2024 Brands Hatch Hospitality Guide – Boxes, Suites & VIP Options

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Brands Hatch hospitality guide

Brands Hatch is one of the best circuits in the UK to be a spectator at. If you want the very best seat in the house or are looking to organise a corporate day out, there are lots of Brands Hatch hospitality options which will be of interest to you.

In this article we explore all of the different options for hospitality boxes, suites and VIP experiences at Brands Hatch. Some are provided by Brand Hatch themselves, others are offered by private companies.


Hospitality suite locations

Hospitality options at Brands Hatch are either supplied by Motorsport Vision (the circuit owners) themselves, or by private companies that lease and manage some of the hospitality suites.

Depending on which option you go for, the hospitality suites will be in one of three locations around the Indy circuit:

  • Brabham Stewart building
  • Director’s terrace
  • MSV centre

The Braham Stewart building is located towards the end of the start / finish straight on the outside of the circuit, overlooking the entry for the first corner Paddock Hill Bend.

The Director’s terrace is attached to the end of the Brabham Stewart building, almost directly in line with the start / finish line.

The MSV centre is located at the other end of the start finish straight, right on the outside of the exit of the final corner Clearways (or Clark Curve, depending on which circuit configuration is in use).

There are no hospitalty suites or boxes around the additional Grand Prix circuit. Viewing this section is best done on a TV in one of the suites below!

MSV Brands Hatch hospitality packages

There are 6 different hospitality options at Brands provided by Motorsport Vision. Availability of these depends on the Brands Hatch event that you are attending.

  • Platinum hospitality package – MSV centre
  • Gold hospitality package – Brabham Stewart Building
  • Silver hospitality package – MSV centre
  • Director’s terrace – Adjacent to the Brabham Stewart Building
  • Trackside lounge – Brabham Stewart Building
  • Superview – Brabham Stewart Building

Platinum Hospitality Package - MSV Centre

The Platinum Hospitality package is the most premium hospitality package offered by Brands Hatch. It is located in the MSV centre and allows guests to view the action from either the air conditioned hospitality suite or the open air terrace when the weather is good.

There is no requirement to book a minimum number of guests, so you and your party would be sharing the area with others. The full list of details about what this packages includes is below, along with the events that the package can be purchased at this year.

Costs: The cheapest Platinum hospitality ticket is £180 per person, at the first BTCC round.

How to book: Call Brands Hatch on 01474 875224

MSV platinum hospitality package
MSV platinum package events
MSV centre building and rooftop terrace
MSV centre at Brands Hatch

Gold Hospitality Package - Brabham Stewart Building

The Gold hospitality package is held within the Brabham Stewart building, in the suites overlooking the end of the main straight and Paddock Hill Bend. They have an amazing view of almost the whole circuit, the only part not visible is the top of Druids as the cars go behind the trees briefly. The rest of the corners on the Indy circuit are in full view. Arguably this is the best view point at the whole circuit. 

At major events there’s often a huge TV screen directly opposite these suites in South Bank car park, which along with the TVs in the suite, make for good additional viewing.

There is no outdoor viewing option with the Gold package, just from inside the hospitality suite looking out the large windows. The Gold package has a minimum booking requirement of 20 guests, and can accommodate up to 65 people. The full list of details about what this packages includes is below, along with the events that the package can be purchased at this year.

Cost: The cheapest Gold hospitality ticket is £120 per person, with a minimum number of 20 guests required.

How to book: Call Brands Hatch on 01474 875224

MSV gold hospitality package at Brands Hatch
MSV gold hospitality package at Brands Hatch
MSV MSV gold hospitality suite at Brands

Silver Hospitality Package - MSV Centre

Back in the MSV centre, the Silver hospitaility package offers the same features as the Platinum package, just with a couple of differences:

  • Two course lunch only (platinum is 3 course)
  • Pay bar (platinum is free bar)

Again there is no minimum number of guests required to be able to book this package. The full package details and the race events it can be booked at are below.

Cost: The cheapest Silver hospitality ticket is £89 per person at the British Truck Racing event.

How to book: Call Brands Hatch on 01474 875224

SIlver hospitality package at Brands Hatch
SIlver hospitality package at Brands Hatch

Director's Terrace - Brabham Stewart Building

The director’s terrace is an open balcony area that seats up to 40 people. It is attached to the end of the Brabham Stewart building and is pretty much directly in line with the start-finish line, providing one of the best views of any startline action that occurs. There is outdoor seating, covered by large sun shades, and access to a café and bar within the Brabham Stewart building next door.

There is no minimum numbers of guests required to access the Director’s terrace.  It seems to be available at most headline events throughout the year.

Cost: Prices for a Director’s Terrace ticket seem to start at around £60 per person.

How to book: Select the event you are interested in attending on the Brands Hatch website, and scroll to the ‘Upgrade your ticket’ section of the event page. If this option is available for your event, it will show here.

Directors terrace at Brands Hatch

If this option is showing as available, to purchase these tickets go through the booking process. Stage 4 of the booking process ‘Optional Extras’ will show that you can purchase Director’s terrace tickets if there are some still available.

Note – the cost of the Director’s terrace ticket doesn’t include general admission tickets. These must be purchased as well.

How to book VIp tickets at Brands Hatch

Trackside Lounge - Brabham Stewart Building

The Trackside lounge package is only available at selected headline events. It is similar to the Gold package, being in one of the boxes in the Brabham Stewart building. However the difference is that there is no minimum number of guests required to book a place on the package.

It comes with a cold buffet lunch and admission to the circuit is included in a trackside lounge ticket (unless you buy the ‘upgrade’ trackside lounge package which is cheaper and requires you to buy your own admission ticket.

Cost: Trackside Lounge tickets are around £150 per person, depending on event.

How to book: Tickets for the Trackside lounge hospitality are purchased in Stage 4 of the online booking process.

Trackside lounge full package for race events
Brabham Stewart VIP suite at Brands Hatch

Superview - Brabham Stewart Building

Similar to the trackside lounge package however much cheaper as it doesn’t include a full lunch, only tea, coffee and biscuits. It also does not include the general admission ticket which you have to purchase as well.

There is no minimum number of guests required to make a booking, making this the cheapest MSV Brands Hatch hospitality option. For not much more than a premier grandstand seat you can have an even better view and complete shelter from the elements – not a bad deal.

Cost: Superview tickets start at around £40 per person depending on the race event.

How to book: Superview tickets can be purchased in Stage 4 of the online booking process.

Note – the cost of the Superview ticket doesn’t include general admission tickets. These must be purchased as well.

Superview VIP package at Brands Hatch

Brands Hatch hospitality - private suites

In addition to the hospitality boxes and suites provided by MSV above, there are a number of private companies offering hospitality at Brands. These are all located in the Brabham Stewart building, in suites either on the ground floor or higher floors. 

Below are the companies that we know are actively offering Brands Hatch hospitality, They are all very open to working with customers to meet their needs, so the specific pacakges they offer can be tailored to every client’s request. So rather than try and list everything they offer, below is a bried overview and a link to their websites for more info and contact details.

If you offer hospitality at Brands but are not on the list below, get in touch and we’ll update it.

Redline Hospitality

Website link

Redline Hospitality offers a suite on the first floor of the Brabham Stewart building with wonderful views of the circuit. They can cater for everyone from individuals up to groups, offering all-inclusive hospitality on the big race events from £120pp. On the smaller race meetings the whole suite is also available for hire.

Run by a team who have all worked, lived and breathed motorsport for a number of years their suite will provide a relaxed and formal environment where you’ll be surrounded by like-minded racing enthusiasts.

The suite is currently undergoing a refurbishment for the start of the 2023 season and the image below will be updated once it’s complete.

Redline hospitality brands hatch

The Perfect View

Website link

Two adjacent suites available on the first floor of the Brabham Stewart building. One suite (C20) is the corner suite with one of the most amazing views of the whole circuit. The other is C19 the next one along, still with a great view, just without the corner window. C20 is newly refurbished so that, combined with the view, makes it the more expensive of the two options.

A minimum of15 guests are required to book the suites, and a maximum of 20. Available during both major events and smaller club events.

The Perfect View hospitality suite at Brands Hatch

Grid Hospitality

Website link

Grid Hospitality have three suites to offer at Brands Hatch, all on the ground floor of the Brabham Stewart building and each with their own private patio / deck around which goes right down to the circuit edge.

They have a few different packages of their own; Gold Hospitality which is a full VIP hospitaliy package at major events, and the Trackside Lounge Hospitality which is for Saturday and club events.

In addition, Grid specialise in behind-the-scences raceday tours and for this they offer a Platinum pacakge. This is the ultimate VIP experience at Brands Hatch race weekend, with an opportunity to get closer than ever to the teams, competitors and the circuit itself.

Below is a screenshot of what this consisted of for a round of the BSB in 2022.

Stopwatch hospitality decking area at Brands Hatch

The Automotive Suite

Website link

Just one suite for hire, and this is another corner suite but this time on the first floor so again some of the most incredible views of the whole circuit. This is one of the most recently refurbished suites of all of them.

The Automotive Suite / box


Website link

Two ground floor suites available at all race weekends, both for major events and smaller club events. Whilst these may be on the ground floor so don’t have quite the same vantage point as the two suites above, they do have private external four-tiered decking which leads right to the edge of the circuit. So on a nice day you are able to get even closer to the action and enjoy the catering and a drink in the sun whilst you watch the racing kick off right in front of you.

Also available for mid-week hire for corporate use and business meetings.

Racingevents.info brands hatch suite

V8 Hospitality

Website link

One suite located on the second floor of the Brabham Stewart building, slightly closer to the start / finish line than the end suites above, and with a great view overlooking the pitlane. The suite is available for full weekends during major events and club events. For exclusive hire they normally require a minimum of 17 guests.

Amphitheatre Hospitality

Website link

One ground floor suite, suite A6, in the Brabham Stewart Building. It can accomodate up to 36 guests, and being on the ground floor you also get exclusive use of the 4-tiered outdoor terrace which directly overlooks the start finish line. and business meetings.

Exact prices depend on the race weekend and package, but per person prices usually start at £100 per day and include the following:

  • Entry tickets to the track and suite
  • Hospitality Car Parking (Yellow Car Park)
  • Tea, Coffee, Fruit Juices, and Soft Drinks
  • Breakfast on Arrival (Bacon and Sausage Baps)
  • Buffet Lunch
  • Complimentary bar serving beers, wines, and spirits.
Amphitheatre hospitality at Brands Hatch

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