2023 Donington Park Events Calendar – All headline & club events

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Donington park events calendar

Some of the UK and Europe’s most prestigious racing series will again head to Donington Park in 2023. Make sure you don’t miss any of these dates with our downloadable 2023 Donington Park events calendar which you can find in this article.


what races take place at Donington Park?

In 2023 there is a good line up and variety of race events which are taking place at Donington. The biggest of these are two rounds of the British Touring Car Championship, two rounds of the the British Superbike Championship and one round of the FIM World Superbike Championship.

In addition to the headline events there are a huge number of club events held at Donington. Racing clubs such as the 750MC, CSCC,  BRSCC, No Limits and more all hold multiple events on both the National and GP circuits throughout the year.

Formula 1 does not race at Donington anymore. F1 only took place at Donington once in 1993 when Senna completed his incredible lap of the gods at the start of the race.

If you are heading to Donington as a spectator, driver or team member, make sure you check out our complete guide to Donington Park circuit before you go.

Formula E Donington Park

When the Formula E series first came about, it was mandatory for the teams to be based at Donington from 2014 to 2017. This is where the headquarters of the championship was, and also the workshop spaces for the 10 initial teams.

For the first few years pre-season testing was conducted at Donington. However the fast, flowing circuit was not very representative of most of the tracks the series raced on which were almost all street circuits. By the end of 2017 a number of teams had vacated their workshops at Donington and moved elsewhere.

Formula E does not race at Donington Park, and whilst the headquarters are based there now most teams have moved elsewhere.

2023 events - headline races

In 2023 the headline Donington Park events take place across both the National and Grand Prix circuit layouts. Some of these visit the track just once, whilst others have two rounds at Donington.

Below is a list of the headline racing events and their dates in 2023. You will see that this list contains a mixture of the pure racing events and more car show orientated events such as Tunerfest, which will have some on-track action as well as a lot of off-track entertainment in the paddock area.

At the bottom of this page is a downloadable Donington Park 2023 events calendar which you can import in to your phone or computer calendar so you never miss an event.

  • Dukeries motor club stage rally: Sun 12 March
  • British Superbike Championship pre-season testing (GP): Sat 25 – Sun 26 March
  • Masters race weekend (National): Fri 7 – Sat 8 April
  • British Touring Car Championship (National): Sat 22 – Sun 23 April
  • Donington Historic Festival (National): Sat 29 – Sun 30 Apr
  • British Superbike Championship (GP): Fri 19 – Sun 21 May
  • British GT Championship (GP): Sat 27 – Sun 28 May
  • FIM Superbike World Championship (GP): Fri 30 June – Sun 2 July
  • Convoy in the Park Truck racing (National): Sat 12 – Sun 13 August
  • Tunerfest Midlands: Sun 20 August
  • British Touring Car Championship (GP): Sat 26 – Sun 27 August
  • British Superbike Championship (National): Fri 29 September – Sun 1 October
  • British GT and GB3 Championships (GP): Sat 21 – Sun 22 October

In the downloadable calendar these headline events are shown in brown.

Headline calendar events at Donington park

2023 events - club races

As well as the headline events above, the 2023 calendar for Donington is full of club events on most other weekends throughout the year.

Below is the list of these events which are also included in the downloadable calendar lower down this page.

  • GT Cup and MSVR car championships (National): Sat 1 – Sun 2 April
  • 750MC car championships (National): Mon 10 April
  • MSVR car championships (National): Sat 15 – Sun 16 April
  • No Limits bike championships (National): Sat 6 – Sun 7 May
  • NG Road Racing bike championships: Sat 13 – Sun 14 May
  • BMCRC bike championships: Sat 3 – Sun 4 June
  • BRSCC car championships (GP): Sat 17 – Sun 18 June
  • Historic Sports Car Club championships: Sat 24 – Sun 25 June
  • Pre ’66 Classic Sports and GT Cars: Sat 8 July
  • Vintage Motorsport Festival: Sun 9 July
  • MSVR car championships (National): Sat 15 – Sun 15 July
  • Britcar Championship (GP): Sat 22 July
  • CRMC Classic Motorcycle Festival: Sat 29 – Sun 30 July
  • CSCC car championships: Sat 5 – Sun 6 August
  • Caterham Festival: Sat 2 – Sun 3 September
  • TCR UK Championship (National): Sat 9 to Sun 10 September
  • GT Cup and MSVR car championships (GP): Sat 16 – Sun 17 September
  • 750MC car championships (GP): Sat 23 – Sun 24 September
  • No Limits bike championships (GP): Sat 7 – Sun 8 October
  • British Endurance and Classic Touring Car championships (GP): Sat 14 – Sun 15 October
  • Dukeries Stage Rally: Sun 3 December

In our downloadable Donington Park calendar these club events are shown in yellow.

Britcar championship / Classic motorcycle festival / HSCC car championship race dates at Donington Park

other non-race events

In addition to the motorsport events listed above there are also track days and testing days that take place at Donington. Often these are on weekdays, sometimes on weekday evenings in the summer. Track days that take place on weekends are usually slightly more expensive.

Donington Park calendar for 2023

I have put together a downloadable calendar which includes all of the above events at Donington, both headline and club events. Just so you die-hard race fans never stand a chance of missing any of your favourite events throughout the year.

Donington Park 2023 events calendar showing the World Superbike championship race weekend

You can download this calendar to use on your PC or phone. Add you email address in the box below, hit send and it will be in your inbox in a jiffy. 

enter your details below for the donington park 2023 events calendar

If you have an Android device importing this calendar in to your own is fairly simple. If you have an Apple phone there are instructions here on how to import Google calendar data to an iPhone, iPad or Apple computer.

Each of the headline event entries includes a list of the support series that are racing and a link to the relevant web page for more info and booking details.

Below is the webpage version of this calendar with the same information in it. First entries are in March 2023.

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