How to get to Spa Francorchamps: Belgian GP Travel Guide

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Spa Francorchamps F1 traffic directions

If it’s your first time at the Belgian Grand Prix you’re probably wondering how to get to Spa Francorchamps. You’re not the only one. 

The circuit is tucked away in a quiet corner of the Belgian countryside so your travel options need a little planning.

Whether you want to get the train from Europe, drive from the UK, take a shuttle bus from one of the major European cities or fly in to one of the nearest airports to Spa Francorchamps, this comprehensive travel guide will give you all the info you need.


Where is Spa Francorchamps?

Spa Francorchamps race circuit is located in South-East Belgium. It’s in the municipality of Wallonia in the province of Liege.

The circuit is only 20km from the German border to its East, 35km from the Dutch border to the North and 30km from the Luxembourg border to the South.

The full address for the circuit is:

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps,
Route du Circuit 55,
4970 Stavelot,

There are 4 different spectator entrances to get in to the circuit. Read our guide to the Spa Francorchamps entrances for more information and which ones you should use.

Driving to Spa Francorchamps

With the exception of two motorways, the roads surrounding the Spa Francorchamps circuit are small, single-lane roads in the countryside. They were never designed to accommodate lots of race-day traffic.

If you’re planning on driving to the circuit for the Formula 1 weekend make sure you leave a lot of extra time for your journey, especially on the Saturday and Sunday. You can expect to be stuck in traffic once you get close to the circuit.

Check out the Spa F1 Timetable to see what time the on-track action takes place over the weekend.


Use the Waze app to follow directions to the circuit.

I did this for the 2023 Belgian Grand Prix and Waze took me down a backroute which probably saved me an hour of driving. Details on that shortcut further down the page.

Nearest motorways

  • The E42 runs just to the east of the circuit and is the closest motorway to the track.
  • The E25 runs to the west of the circuit but doesn’t pass as close to the track.
  • All of the blue ‘N’ roads on the map below are single-track minor roads.

Directions to official car parks

Once you get close to the circuit your specific route will depend on where you’re parking.

There are four official car parking areas: Green, Yellow, Red and Blue.  For information on which is the best car park to choose, read our Spa Francorchamps Parking guide.

The car parks open at 6am every day of the Grand Prix weekend.

There are a couple of slight contradictions between these two maps, however, so below I’ve summarized the best routes to get to the different areas.

The Google Maps pins below will get you close to your designated parking area, but follow the road signs and marshals once you’re almost there.

Green parking area

Google maps pin – Areas 121, 128, 130, Green campsite 

Google maps pin – Areas 123, 124, Young Village 

  • From the E42: Exit 11 Malmedy. Once you’re off the motorway the circuit will be signposted. You’ll either then go right on to the N62 or left on to the N68 depending on which area of the Green zone you’re parked in. Areas 123 & 124 and the Young Village should go left on to the N68, all other green areas should go right on to the N62.
  • From the E25: Exit 48 on to the N66 East towards Malmedy / Trois-Points / Stavelot / Chevron / Werbomont. Once you get off the E42 it’s another 30km of winding single-lane roads before you reach the Green parking.

Yellow parking area

Google maps pin – Yellow parking area 

For Yellow parking areas including Yellow BIS and Yellow E25. In 2023 I parked in the Yellow area and came south down the E42. I found an amazing route that bypassed a lot of traffic, probably saving me at least an hour. Full details below:

  • From the E42: Exit 9 off the E42, then turn left on to the N640 South towards Stavelot / Malmedy. Follow that for around 3km then take a left turn on to a small road called Cokaifagne. Then you have to follow a number of tiny single-track roads, eventually going through a tunnel under the E42. Click here for the full route directions, and trust me, it will save you heaps of time. 

  • From the E25: Exit 48 on to the N66 East towards Malmedy / Trois-Points / Stavelot / Chevron / Werbomont. Stay on that road through Trois-Points where it becomes the N68 towards Stavelot. Take a left on to the N622 towards Francorchamps and stay on that road until you reach your designated Yellow parking area.

Red parking area

Google Maps pin – Red parking area

  • From the E42: Exit 11 Malmedy. Once you’re off the motorway the circuit will be signposted. Then go left on to the N68 towards Marche / Huy / Stavelot / Trois-Points. Follow signs to the Blanchimont entrance gate and you’ll arrive at the Red parking area.
  • From the E25: Exit 48 on to the N66 East towards Malmedy / Trois-Points / Stavelot / Chevron / Werbomont. Stay on that road through Trois-Points where it becomes the N68 towards Stavelot. Follow signs towards the Blanchimont entrance gate / Campus Automobile which will lead you on to the N640 and to the Red parking area. 

Blue parking area

Google maps pin – Blue parking area

Blue parking is mainly for accessible parking and VIPs with Spa F1 Hospitality tickets as it’s right next to the circuit at La Source / Ster entrances.

  • From the E42: Exit 10 Francorchamps on to the N640 South towards Francorchamps / Stavelot / Malmedy. You can then follow the N640 all the way to Francorchamps where the Blue parking areas will be signposted.
  • From the E25: Exit 48 on to the N66 East towards Malmedy / Trois-Points / Stavelot / Chevron / Werbomont. Stay on that road through Trois-Points where it becomes the N68 towards Stavelot. Take a left on to the N622 towards Francorchamps and stay on that road until you reach signs for the Blue parking areas.

Directions to official campsites

If you’re staying in one of the official Spa Francorchamps campsites then these are the driving directions:

Green campsite: Follow Green parking area directions above

Yellow campsite: Follow Yellow parking area directions above

Camping Masta: Google Maps Pin 

  • From the E42: Exit 11 Malmedy. Once you’re off the motorway the circuit will be signposted. Then go left on to the N68 towards Marche / Huy / Stavelot / Trois-Points. The campsite is just off the N68 to the right at Masta.
  • From the E25: Exit 48 on to the N66 East towards Malmedy / Trois-Points / Stavelot / Chevron / Werbomont. Stay on that road through Trois-Points where it becomes the N68 towards Stavelot. Stay on the N68 until you turn off to the left at Masta.

Young Village: Follow Green parking area directions above

Driving from the UK

If you’re coming from the UK you can take the Eurotunnel from Folkestone to Calais. Journey times are just 35 minutes and a return trip usually costs around £250 per car. 

A cheaper option is a ferry from Dover to either Calais or Dunkirk. I prefer the Dover to Dunkirk route; it’s slightly longer at 2 hours crossing time, but you then have to spend less time driving along the uninspiring northern coast of France. Return trips are usually around £190 per car with DFDS. 

The price difference between the Eurotunnel and Ferries use to be much greater but now there’s not much in it. I’d pay a few quid extra to take the tunnel just to speed the whole journey up.

Park and ride (your bike)

To avoid the worst of the traffic chaos directly around the circuit you can park your car in a car park 5km away from the circuit and ride your bicycle the rest of the way. More details on this page. 

The car park where you can leave your car at the start of the ride can be accessed from Exit 48 of the E25 or Exit 11 of the E42. See the pin below for its location.

Google Maps Pin

Train to Spa Francorchamps

The nearest train station to Spa Francorchamps is Verviers-Central. This is easily accessible from all major cities within Belgium and its border countries.

Not only is it the closest, but there are bus routes from the station directly to the circuit.


F1 ticket holders can save 50% on train tickets.

The cost of a train ticket between any Belgian station and Verviers Central can be reduced by 50% using this website and your Grand Prix ticket ID.

If you’re coming from another country within Europe use Rome2Rio to help plan your train journey.

Buses - Station to Circuit

From the Verviers-Central station there are TEC buses that go to and from the circuit on each day of the Grand Prix weekend. Buses 294 and 395 are the ones you want and these will be signposted from within the train station.

It’s normally a 20 minute drive but on race day it could be anything up to an hour based on traffic.

It costs 10 Euros per day to use the buses between the circuit and the station. You can buy tickets online in advance at this link or purchase them at the TEC booth at the station. 

Spa have yet to publish a timetable for the buses running to and from the station this year, so here’s the schedule from a couple of years ago:

Verviers-Central to Spa Circuit Bus 294 & 395 Timetable
Friday Depart Station 7:15 (first departure)
Last Circuit Departure 18:41
Saturday Depart Station 7:40, 8:30, 8:40, 9:40, 10:40,
11:40, 12:40, 13:40, 14:40
Last Circuit Departure 18:33
Sunday Depart Station 7:30, 7:40, 8:30, 8:40, 9:30,
9:40, 10:40, 11:40,12:40
Last Circuit Departure 18:53

Plan enough time for your onwards journeys after the race.

Many of the buses leaving the circuit after the GP has finished will be full. Don’t rely on making it back to Verviers-Central any time soon after the race.

Local Buses

There are other local bus lines that go around the areas surrounding the circuit. Use this link to the TEC website to browse for all of the Bus-Stops in the area surrounding the Spa Francorchamps circuit. 

City Shuttle Buses

Some of the major cities within Belgium, France, Germany, Holland and Luxembourg have direct shuttle buses that go to Spa Francorchamps for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the Belgian Grand Prix weekend. 

These are designed to get you to the circuit for 9am each day, but that can obviously vary due to traffic near the track. They drop off in the blue parking area near the Ster entrance gate.

Return tickets are 50 Euros per day and can be purchased in advance on the Spa Grand Prix website.

Below are each of the pick-up location and departure times:

Belgian Grand Prix City Shuttle Bus Details
Location Pickup Location City Departure Time Circuit Departure Time
Aachen Station Aachen Hauptbanhof 7:30am 7pm
Antwerp Commune Administration of Wommelgem, Kakkstraat 2, 2160 Wommelgem. 6:30am
Brussels – Central Rue de France, bus stop at the exit of the commercial area of the station. 6:30am
Brussels – North Rue du Progrès near the main entrance to the station. 6:30am
Charleroi Square du Martyrs, in front of Charleroi station. 6:40am
Dusseldorf Car park at Neusser Strabe at the level of the Rheinkniebrücke, (Below the bridge and junction there is a car and coach parking area). 6:45am
Eindhoven P+R Meerhoven Eindhoven, Sliffertsestraat 304, 5657 AS Eindhoven. 6:30am
Liege Guillemins station, coach and taxi parking area in front of the station 7:30am
Lille Allée des Marronniers 1, 59800 Lille, France. 5:15am
Luxembourg Luxembourg bus station, Place de la Gare. 7:00am
Maastricht Station, Place de la Gare, Spoorweglaan. 7:30am
Mons Mons station, place Léopold. 6:15am
Namur Boulevard Ernest Mélot, in front of main building, (building with arcades), Namur station. 7:00am

Nearest airports to Spa Francorchamps

If you’re flying in to watch the Belgian Grand Prix from abroad, there are a few options for which airports you could go to. There is no airport at the circuit itself. 

Below are the international airports nearest Spa Francorchamps circuit:

  • Maastricht MST (70km)
  • Brussels BRU (140km)
  • Cologne-Bonn CGN (140km)
  • Dusseldorf DUS (140km)
  • Luxembourg LUX (150km)
  • Amsterdam Schipol AMS (280km)
  • Frankfurt FRA (300km)
  • Paris Charles de Gaulle CDG (400km)

The nearest airport to Spa Francorchamps is Maastrict (MST). It’s 70km away from the circuit and will cater for a lot of short-haul direct international flights.

Bruxelles (BRU) is the second closest airport and will serve some international direct long-haul flights from destinations such as East coast USA and Abu Dhabi.

All of the airports above will have hire car companies based at them. If you fly in to an aiport that’s not in Belgium and want a hire car, just double check with the rental company that it’s ok to take it across borders.

Alternatively you could use public transport to get from there to Verviers Centrale station. Some of the bigger airports that are further away actually have better train connections. All of the airports apart from MST have a train station.

Use Rome2Rio to look at travel options from any airport to the circuit or nearby.

Below is a rough idea of journey times from each airport to Verviers Centrale station using public transport or driving.

International Airports to Verviers Centrale by Public Transport or Driving
Airport Public Transport Public Transport Time Driving Time
MAS Bus, train, bus, train 2 hours 40 mins 35 mins
BRU Train, 1 change 1 hour 20 mins 1 hour 30
CGN Train, 2 changes 3 hours 1 hour 30
DUS Train, 3 changes 4 hours 1 hour 30
LUX Train, 3 changes 4 hours 1 hour 30
AMS Train, 1 change 3 hours 15 2 hours 45
FRA Train, 1 change 2 hours 45 2 hours 45
CGD Train, 1 change 3 hours 15 4 hours

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Hi Alex
I booked the asphalt parking to avoid the rain and mud issues that could arise. However, I just found out that the shuttle will take me to Combes entrance but my grandstand is Eau Rouge. so I have three questions:

  1. Can I walk from Combes to Ster or La Source?
  2. If yes, how long is the walk?
  3. From the entrance at Ster, how long is the walk to the grandstand?

Hi Alex

Thanks for all this great info!
I will be travelling from Brussels by car and have grandstand Gold 1 tickets (opposite pits).
Is there a specific yellow parking I should buy if I want to use your “short cut” above AND avoid mud? Any option less muddy than another by any chance? 🙂
I see there are 3 yellow options:
Yellow parking Bis
Parking yellow E25
Yellow Parking

Thank you!


Thank you Alex

Robert lumerman

Hi Alex, flying into Franfurt, staying in malmedy. Do you recommend driving to malmedy and walking to our seats in eau rouge? Should we even hire a car at the airport ? Or go via public transport the whole way? Great page thanks for the help.

Robert lumerman

Awesome thank you so much for the help.

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