Spa Francorchamps Entrance Gate Locations & Map – Belgian GP

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by Alex Gassman

Spa Francorchamps main entrance for the 2023 Grand Prix

There are a number of different Spa Francorchamps entrance gates that you can use for the F1 Belgian Grand Prix. Which one you should aim for will depend on where you’re coming from, how you’re getting to the circuit and which part of the track you are planning to spectate from.

This article provides full details of the entrances’ locations, a map, and a guide to which one you should aim for.


Spa Francorchamps entrance locations

There are a number of different Spa Francorchamps entrance gates at the F1 Belgian Grand Prix weekend that are for pedestrians only:

  1. La Source
  2. Ster
  3. Les Combes
    1. Les Combes A
    2. Les Combes B
    3. Les Combes C
  4. Blanchimont
  5. Kemmel
    1. Kemmel C
    2. Kemmel D
    3. Kemmel E

Each entrance is shown by a purple pin on the interactive Google Map below.

If you have grandstand seats or want to view from a specific area in the Bronze general admission zones you should try and match your viewing location up to the nearest Spa parking area and entrance (assuming you’re arriving by car). If you don’t, you’ll have to do a lot more walking. 

See our guide on getting to Spa Francorchamps for more info on the directions to each parking area.

Say for example you have seats in the Silver 4 Grandstand but parking in the Yellow car park, you’ll have to walk from one end of the circuit to the other to get to your stand. And don’t forget, the Spa Francorchamps circuit layout is over 7km, so it’ll be a long walk!

Below is more info the Spa Francorchamps entrance gates, which parking areas are nearest to each and which grandstands are best accessed from which entrance.

If you’re not in a grandstand but instead just have a Bronze area ticket, checkout out our Spa General Admission guide for the location of some of the best viewpoints around the track.

La Source entrance

Google maps pin

The La Source entrance is best if you’ve got tickets to any of the grandstands on the outside of the start / finish straight or between Turn 1 La Source and turns 3 & 4 Eau Rouge and Raidillon. 

best grandstand access

Nearest Bronze general admission viewing areas

  • Alongside Eau Rouge and Raidillon
  • From the final turn Chicane all the way along the outside of Blanchimont, walking back around the track in the wrong direction. But in 2023 you couldn’t walk along the outside of the pit straight, you had to go under the tunnel in the Fan Zone to get there.

Nearest parking area

The nearest parking area to the La Source entrance is the Yellow Parking zone, roughly a 15 minute walk away.

Nearest camping area

The nearest official Spa Francorchamps campsite to this entrance is the Yellow camping area in the town of Francorchamps, roughly a 15 minute walk away.

Ster entrance

Google maps pin

The Ster entrance is the natural entrance gates you’ll use if you’re in the Yellow parking area. Most of the signs from that car park to the track will direct you to here.

This entrance puts you directly in the middle of the Fan Zone and very close to Eau Rouge.

This Spa Francorchamps entrance is best for people who have a purchased a Spa F1 hospitality ticket (Paddock Club or one of Spa’s other VIP offerings) as there’s a lot of blue parking zones really close to it.

best grandstand access

Nearest Bronze general admission viewing areas

  • Along the outside of the Kemmel Straight
  • From the Chicane all the way along the outside of the track at Blanchimont (walking under the tunnel in the Fan Zone to get to the Chicane). 

Nearest parking area

The nearest parking area is the Blue zone which is directly outside the Ster entrance. The Blue zone is mainly disabled and VIP parking.

The Yellow zone is the nearest public parking area and that’s around a 15 minute walk from this entrance.

Nearest camping area

The Yellow campsite is the nearest official camping area and it’s around 25 minutes’ walk away from the Ster entrance.

Les Combes entrance

Google maps pins

At the 2023 Belgian Grand Prix there were actually there different Les Combes entrance gates: Combes A, Combes B and Combes C.

These three different entrances cater for people in different parts of the green parking area or green campsite.

Les Combes A entrance is right up at the Les Combes / Malmedy chicane at the end of the Kemmel Straight. It’s the busiest of the three Combes entrance gates and is best if you want to walk back down Kemmel towards Eau Rouge.

There is a tunnel that goes underneath the circuit between turns 7 and 8 so this is an easy way to access the right-hand side of the track on the run down to Pouhon. 

Les Combes B entrance gate is right in the middle of the straight between Malmedy and Rivage. This is best if you want access to the Combes grandstand which is right in front of the entrance.

It’s also right next to the tunnel under the circuit that pops out on the inside of Rivage and gives access to Pouhon.

Once you’re in this entrance you can turn left or right and head in either direction.

Les Combes C entrance gate is right on the outside of Rivage corner. It’s right next to the Silver 4 grandstand and has also got the best access to the Speed Corner stand.

There’s a big covered seating area with lots of food and drink stalls right inside this entrance.

best grandstand access from all Combes entrances

Nearest Bronze general admission viewing areas

  • On the outside of the straight between Malmedy and Rivage (use any of the three entrances)
  • On the inside of Rivage / Bruxelles corner (using the tunnel in front of Combes B)
  • On the right hand side of the track from Speed Corner all the way around Pouhon (using the tunnel)
  • Along the outside of the Kemmel Straight (use Combes A)

Nearest parking area

The Green parking zone is directly outside the Les Combes entrances, so if you’re parked in that zone this is where you’ll enter the circuit.

Nearest camping area

The Green camping area is also directly outside the Les Combes Spa Francorchamps entrance.

The Les Combes entrance is also the closest to the Camping Masta site, but that’s at least a 45 minute walk away. See our Spa Francorchamps camping guide for specific details on its location.

Blanchimont entrance

Google maps pin

Despite its name, the Blanchimont entrance is actually on the outside of Curve Paul Frere, not Blanchimont corner. This is at the ‘quieter’ end of the circuit and is a long way from the Fan Zone.

The first thing you see at the entrance is the tunnel that runs under the circuit between turns 14 and 15 which gives you access to the infield. That route eventually takes you to Blanchimont and the Chicane.

best grandstand access

Nearest Bronze general admission viewing areas

  • Up next to the 17-27 grandstand on the outside of Stavelot corner
  • On the inside of Les Fagnes corner
  • On the outside of Blanchimont all the way down to the Chicane

Nearest parking area

The Red parking zone is directly outside the Blanchimont entrance.

Nearest camping area

The Blanchimont entrance is about 500 metres away from the Young Village campsite. It can also be accessed from the Green campsite if you hike across some fields.

Kemmel entrances

New for the 2023 Belgian Grand Prix were three entrances along the outside of the Kemmel Straight.

These were very small entrances and on the Saturday Kemmel E was closed but C and D were open.

This is a photo of Kemmel C from the inside.

I think these are only likely to be used if you’re staying in a campsite or accomodation that means you walk along the road behind the Kemmel Straight to get to the track.

If that’s the case coming in one of these entrances savs you walking to Ster or Combes entrances.

Spa Francorchamps Gate Opening Times for the F1

Spa Francorchamps usually confirms the exact spectator gate opening times a few days before the Belgian Grand Prix via their social feeds and email. But for reference, below are the 2023 times.

2023 F1 Spa spectator gate opening times:

  • Friday – 6:00am
  • Saturday – 6:00am
  • Sunday – 6:00am 

There will be people queued up before 6am at the entrance gates, especially on the Sunday of the race weekend.

If you don’t have allocated grandstand seats and want to stand a chance of getting a good general admission spot I think you need to be at the entrance gate at least 30 minutes before they open

Check out the Spa F1 schedule to see what times the on-track action is planned for over the weekend.

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