The 3 Grand Prix Max Verstappen fans MUST attend in 2024

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Verstappen selfies with F1 fans

Max Verstappen became a three-time Formula 1 World Champion this season, but his unrelenting dominance led a number of F1 fans to root for the other drivers on the grid.

However, the Dutchman still has an incredibly strong and vocal fanbase. If you’re one of them, there are three Grand Prix in particular that you’ll want to attend in 2024.

A dominant year

Max Verstappen was beyond dominant in this year’s FIA Formula 1 championship. He ended up with over double the number of points of his teammate and second-place finisher Segio Perez, meaning Max could have won the season twice over.

Verstappen had a record breaking year, amassing a total of 19 wins out of a possible 22. This near-white wash gave him the highest number of victories within a Formula One season ever.

But his winning became boring. Fans of the sport wanted to see closely contested races where any number of drivers stood a chance of winning a Grand Prix. Max’s unbelievable pace and consistency meant that his winning was a foregone conclusion, and many fans pledged their allegiance to drivers other than the Dutchman.

Verstappen's die-hard fanbase

However, with every race he won, Max’s hardcore Dutch fans only sang his name louder and supported him even more resiliently. As did millions of other #33 fans across the world, in awe of their unbeatable driver.

There are three Grand Prix on the F1 calendar in particular where Verstappen’s fans are out in force. If you’re at one of those races and are supporting a different driver, then you’re very much in the minority. 

These are three Grand Prix that you must attend next year if you’re a Max Verstappen fan.

#3 - Belgian Grand Prix - Spa Francorchamps

This year over 380,000 fans attended the three-day Belgian Grand Prix at Spa Francorchamps. Of those, a huge number were Dutch fans who’d made the short trip across the border from their home country. Max’s mother is Belgian too, so it’s very much a home-from-home for him.

There’s a massive grandstand dedicated to Max’s travelling fans, known as the Orange Army. The Max Verstappen tribune is a sea of orange, crammed full of partying, singing and cheering MV33 fans.

Camping at Spa is just as wild. The Dutch fans are renowned for setting up big campsites with makeshifts bars, DJ booths and hot tubs. Don’t expect much sleep, but do expect to have a wild time partying with the most hardcore Verstappen fans out there.

The 2024 Belgian Grand Prix will be no different, and is a must-attend race for any fans of the Dutchman.

Daniel Ricciardo is the ever-smiling, ever-popular Aussie who returned to the grid this year. That no doubt increased his visibility and helped boost his follower count, which rose by over 1 million this season taking him close to 9 million total followers.

Fernando Alonso completed his 20th season in Formula 1, having switched to Aston Martin for the year. And what a move that turned out to be. His early season form saw 6 podiums from the first 8 races. That returned him to the spotlight and helped his follower count increase by over 1.6 million in 2023.

#2 - Austrian Grand Prix - Red Bull Ring

It’s not Max’s home race but it is Red Bull’s. The energy drink giant is based in Austria and the track even bears their name.

There are 5 grandstands dedicated to Verstappen fans, and they’ll be covered in a smog of orange flare smoke throughout the entire weekend. All the other stands will have just as many Verstappen fans in them.

The Spielberg circuit is also Max’s most successful. He’s raced there 11 times, taking 8 podiums finishes of which 5 were wins. So statistically there’s a high chance that there’ll be something for the Orange Army to cheer about.

#1 - Dutch Grand Prix - Zandvoort

The Dutchman’s home race at the Zandvoort circuit is undoubtedly the #1 Grand Prix that all Verstappen fans need to attend.

The whole circuit is a sea of orange, every grandstand is packed with tangerine t-shirts and jackets and you very much feel in the minority if you dare support anyone else.

DJs are located within the spectator areas and keep the music pumping all weekend long. Come rain or shine the Dutch fans never relent in their singing, cheering and support for their countryman.

And why wouldn’t they? Max Verstappen has won all three of the Dutch Grand Prix since Zandvoort returned to the calendar in 2021. Go to Zandvoort to see if he can make it four-from-four in 2024, and revel in the sea of orange with all of his other fans.

Alex Gassman

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