Spa F1 Hospitality, VIP, Paddock Club Guide & Packages

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Spa F1 Hospitality and Paddock Club VIP guide

If you want to experience the Belgian Grand Prix in a little more comfort and luxury for you and your guests, there are a number of Spa F1 Hospitality and VIP options to choose from, including the Paddock Club.

Below is an overview of all of the different hospitality options, their location and view around the track, what each package includes and how much you can expect to pay.


Spa F1 Hospitality Options

The official Spa F1 Hospitality and VIP packages are as follows:

  • Paddock Club
  • Champions Club – Eau Rouge
  • Champions Club – Business Tower
  • Loge Boxes – Eau Rouge
  • Loge Boxes – RX
  • Mezzanines
  • Gold 2

All of the different options are located around the first part of the circuit. Their exact locations can be seen on the map below.

More information and hospitality bookings can be made through the official Spa Grand Prix website.


Belgiam GP hospitality tickets can be purchased through P1 Travel, an official retailer of F1 tickets and hospitality options.

Paddock Club

  • Starting price: 5000 Euros per person for the full weekend
  • Location: In the pit buildings directly overlooking the pit lane
  • View: Pit lane, start / finish line, podium, La Source, Eau Rouge & Raidillon, Chicane.
The Spa Paddock Club is the most exclusive (and expensive) VIP hospitality option at the Belgian Grand Prix. It’s hosted by F1 Experiences who run the Paddock Club at every event on the F1 calendar to help provide consistency to their premium offering.

Paddock Club Spa is hosted in the pit lane buildings and the terrace allows people to look directly below them in to the pit lane to get the best view going of the pit stop action. There are also views out of the back of the buildings towards Eau Rouge and Raidillon.

It also includes other experiences that no other hospitality option offers, such as pit lane walks, a tour of the track on an open-top bus and talks from past and present F1 drivers and team members.

Champions Club - Eau Rouge

  • Starting price: 3300 Euros per person for the full weekend
  • Location: Hotel de l’Eau Rouge / Gold 5 grandstand
  • View: Eau Rouge & Raidillon, the straight after La Source

The Champions Club – Eau Rouge package gives you daytime access to the Hotel de l’Eau Rouge where you’ll be hosted to eat and drink, plus you’ll have access to the covered Gold 5 grandstand.

Both of these areas are on the right hand side of the circuit between Eau Rouge and Raidillon. The hotel is at the lowest part of the circuit and the Gold 5 grandstand is slightly higher up the hill. The grandstand faces back down the track towards La Source.

This package includes a track tour and a visit to the F1 paddock, plus a talk and Q&A from someone high up in the F1 world.

Champions Club - Tower

  • Starting price: 3500 Euros per person for the full weekend
  • Location: In the tower alongside the endurance pits / Gold 5 grandstand
  • View: 360 degree views including La Source, Eau Rouge and Raidillon and the start of the Kemmel Straight.

The Champions Club – Tower hospitality package offers the same experience as the Champions Club – Eau Rouge option, but you will be based in the tower that is alongside the track on the run down towards Eau Rouge. 

You’ll have an amazing vantage point where you’re able to look 360 degrees around you, plus you’ll be high above the ground. Here are some photo examples of the view from the tower. 

Loge Boxes - Eau Rouge

  • Starting price: 2095 Euros per person for the full weekend
  • Location: Private boxes in the Gold 3 grandstand at the top of Raidillon
  • View: Incredible view looking back down Raidillon, Eau Rouge up to La Source

The Loge Boxes – Eau Rouge are private areas in the bottom of the Gold 3 grandstand. This grandstand has by far the most impressive view of any grandstand at Spa (or potentially of any grandstand on the F1 calendar). See our Gold 3 grandstand guide for more information on just how incredible the view is.

The Loge Boxes are beneath the public seating area so you have a slightly lower vantage point, but it will still be amazing. There’s also an outdoor terrace that gets you even closer to the action. This video shows the indoor and outdoor spaces in the Eau Rouge Loge boxes. 

This Spa F1 hospitality package includes food and drink, but no ‘experiences’ like the Spa Paddock Club or Champions Club offers.

Loge Boxes - RX

  • Starting price: 1950 Euros per person for the full weekend
  • Location: Overlooking the RallyX track to the left of Eau Rouge
  • View: Eau Rouge and Raidillon

The Loge Boxes – RX are situated along the top of the grandstand that overlooks the RallyX track, just to the left of Eau Rouge. These aren’t positioned quite as well as the Eau Rouge Loge Boxes, but still give a view up to Raidillon.

There is a terrace in front of the boxes, plus you have exclusive access to the grandstand itself. You’re also overlooking the F1 Fan Zone so will have a great view of anything that’s taking place on the stage. This could be live music or interviews with F1 drivers.


  • Starting price: 1950 Euros per person for the full weekend
  • Location: Above the endurance pit lane buildings
  • View: Eau Rouge and Raidillon, La Source

This Spa F1 hospitality option provides indoor seating and dining areas in the Endurance pit lane buildings. These run parallel to the circuit on the run downhill between La Source and Eau Rouge, and the F1 cars have to pass through this old pit lane to rejoin the circuit.

VIP guests who have purchased Mezzanine hospitality packages also have access to the terrace on top of the buildings for a more elevated view.

Pictures of the indoor spaces and the view from the Mezzanines can be found here. 

Gold 2

  • Starting price: 895 Euros per person for the full weekend
  • Location: In the Gold 2 grandstand
  • View: La Source, Eau Rouge and Raidillon

This is the cheapest Spa F1 hospitality option. It includes a reserved seat in the covered Gold 2 grandstand which is on the left hand side of the circuit just after La Source. See our Gold 2 grandstand guide for more information on the view from here.

895 Euros is cheap compared to the other hospitality options. However, a normal grandstand seat ticket for Gold 2 only cost 610 Euros in 2023. For the additional 285 Euros all you’re getting with this hospitality package is a ‘premium’ packed lunch and a VIP parking space. If you ask me it’s definitely not worth the extra.

VIP Hospitality Parking

All of the Spa F1 hospitality tickets above come with VIP parking. This will be a guaranteed parking space in one of the Blue parking areas which are close to the Ster and La Source entrances.

For more information on the Blue parking see our Spa Francorchamps parking guide.

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