The Best Nurburgring Car Storage Companies in 2024

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Box am Ring car storage garages at the Nurburgring

Whether you’re from Germany, the UK, Europe or even the USA, Nurburgring car storage may be applicable to you if you have a track car you want to leave at the Ring. 

In this article I list all of the companies offering car storage near the Nurburgring, the features they offer and their monthly prices.


Why store a car at the Nurburgring?

There’s a number of reasons you may want to leave a car at the Ring:

You’re a Nurburgring regular. Whether you are coming from England, Europe or America, if you are a frequent tourist lapper then storing your car at the Ring makes sense. If you’re coming from  abroad then flying to one of the nearby airports, renting a hire car and driving down to collect your track car from storage might be the way to do it. It can be more efficient for time and cost.

You have a hardcore no-compromise track car. Even if geographically you can drive to the Nurburgring in a few hours, you may have a dedicated track car.  The car may be so stripped-out and hardcore that you can’t bear the physical punishment you’ll get from having to drive it a few hours across Europe, so storing it somewhere near to the track makes more sense.

A fully stripped out VW Golf track car

It may be cheaper than towing. Check out some of the Nurburgring car storage prices listed below and you’ll see that they are very reasonable. You may be thinking about towing your track car, but consider the cost of a trailer and towbar, the extra fuel and the mental cost of having to drive slower and car storage might be more favourable.

You don’t want to put the miles on your car. If so, some of the below companies offer long-term storage solutions so you can keep the mileage down to just the 13 or so miles per lap that is accumulated on the Ring.

You want your car to be ready for lapping. Maybe you don’t have the time to do the preparation or service work on your car yourself before heading to the Ring. Some of the companies below offers workshop services whilst you car is stored with them to make sure your car is fit and ready for the Ring.

List of Nurburgring car storage companies and prices

Below is a list of all companies near the Nurburgring that we are aware of who offer car storage, starting with the cheapest monthly cost first. If you offer storage but aren’t on this list, please get in touch to be added.

The Gantry

The Gantry Nurburgring logo

Nurburgring car storage costs: 100 Euros / month

Minimum storage term: No minimum or maximum storage term

Details: All cars stored indoors, in a large secure garage. 20 spaces total.

Optional extras: Very flexible and can cater to each owner’s needs. The Gantry can take cars to garages, car detailers, tyre fitters etc on behalf of the owner whilst they’re stored. Jetwash on site.

Distance from Nordschleife entrance: 5 minute drive

A Porsche GT3, BMW m3, Peuge 106 and Peugeot 205 in a garage

Need for Ring

need for ring logo

Nurburgring car storage costs:

  • Indoors –  100 Euros / month
  • Outdoors  – 60 Euros / month

Minimum storage term: None

Details: Secure and insured indoor and outside storage options. 

Optional extras: Can offer trickle charging, car servicing / washing / repairing and fitting of aftermarket upgrades. They also offer driver coaching for laps of the Ring.

Distance from Nordschleife entrance: 9 minute drive

Contact: NeedforRing Facebook, their Website or their Instagram

BMW E46 M3 and M2 parked outside need for ring garage

GDL Racing

Nurburg by GDL Racing logo

Nurburgring car storage costs: 100 Euros / month

Minimum storage term: 4 months

Details: Price shown above is for indoor storage that includes CCTV and an acoustic alarm – 6 of these spaces are available.  Also they have over 10 outdoor spaces available for 50 Euros a month. 

Optional extras: Trickle charging, car covers. Enquire with GDL. 

Distance from Nordschleife entrance: 7 minute drive

The Crown Performance

Nurburgring car storage costs:

  • Bronze package – 100 Euros / month (+ 19% VAT)
  • Silver package – 115 Euros / month (+ 19% VAT)
  • Gold package – 125 Euros / month (+ 19% VAT)

Minimum storage term: 3 months

Details: All packages include indoor car storage, 24hr CCTV and a car cover. The Crown are also a car servicing, preparation and tuning shop so can accommodate any work or upgrades that need to be done to your car whilst it’s in storage – drop them a line to find out more.

Optional extras: 

  • Silver package extras – trickle charge, fluid check on arrival and before collection
  • Gold package extras – trickle charge, fluid check on arrival and before collection, 24hr worldwide CCTV access including motion detection and night vision, weekly car start-ups

Distance from Nordschleife entrance: 5 minute drive


A Large garage used for storing cars at The Crown

Speedy’s Gueshouse (Gastehause)

Speedys gastehaus logo

Nurburgring car storage costs:

  • 2 garages with 4 parking spots each – 110 Euros / month per space
  • 9 single garages – 150 Euros / month per space
  • 1 larger single garage – 180 Euros / month

Minimum storage term: 1 year

Details: A few different options and different sized storage areas, all indoors. They also offer large guesthouse accomodation rentals. They have a number of different apartments in different buildings.

Optional extras: 

  • Wheel and tyre storage – 10 Euros / month for a set of 4 up to 255/xx/20 size.
  • Car lift for use by guests to service car / change pads etc – 10 Euros / hour

Distance from Nordschleife entrance: 10 minute drive



Box am Ring Logo

Nurburgring car storage costs:

  • 6m x 3m  garage – 110 Euros / month
  • 7.3m x 3m garage – 120 Euros / month

Minimum storage term: 1 year

Details: Individual garage indoor storage, 24/7 CCTV with online access, enclosed within a secure fence and automated main gate, 24/7 access available. All packages come with a power connection, own electricity meter, LED light within the garage and ventilaton. Running water available on site.

Optional extras: Outdoor parking for trailer / motorhomes available. Different rental periods available upon request.

Distance from Nordschleife entrance: 2 minute drive

Box am Ring car storage garages at the Nurburgring

Car Residence

Nurburgring car storage costs:

  • Basic package (single garage) – 120 Euros / month
  • Standard package (single garage) – 150 Euros / month
  • Premium package (double garage)  – 240 Euros / month

Minimum storage term: 1 year

Details: Individual garage indoor storage, 24/7 CCTV, enclosed within a secure fence and automated main gate, 24/7 access available. All packages come with a power connection and light within the garage. Each garage has its own electrical meter for the power connection.

Optional extras: 

  • Standard package extras – ventilation to reduce moisture build up in garage
  • Premium package extras – double garage, ventilation to reduce moisture build up in garage
Car Residence Nurburgring Car Storage garages
An electric securuity gate at Nurburgring car storage facility
Inside a Nurburgring Car Storage garage


Nurburgring car storage costs: 120 Euros / month (+ 19% VAT)

Minimum storage term: 6 months

Details: All cars are stored indoors, cars are started every month, batteries are disconnected.

Optional extras: None advertised

Distance from Nordschleife entrance: 12 minute drive

RIngfreaks Nurburgring car storage garage with many track cars inside

Things to note

With the exception of Car Residence, all of the Nurburgring car storage companies listed above will need you to give them prior warning of when you want to collect your car. Make sure you give them a heads-up in advance so your car is ready for collection when you arrive. Car Residence gives you personal 24 hour access to the site and your garage.

Most of the companies above are very flexible and can normally cater to most people’s needs, so have a chat with them about what you’re after. 

Some of them, such as Ringfreaks, Biggarage and The Crown, also offer Nurburgring track car rental in case you fancy trying a few tourist driving laps in something different. Some may even go and put some fuel in your car for your at one of the nearby Nurburgring petrol stations so it’s ready to get in a drive when you arrive.

Alex Gassman

I‘m Alex. I write F1 and motorsport travel guides based on my experience as racing driver and full-time motorsport nerd. I’ve traveled the world watching F1 and other racing series.

I started oversteer48 with the aim of helping other motorsport fans who are planning on watching some racing themselves.

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