. Previously it was at the National Stadium, and from there dedicated shuttle buses would drive you in to the circuit and drop you off at the Paddock Club.

Experiences & Entertainment

What sets the Paddock Club aside from all other hospitality offerings at the Singapore GP are the exclusive experiences. The best of these is the Pit Lane Walk.

At numerous scheduled times across the weekend you’ll be led on a guided tour of the pit lane. You won’t be able to go in to the pit garages, but you can walk directly between the pit stop boxes and the pit wall. Often you can see the teams practicing their pitstops and you’re never more than a couple of feet away from them.

Some of the more low-key entertainment options in the Singapore F1 Paddock Club include a couple of live music stages, a Spa, Tarot reading, water marbling, a photo booth and lots more.

Food & Drink

At the Paddock Club all food and drink is included with your ticket. The Singapore Paddock Club has countless world-class chefs and restaurants providing food and drinks for guests all weekend.

In the past these have included Hind’s Head (Heston Blumenthal’s restaurant), NOBU, Jean Georges, Rockpool, Tarte, Wolgang Puck and Como Dempsey.

The quality and quantity of food on offer is just incredible. You will eat and drink like kings and queens all weekend.

Singapore F1 Paddock Club Areas

In previous years the Paddock Club has had a number of different exclusive areas within it.

  • There’s an outdoor area known as The Garden which has a live music stage, seating, a bar, F1 cars and art pieces on display.
  • On the ground floor and first floor of the Paddock Club building are a number of different restaurants and bars.
  • On the second and third floor there are a range of different suites. Some of these are for guests of specific F1 teams and sponsors only, others are accessible to all Paddock Club ticket holders.
  • On the top floor of the Paddock Club building is the Sky Bar. This is an uncovered roof terrace with amazing panoramic views. You can see everything from the final corner to the first turn, plus the whole pit lane. There’s probably no better place to watch the start of the race than from up here.
  • There is also a private grandstand on the inside of Turn 1.

The video below is a great look at some of these different areas. Here are some useful timestamps:

0:21 – Parking and Shuttle transportation

1:55 – Restaurants and view

2:45 – Skybar roof terrace

3:35 – The Garden

3:50 – Pitlane Walk

4:40 – Private grandstand

5:12 – View from second floor

Singapore Paddock Club Dress Code

The dress code at the Paddock Club Singapore is smart casual.

Read our full guide to the Singapore dress code for more information and some examples of what to wear.

Is it worth it?

With the popularity of F1 exploding over the last few years ticket prices for everything to do with the sport have gone up. And the Singapore Paddock Club is no exception.

You can’t deny that it costs a LOT of money. But as this experience is managed by the Singapore GP themselves, it offers you one of the most unique and bespoke Formula 1 hospitality offerings not just in Singapore, but anywhere in the world.

The food and drink on offer from a range of world class chefs are perhaps one of the highlights of this package. As is the pit lane walk.

If you’re a foodie and an F1 fan and have a chunk of money burning a hole in your pocket, then buying a ticket for the Singapore F1 Paddock Club is a great way to indulge in the sport in absolute luxury.

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