Spa Francorchamps Camping: Complete Guide to F1 Campsites

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Spa Francorchamps camping during the F1 Grand Prix

Camping at Spa Francorchamps for the Belgian Grand Prix is one of the best ways to soak up the atmosphere, make the most of your time at the GP and avoid some of the traffic chaos that surrounds the circuit after the race.

There’s a lot of Spa Francorchamps camping options for the Grand Prix weekend. The circuit offers a number of official campsites plus there’s a handful of private campgrounds near to the track.

This article provides a guide to all of the different Spa F1 camping options. Whether you want to party hard with the crazy Dutch fans all through the night or relax with your family in the evenings there’s an option for you. Just keep your fingers crossed for some good weather!


official Spa Francorchamps camping options

For the Belgian Grand Prix there are four official campsites offered through the Spa Grand Prix website:

  1. Green camping
  2. Yellow camping
  3. Young Village
  4. Camping Masta

Buying tickets for any of these official campsite does NOT get you access to the circuit. You also have to buy individual general admission tickets or grandstand tickets to get in to the track.


The following applies to all official campsites listed above:

  • There are no electric hookups 
  • There are no water hookups or taps
  • There is no waste disposal area for motorhomes or caravans

campsite times

All campsites open at 08:00am on Thursday and close at 11:00am on Monday after the race.

A lot of people tend to leave on the Sunday evening but if you don’t need to get anywhere stay the final night and avoid the post-race traffic jams.

Check out the Spa F1 timetable for information on spectator gate opening times.

food and drink

You can bring your own food and drink in to the official campsites, including alcohol. And I definitely recommend bringing as many supplies as you can fit in your car to last you the whole weekend.

You’re not allowed to take alcohol out of the campsite and in to the circuit. Once inside the track you can buy drink from the (expensive) bars.

camp grounds

All campsites are on grassy fields that aren’t likely to be particularly flat, so bring some levelling pads if you’re in a motorhome. In the dry they’re fine but if it rains heavily they’ll turn in to a mud bog, just like in 2021 and to a lesser extent in 2023. So also bring some wellies or other waterproof shoes just in case!

The two images below were from the Green campsite in 2023.

1 - Green camping Spa Francorchamps

The biggest, most popular and most lively campsite at Spa. I went here during the 2023 Belgian Grand Prix and I’d sta here next time. But I wouldn’t expect to get much sleep!

campsite location

The green campsite is located on the outside of the circuit next to Les Combes, Malmedy and Bruxelles corners.

It’s right next to the Les Combes spectator entrance so depending exactly where in the campsite you’re based it’s only a very short walk to get to the circuit. It’s also next to the Spa Green parking area. 

nearest viewing areas

If you’re looking at getting a grandstand seat there are a couple of grandstands right next to green camping area and the Les Combes entrance:

Additionally you’re well positioned to walk to some of the other grandstands slightly further around the track:

The Green Spa Francorchamps camping area is also great for the Bronze general admission viewing zones around Pouhon, Speed Corner, Bruxelles, Les Combes and the end of the Kemmel Straight.

Below is a drones-eye view of the green campsite, right next to the circuit.


When you buy tickets for the camping area you are given a vehicle pass to show on entry to the campsite. You don’t normally get individual wristbands. So you could probably get away with driving in to the campsite, setting your camp up and then another friend or two arriving on foot to join you.

The green area camping tickets are for 4 nights – Thursday to Sunday.

Tent camping

Tickets for the Green Spa F1 tent camping area are purchased directly through the Spa Grand Prix website.

The 2024 prices are as follows:

You need to buy tickets depending on how many people are in your camping group. Each pitch comes with one car parking space.

If you’re in a good size group think about how best to buy the tickets. For example if there’s 6 of you split in to 2 cars there’s a few ways you could split it:

  • 1x 20m pitch, 2 people, 200 Euros + 1 x 40m pitch, 4 people, 400 Euros = 600 Euros and 60m total
  • 1x 20m pitch, 1 person, 150 Euros + 1 x 40m pitch, 5 people, 350 Euros = 600 Euros and 60m total

Or if you want a little more space for a bit more money:

  • 2x 40m pitch, 3 people, 350 Euros = 700 Euros, 80m total

For the same price you could buy 1x 70m pitch, 8 people, 700 Euros however that will still only come with one car parking space.

The pitches aren’t very clearly marked out and you’re normally just guided in to a space by a marshal when you arrive. 

There’s no guarantee you’ll get the exact size of pitch you purchased, so I’d go for the cheaper option and the slightly smaller pitch and then just try and claim as much space as possible as soon as you set up camp.

You can set up as many tents as you want as long as they fit in your pitch.

Motorhome camping

Prices for green camping pitches are slightly different if you’re arriving in a motorhome or caravan. Spa gives specific dimensions for the standard size of vehicle allowed and anything over that will incur an extra cost. 

In reality you’re unlikely to get an extra charge unless you turn up in an artic lorry (which people do!).


There is a glamping option in the Spa green campsite. It includes a pre-erected bell tent with matresses, pillows, sleeping bags and and electrical connection.

Glamping prices for 4 people sharing one tent start at 980 Euros for the four day weekend. These can be booked via the official website or the website who manage the Green camping are glamping.

toilets / showers

There are temporary toilets (portaloos) in the campsite that don’t get cleaned out often enough so by the end of the weekend they can be a bit nasty. Bring your own toilet roll!  If you enter the circuit you can usually find nicer toilets.

There are temporary showers on the campsite that cost 2 Euros each time, but have been pretty good in recent years.

food and drink

There are some small food and drink stands in the campsite close to the Les Combes circuit entrance, as well as a couple of small bars that sell alcohol.

Make sure you bring more than enough food, drink and water to last the weekend. Plus bringing your own food means you can treat yourself to something that isn’t chips.

In 2023 some of the campers were actually offering food and drink for sale as well.

bbqs and fires

BBQs and fires are allowed in the green campsite as long as they’re raised up off the floor.


New for 2023 was a good sized supermarket within the Green campsite. This had all the essentials for camping and I was was surprised at how good the selection of fresh food was.

camping atmopshere

The green Spa F1 camping area is wild. Largely full of partying Dutch Max Verstappen fans, don’t expect to get much sleep if you stay here. But do expect to get sick of the sound of Eurobeat and Dutch folk music playing right through the early hours of the morning!

Some of the camp setups you see will blow your mind. People will build makeshift hot tubs, they’ll turn artic lorries in to DJ booths and marquees in to full blown nightclubs. 

There’ll be bars, BBQs, fire pits and even people with Doner kebabs on a rotisserie. It’ll be like nothing you’ve seen before (unless you’ve camped at the Nurburgring 24 hours).

The video below from 2022 gives an awesome insight in to a weekend at the green Spa Francorchamps camping area. Here’s a few useful timestamps:

  • 3:45 – toilets
  • 8:10 – nightclub
  • 8:55 – showers
  • 15:50 to 19:30 – Friday night atmosphere (party time!)

2 - Yellow camping Spa Francorchamps

A quieter campsite designed more for families, based at the far end of the circuit.

campsite location

The yellow Spa F1 camping area is at the complete opposite end of the circuit and not quite as close to the track. It’s in the tiny little village of Francorchamps and is about 1.5km away from the La Source circuit entrance which will take around 20 minutes to walk.

nearest viewing areas

The Yellow Spa F1 camping area is good for access to the bronze general admission viewing areas towards the end of the lap (Blanchimont / Chicane), plus the Fan Zone at the bottom of Eau Rouge and Raidillon.


The same rules apply to the yellow camping area regarding pitch sizes, number of people and number of cars.

Below are the 2024 prices for tent camping and motorhome camping pitches:


There’s also a glamping option at the Yellow campsite where you to up to a pre-erected, pre-furnished tent with electricity. There’s a bar and restaurant available to glamping ticket holders but it comes at a price…

Prices for Yellow area glamping start at 760 Euros for 2 people sharing one tent for 3 nights.

If you wanted to book glamping for 4 people sharing two tents for all 4 nights then that would be over 1500 Euros! And that doesn’t even include entry to the circuit.

If you’re crazy enough to want to do this you can book it through the official website or through Global Tickets who manage the Yellow area glamping.

There are much cheaper glamping options provided by some of the private camping companies nearby such as CampingF1, GPtents and IntentsGP. See the bottom of this page for more info on those. 

toilets / showers

Temporary toilets (portaloos) and temporary showers for a couple of Euros each time.

bbqs and fires

BBQs and fires are allowed in the yellow campsite as long as they’re raised up off the floor.

nearest amenities

There are a few small shops in the village of Francorchamps that are likely to be open at various times across the weekend and are walkable from the campsite:

  • Bakery
  • ‘Friterie’ chip shop
  • A few small restaurants
  • One lounge bar / posh restaurant

The nearest supermarkets are a 10 minute drive away in the town of Spa itself.

camping atmosphere

The yellow campsite is much more family oriented and peaceful. Less hardcore ravers and more people looking to enjoy a night relaxing after walking around the circuit all day. There’ll still be some noise but nothing like as bad as the green camping area.

3 - Young Village camping at Spa Francorchamps

The Young Village Spa F1 camping area is for people between 17 and 27 years old looking to spend their’s days watching the racing and their nights partying.

campsite location

The Young Village is located near the green campsite about 500 meters away from the entrance to the 17 – 27 area at Stavelot corner.

nearest viewing areas

The Young Village is also great for the bronze general admission areas around Pouhon, Speed Corner, Bruxelles, Les Combes and the end of the Kemmel Straight.


Camping at the Young Village costs 120 Euros per person in 2024. The Spa website says that includes one car space but if everyone in your party brought a car there’d be no space to park, so get yourselves together with your mates and put all your gear in to one car.

When you arrive there will be pitches spray painted on the grass and you’ll be assigned one of those. You can set up a number of tents within your pitch, as long as they all fit. Bigger groups should be assigned two adjacent pitches.

The Young Village has been tent-only camping in previous years, no motorhomes or caravans.

toilets / showers

Temporary toilets (portaloos) and temporary showers for a couple of Euros each time.

bbqs and fires

BBQs and fires are allowed in the Young Village as long as they’re raised up off the floor.

nearest amenities

There will be a bar and some food vendors within the Young Village itself, but again it’s worth bringing everything you need to survive the weekend.

The nearest supermarket to here is Lidl, a 10 minute drive away in Malmedy.

camping atmosphere

Party time. Aimed at young people who want to party the night away, expect a festival-like atmosphere with a stage, live DJs, music going and drink flowing until the early hours of the morning. Don’t expect much sleep if you plan on staying here!

4 - Camping Masta at Spa Francorchamps

A more luxurious camping option with better facilities, but much further from the track.

campsite location

The Camping Masta campground is a long way from the circuit. It’s a 2.5km / 1.6 mile walk from the La Source entrance in the tiny hamlet of Masta. It’ll take around 45 minutes by foot to get to the track.

There are shuttle buses available but they cost extra and aren’t particularly reliable. Bring a bike and ride it instead!

nearest viewing areas

The grandstands nearest to the Green camping area the closest ones if you stay in Camping Masta, but again you’ll be walking for 45 minutes before you even reach those.

The same goes for the Bronze general admission viewing areas accessible from the Green campsite.


There are two ticket options for the Camping Masta site – Standard or Comfort.


  • 20m campsite pitch
  • 1 parking space
  • Max 2 people per pitch
  • Bring your own tent and camping gear
  • 295 Euros


  • 30m campsite pitch
  • 1 pre-erected tent for 2 people with 2 matresses, 2 pillows, 2 sleeping bags provided
  • 1 breakfast per person (Friday / Saturday / Sunday)
  • 655 Euros

Both ticket options come with the possibility of adding an evening meal at an extra charge. There’s a bar / restaurant on site.

bbqs and fires

BBQs and fires are not allowed in the Camping Masta site.

nearest amenities

There is a ‘friterie’ (chip shop) directly opposite the campsite. Otherwise it’s a 5 minute drive or a 40 minute walk to the Lidl in Malmedy.

camping atmosphere

This campsite is much more spaced out and relaxed. There is still some evening entertainment but don’t expect any of the hardcore party vibes you’d get in the green camping area or the Youth Village. It’s much quieter, and they ask for no generators to help keep the noise down even more.

Here’s a video showing the Camping Masta site from above.

Private campsites near Spa Francorchamps

The official Spa F1 camping areas sell out quickly once the ticktets are released, often the year before the actual event.

If you’ve missed out on one of the official sites don’t fear, there’s plenty of other campsites near the circuit that all offer different packages for the F1 weekend.

Alternatively if you’re desperate for an electricty hookup then many of the private campsites offer these where the official Spa F1 camping options don’t.

Below is a list of the campsites close to the circuit that provide camping during the Belgian Grand Prix and are well respected options:

Here’s is a map with all of these private campsites shown as the purple pins.

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