Spa Francorchamps Parking Guide, Tips & Info

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Spa Francorchamps F1 parking next to a cow

Spa Francorchamps parking for the F1 Belgian Grand Prix weekend isn’t expensive but there’s a lot of different options to choose from and not a lot of information on the official website. Green, Yellow, Red or Blue…!?

For the 2023 Belgian Grand Prix I parked in the Yellow area and would do the same again next time.

This guide provides some clarity on the parking situation at Spa, helps you work out which car park to choose and provides more detail on the location of each area.


The traffic warning

First things first…

All of the roads directly surrounding Spa Francorchamps (and the parking areas) are narrow and single lane. They were never designed to handle the volume of cars the circuit now sees for the F1. 

If you’re planning on driving to Spa for the Belgian Grand Prix weekend be warned that the traffic around the circuit on Saturday and even more on the Sunday will be horrendous.

If you’re in one of the parking areas near the circuit then I’m sorry to say there’s no real way to avoid it. But check out my guide on how to get to Spa for some tips on the best routes to take.

Leave an extra couple of hours to get to your car park on Sunday morning. Don’t make any onwards travel plans too soon after the race and expect it to take up to 3 hours to get clear of the track or parking areas when leaving.

The best (and only) way to avoid it is to stay in accommodation that you can walk to from the track, or camp at Spa Francorchamps, and plan to leave the area on Monday morning instead.

Official Spa Francorchamps parking options

For the Belgian Grand Prix weekend there are a number of official parking options that you need to purchase in advance directly through the Spa Grand Prix website:

  • Green area
  • Yellow area
  • Red area
  • Blue area
  • Asphalt Parking – Malmedy
  • Motorbike parking
  • Park and ride (your bike)

The exact location of these parking areas isn’t clear on the Spa website, so I’ve mapped them all out on the interactive Google map below.

The Green and Yellow Spa Francorchamps parking areas are made up of a number of different smaller areas. 

You can’t choose which smaller area you end up in within your selected parking colour, it’s down to which one you’re assigned when you purchase your tickets and which way you’re directed by the marshals on the day.

Spa parking cost

The best thing about parking at Spa is its cost. It’s very cheap (and if it rains you’ll quickly realise why).

Below are the 2024 costs for parking during the Belgian Grand Prix weekend:

Spa Francorchamps F1 Parking Costs
Car parking (all) 25 Euros / day
Motorbike parking Blue 25 Euros / day
Motorbike parking Yellow 20 Euros / day

Choosing your car park

If all of the car parks are still available when booking your tickets, there’s a few things to think about when choosing which one to go for:

  1. Where around the track are you going to view from – are you in a grandstand or roving general admission?
  2. Which Spa entrance gate do you want to enter by (largely based on point 1).
  3. Which direction are you coming from?
  4. Is your car suitable for a bumpy, grassy and potentially very muddy field?
  5. Can you deal with sitting in traffic for ages?

1 & 2 - Viewing location and entrances

To help with points 1 and 2, here’s the nearest car park and its closest entrance for each of the grandstands. I haven’t included the blue car park as that’s mainly for VIPs:

If you’re not exactly sure where your grandstand is, or which bit of the general admission viewing area you want to watch from, the map on the Spa Grand Prix website is useful. 

If you haven’t got grandstand seats and are just planning on finding a spot to view from near the track, check out our Spa Bronze General Admission guide for some of the best viewing locations.

3 - Which direction are you coming from?

To understand which direction you’re coming from check out our guide for getting to Spa Francorchamps

4 - Car suitability

If your car isn’t suitable for bumpy grassy fields then you need to get tickets for the Asphalt Parking areas in Malmedy.

Plus if it rains things get a whole lot worse. In 2021 when it rained so hard the Grand Prix had to be abandoned, the grassy car parks turn in to quagmires and it was chaos for everyone trying to get to and from the circuit. 

People were parking wherever they could, countless cars got stuck and local farmers had to rescue people with their tractors.

5 - Traffic

If you can’t deal with sitting in traffic for ages then you don’t want to drive anywhere near the circuit. One of the best alternatives is to use the Park and Ride (your bike) options where your leave your car about 5km away from the circuit and ride the rest. More info on that lower down.

Directions to car parks

Read our guide on how to get to Spa Francorchamps for full detailed directions on how to get to each of the official car parks.

Green / Yellow / Red Spa Francorchamps parking

Green parking area

The Green parking area is all in grassy field. It’s a big area that’s quite spread out but within easy access of the Green campsite and the Les Combes circuit entrance.

Yellow parking area

The Yellow parking areas are spread out near the town of Francorchamps and is closest to the Ster and La Source entrances. 

There’s a number of different areas used for the Yellow zone and you don’t know where you’re going to end up.

This is where I parked for the 2023 Begian Grand Prix. I ended up being directed to a sloped field, past some cows, that was pretty muddy by the time I arrived at 9am on Saturday morning. It took me about 45 minutes to drive the last 1 mile to the car park.

From here it was a 15 minute walk to the Ster entrance, following a marked route through the country lanes.

At the end of the day I hung around as long as I could and got back to my car at 8.30pm. There was still a queue on the small lane outside the car park, even at that time of the day, to get back to the main road.

The Yellow BIS car park is further away from the circuit and normally includes a complimentary shuttle bus to get you to the entrance

Red parking area

The Red parking area is smaller and is right next to the Blanchimont entrance. It’s basically parking either side of the road that leads to the entrance.

If you’ve got tickets for a grandstand seat near Eau Rouge then you’ll be walking a long long way if you’re parked here.

Blue parking

The Blue parking area is mainly for VIPs with Spa F1 hospitality passes and disabled people. You can’t usually buy tickets for this area if you don’t fall in to either of those categories.

The Blue parking area is directly outside the Ster circuit entrance and is all on hard standing.

Asphalt Parking - Malmedy

If you don’t want to park in a field then this is the best option for you. There are a few parking areas dotted around the town of Malmedy that you can park in. When you get close to Malmedy you’ll be directed to whichever one has some space by the marshals.

Some of the ashphalt parking areas in Malmedy include the Probemal concrete factory, Moviemills cinema and the Malmedy Expo centre.

Wherever you end up there’ll be a shuttle bus ready to take you to the circuit. Depending where you parked this will either be to the Les Combes or Blanchimont entrance. Unfortunately you don’t have much control over that.

You only need one parking ticket per vehicle, even if you have multiple people in your car. One parking ticket gives all of your passengers access to the shuttle

Access to parking areas

You need to bring your parking pass with you in the car or have it available on your phone. The car park marshals will scan it as you get near your parking area and you need it to keep progressing to the car park.

You cannot buy official car park tickets on the day at the car parks themselves.

Car parks open at 6am.

Unofficial car parks

Some enterprising residents in the town of Francorchamps near the La Source entrance rent out their land and driveways for the weekend.

These are first-come-first-served and usually cash only. If you take a drive around the town you’ll probably spot a few makeshift parking signs, but you need to get there early to stand a chance of getting a spot.

The Elephant Campsite near the circuit also offers standalone parking. Their website looks rubbish but they’re a reputable campsite that have been operating for years. 

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Bedankt voor deze nuttige informatie!
Wij parkeren op yellow en willen op pouchon zitten. Mijn vader gaat mee en is snel benauwd. Heeft u hier tips voor om de wandeling voor hem zo kort mogelijk te houden? Kan ik hem bijvoorbeeld dichtbij het circuit afzetten om vervolgens de auto te parkeren op geel? Of zijn er aldaar mogelijkheden om hem te verplaatsen?

Alvast bedankt


Bedankt voor uw reactie! 👍🏼


Waar kan ik kaartjes kopen voor de asfalt parking- Malmedy, om te kunnen parkeren tijdens de GP van België 2024?


Hi Alex, I got tickets for the 17-27 stands but the red parking was all sold out so I booked for the green parking. Do you know by any chance if we can get to our entrance by foot somewhat quickly? Thanks in advance


This is a great guide with helpful info, would you know if you do the park-and-ride option, the shuttle bus has its own route or does it just get stuck in all the traffic leaving or going to the track with every one else, many thanks Chris

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