Bahrain GP Dress Code & Style Guide: What to wear to the F1

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Bahrain GP dress code and style guide for the F1

Heading to the Bahrain Grand Prix? You’re probably wondering what to wear.

Below is information on the dress code at the Bahrain Formula 1 race, plus some other tips, advice and inspiration on what to wear for a day (or weekend) at the track.

Is there a dress code at the Bahrain Grand Prix?

For people with grandstand tickets, there is no formal dress code imposed by the Bahrain circuit. However, you should be mindful of the Bahraini culture and think about dressing appropriately. More on that in the section below.

If you have VIP or hospitality tickets you need to follow a smart casual dress code.

There is more information on the VIP dress code, with some outfit examples, lower down this page.

Bahrain culture and clothing

If you’ve ever been to Abu Dhabi or Dubai then a very similar principle applies to visitors of Bahrain; dress conservatively. Tourists are not expected to follow the traditional Muslim ­dress code which includes long robes and head coverings, but you need to be respectful of it.

For women, that means avoiding wearing anything that’s too revealing. You can wear skirts and dresses and have your legs and arms exposed, but don’t go for anything too short, skimpy or revealing.

Men can wear shorts and t-shirts. Ideally the shorts would be around knee length and you’d avoid tank tops or vest tops.

Dress for the weather

The Bahrain Grand Prix is held at the end of February / start of March which is one of the coolest parts of the year.

Average temperatures in Bahrain for these months:

  • February: High 22°C / Low 15°C
  • March: High 25°C / Low 18°C

It’s likely to be pretty warm and if there’s no breeze at the track it can feel hot during the day.

Luckily all the F1 sessions are held in the late afternoon / evening once the sun’s set, so you’ll be watching the action in the cooler parts of the day. See the full Bahrain F1 schedule for more details of the race weekend timings.

That being said, it can get a little chilly in the evenings once the sun’s set so bear that in mind too, especially if you’re planning on attending the Bahrain after-race music concerts.

Here’s some tips on what to wear to the Bahrain GP for non-VIP ticket holders:

  • Wear shorts and t-shirts to keep cool during the day, but long trousers can keep you warmed in the evening
  • Bring a spare top or t-shirt to change in to later on in the day
  • Wearing loose, lightweight clothing is better for air flow and cooling. Linen materials are the lightest and coolest.
  • Dri-fit technical sports clothing can help reduce sweat build up
  • Long loose dresses are a great way for women to keep cool
  • Bring warmer layers for the late afternoon / evening when it can get a little chilly
  • Wear a hat and sunglasses and bring sunscreen
  • Comfortable shoes (inevitably you’ll do a good bit of walking)

Bahrain GP outfit ideas

Here are some examples of what to wear to the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Melbourne Formula 1 hospitality - smart casual

The dress code for the hospitality and VIP areas at the Bahrain Grand Prix is smart casual.

The areas where this dress code applies are mainly the Paddock Club and Champions club. In other hospitality areas like The Dome dressing correctly isn’t usually as important.

Dressing as stylishly as possible is always encouraged.

Here are some tips on smart casual clothing for the F1:

  • Smart trousers (chinos or smart jeans) or tailored shorts are ok. Avoid wearing jean shorts.
  • Men should wear a collared polo or dress shirt.
  • All shoes need to be clean, and smart trainers are fine.
  • Avoid casual sandals or flip flops. Women, however, can wear smarter sandals such as Birkenstocks or heeled sandals / wedges
  • Women can wear dress, skirts or trousers, but just be mindful of not showing too much skin.
  • Don’t wear any gym clothing, tracksuits, beach or pool wear.
  • F1 team / driver clothing is welcomed.
  • Avoid any clothing with rude / inappropriate slogans or logos.

The above are just some guidelines. It’s unlikely you’ll ever be turned away (unless you wear something outrageous) but it’s good to be mindful of what you should be wearing.

Below are some examples of smart casual clothing at the Bahrain F1:

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