Silver 6 Spa Francorchamps Grandstand Guide Belgian Grand Prix

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Silver 6 grandstand at Spa Francorchamps

The Silver 6 Spa Francorchamps grandstand offers fans a seated viewing position near the fast right-left switchback corners of Les Fagnes on the Belgian Grand Prix circuit. 

New for 2023 is an extension to this grandstand called Silver 6 BIS.

This guides provides all the information you need to know if you’re considering buying tickets for this stand at the Belgian Grand Prix. It includes examples views, hints and tips on how to get the best seats and my thoughts on whether this is a good place to sit (spoiler – it’s not). 


What is the Silver 6 grandstand at Spa?

The Silver 6 grandstand was new in 2022 and is a premium seating area with reserved seats. It’s part of the Silver group of grandstands which are cheaper than the Gold grandstands as they usually offer views at slightly less exciting parts of the track or they’re uncovered.  

The Silver 6 BIS grandstand is an extension of the main stand and will be used for the first time at the 2023 Grand Prix. After having seen this grandstand myself at the 2023 Belgian GP, the Silver 6 and Silver 6 BIS grandstands are all the same stand. The whole stand is just a lot bigger than it was in 2022.

Silver 6 grandstand location

The Silver 6 grandstand is located on the right hand side of the circuit at Turn 12, the right hander of Les Fagnes. That’s on the inside of the circuit.

Les Fagnes is made up of two turns, the first is the right hander and the second is a left hander. Both of these are fast corners where F1 cars never drop below around 200kph / 120mph.

Cars will hit the brakes for Les Fagnes at around 310kph / 190mph. They’re approaching at such high speed as the previous corner is the incredibly fast, high G-force double right of Pouhon.

The grandstand is positioned at 45 degrees to the straight approach to Les Fagnes. Its angle allows views of the braking zone, right and left handers and the exit.

As the Silver 6 BIS extension will see its first use in 2023. This is just an extension of the main Silver 6 grandstand and the two stands actually merge in to one.


Purchasing a ticket for the Silver 6 grandstand will also give you access to the whole circuit and all of the bronze general admission areas. You can roam around the whole track on Friday and Saturday, exploring the different view points, before returning to your reserved seat in the stand for the race on Sunday.

Tickets often sell out on the official Spa GP website, so I’d recommend buying through P1 Travel, and official ticket reseller with great prices, great reviews and a great stock of 1, 2 or 3-day tickets.

Grandstand details

  • The Silver 6 (and Silver 6 BIS)  grandstand is uncovered. There’s no roof over the top so it’s completely exposed to the elements.
  • The seats in the Silver 6 grandstand are individual chairs with fixed seat backs and bases.
  • There is one TV screen visible from both the Silver 6 grandstand. It’s on the other side of the circuit on top of a small grass bank, so can be seen clearly from every seat in the stand.

Silver 6 grandstand seating chart Spa

Below is the seating chart for the Silvers 6 grandstand at Spa.

As the chart shows the Silver 6 grandstand has 5 sections. These include Silver 6 BIS as that is just the sections further to the right of the seating chart above.

The sections are named A to E. Section A is further around the corner and section E is earlier in the corner.

All sections will have row 1 at the front, lowest down.

Spa Francorchamps Silver 6 view

Positioned at 45 degrees to the track on the approach to the first right hander of Les Fagnes from this grandstand you have a view of the braking zone, both the right and left handers of turns 12 and 13 and a little bit of the exit after Turn 13.

The image below shows the sections of the track you can see from the Silver 6 Spa Francorchamps grandstand highlighted in pink.

The grandstand is tiered and only the front few rows will be looking through the safety fence. As you go further back (and higher up) you’ll be able to see over the fence.

The further to the left you sit in the stand (as you look at the track) the easier it will be to see a little more of the cars as they come in to the braking zone for Les Fagnes. The further to the right you sit, the more you can see of the cars as they go through the left hander and exit the corner.

If you sit in the seats on the extreme ends of the grandstand you’ll have the best views for that direction as you won’t be blocked by anyone else in the next seat along.

If you’re sat in the back row then you can stand up and look behind you, getting the best view of the cars as the come towards and go away from the stand.

Best seats

If I was buying tickets for the Silver 6 stand I’d ask to be sat in the back row. Not only would I be highest up, but I’d be able to stand up and watch the cars for longer once they’d passed around the back of the stand after exiting Les Fagnes.

You can request which seats you want when purchasing. You may or may not have your request granted, but it’s worth asking! Regardless, you’ll be preassigned some seats in the stand and notified of these in the weeks leading up to the Grand Prix.

Is the Silver 6 grandstand a good place to sit at Spa?

Les Fagnes corner doesn’t usually see a lot of action during the F1 race. The previous turn Pouhon is so fast that the cars tend to spread out when they get in another car’s dirty air, leaving little opportunity to overtake on the brakes for Les Fagnes.

The most exciting thing that happened here in 2022 was Charles Leclerc’s spin during FP3.

The grandstand is also quite small so won’t have a particularly exciting atmosphere.

For 390 Euros you could sit in any of the other Silver grandstands including Silver 2 at the bottom of the incredible Eau Rouge and Raidillon or Silver 4 near Bruxelles which is covered. 

Personally I’d rather sit in Silver 2 and witness the incredible speed of the cars through Eau Rouge and up Raidillon.

If you want to be near this section of the track and are a Verstappen fan, a better option is the dedicated Max Verstappen grandstand which is on the left of the Silver 6 stand between Pouhon and Les Fagnes. That’s the most lively and party-like grandstand at the whole track, so you’re guaranteed to have fun there surrounded by thousands of other Dutch Max fans.

Nearest parking area

The red parking area on the outside of Stavelot / Curve Paul Frere is the closest car park to the Silver 6 grandstand. From there you can walk through a tunnel under the circuit to get to the stand.

Parking can be booked on the website or through the official Spa Grand Prix website. 

Nearest campsite

The Silver 6 grandstand is most easily accessed from the Green Spa Francorchamps camping area. You just have to cross under the track near the Les Combes entrance to get there.

Other Spa grandstands

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