Oulton Park Camping Guide for 2024

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Oulton Park camping guide

This guide to Oulton Park camping provides all the info you need to know if you are planning on heading to Oulton for a race event and want to make a weekend of it by camping. 

The guide provides information on the camping options within the circuit, and also on some of the best other campsites near Oulton Park.


Can you camp at Oulton Park?

You can camp at Oulton Park circuit at every race meeting on their calendar, with the exception of Tunerfest North. The campsite at Oulton is on the outside of the circuit between Old Hall and Cascades, but is very close to the circuit so you’re never more than a couple of minutes’ walk from seeing the action. 

Check out our full guide on the grandstands and viewpoints at Oulton Park for more info on the best places to watch from.

There is no direct infield access from the campsite. If you want to walk around inside the circuit, you can use one of the two circuit crossing points shown on the map further down this page, but these are only available at select times during the day (usually before and after the racing has taken place, and during the lunch break). 

Alternatively you need to walk around the outside of the track to the start / finish line and use the pedestrian bridge at Deer Leap, shown on the map above, but this is usually only open between races. 

This video provides a great overview of what it’s like to camp at Oulton.

If you are after something a little more comfortable, check out the Oulton Park hospitality options.

Oulton Park camping arrangements

The type of camping available differs for each meeting, and for a select few events the campsite is also split in to General and Quiet camping areas, to cater for both rowdy fans and quiet families at the same time.

General camping only

Most events just have a general camping area only, where there is no split between loud / quiet areas. The headline events where this applies are usually as follows:

  • British GT and GB3 championship
  • BMW Sommerfest
  • GT Cup & Supercar Pageant
  • Ford Power Live
  • Oulton Park Gold Cup
  • US Autoshow

In addition, general camping only is available at all club race meetings throughout the year (e.g. BRSCC, MSVR, Wirral 100 bike championships etc).

General and quiet camping

The events where the campsite at Oulton Park is split in to two areas, for general (loud) and quiet camping are as follows:

  • British Superbike Championship – both race meetings
  • BTCC

The quiet camping area is designed for people with young families, or those who value their beauty sleep more. The noisy hours finish at 10:30pm in the quiet site, whereas they finish 90 minutes later at midnight in the general camping area. This is the time when loud music and noisy external generators needs to be shut off.

The map below is the up-to-date campsite map and shows the general and quiet camping areas at Oulton. Note that the two are adjacent to each other, so if you’re in the quiet area you may still hear some of the general area’s noise between 10:30pm and midnight.

A lot of the camping area is on a hill, espcially the unreserved quiet area in the map above. This means that whilst it can be a little tricky to find a perfectly flat bit of ground, you do get good views of the track around Cascades and the run down Lakeside, which is used for the two main track layouts at Oulton.

Oulton Park camping prices 2024

The cost to camp at Oulton Park ranges from £32 per adult to completely free, depending on the event that you camp at.

Every person that is planning to stay on or access the campsite needs to purchase and individual camping ticket. Camping ticket holders must also have general admission tickets for the race event.

British Superbike camping prices

The British Superbike championship race events at Oulton charge you to camp there for the weekend. The prices are as follows:

  • Adults (15+): £35
  • Teen (13-15): £21
  • Under 13s: Free
Oulton park camping 2024 bsb

For the BSB race meetings you also have the option to also reserve premium camping pitches. These are split in to three different types of pitch which can also be seen on the map above:

  • Trackside Pitch – £85: Has direct views of the circuit as the cars exit Old Hall, go through Dentons and enter Cascades. Pitches are 8m x 7m but vehicles are limited to 7m in length. There are only 30 of these pitches available and they often sell out quickly, so be fast. Noise curfew is midnight.
  • RV / Motorhome Pitch – £65: Doesn’t have direct track views but can accommodate vehicles longer than 7m. Only 26 pitches available. Noise curfew is midnight.
  • Reserved pitch – £30: A guaranteed 8m x 7m pitch, suitable for a party of up to 6 people and a good option for caravans or small motorhomes. Reserved pitches are available in both the general and quiet camping areas.

The map below from the BSB event in 2021 also shows the different pitch areas.

You do not have to reserve one of the above pitches in addition to purchasing your individual camping tickets. Just be mindful that if you don’t, you will have to find a space within the unreserved camping area in either the general or quiet campsite.

These unreserved areas are first come first served and can fill up quickly. If you arrive later in to the weekend there is no guarantee there will be any space left, or if there is it will probably be right at the back of the site.

If you do reserve one of the premium pitches above, you must also have individual camping tickets for everyone in your party.

BTCC camping prices

The prices to camp at Oulton Park for the BTCC are as follows:

  • Adults (15+): £32
  • Teen (13-15): £19
  • Under 13s: Free
Oulton Park BTCC camping costs 2024

At the BTCC you can also reserve one of the three different premium pitches discussed above. The details of these are the same at the BTCC as they are for the BSB, but the prices are slightly different:

  • Trackside Pitch – £75
  • RV / Motorhome Zone – £60
  • Reserved pitch – £30

Oulton Park Gold Cup / British GT & GB3 camping prices

At the Gold Cup and the British GT events the cost for camping is as follows:

  • Adults (15+): £32
  • Teen (13-15): £19
  • Under 13s: Free

At these events you cannot reserve premium pitches, nor are there separate general and quiet camping areas.

All other events - free camping

At all other race meetings, whether they’re headline or club events, camping at Oulton Park is free for general admission ticket holders. However it’s limited to just 150 spaces, there are no separate general / quiet areas and the facilities are much more stripped back.

Full details on the free camping arrangements at Oulton Park can be found here. 

How to book Oulton Park camping

Oulton Park camping tickets can (and should) be booked online in advance. During the busier events like the BSB these often sell out, so don’t try and chance your luck and turn up on the day hoping to bag a spot.

To book camping tickets at Oulton Park in advance, first you must purchase (or already have) general admission tickets. Then navigate to the event you want to book for on the Oulton Park website, and click the book tickets button.

You then need to go through the Stage 3 of the booking process to book your camping tickets. Depending on the event you may have options to select the general or quiet area, plus also reserve an optional premium pitch.

Oulton Park campsite facilities

Full Oulton Park camping facilities and FAQs can be found here, however I’ll highlight some of the most important ones below.

Electrical hook ups

There is no electrical hook up anywhere at the Oulton Park campsite. This includes any of the premium reserved pitches. Bring your own generators or power source if you need it.

Drinking water

There are no water hook ups available in the campsite, but there are a few drinking water standpipes dotted around.

Are dogs allowed at Oulton Park?

Dogs or other pets are not allowed at Oulton Park, around the track or in the campsite, at any time. The only exception to this is for guide or assistance dogs.

Shower facilities

There are showers for people camping at Oulton Park. For the large event these will be in a couple of locations around the campsite, and for the smaller events where camping is free these are likely to be in the paddock area.

Can you take alcohol in?

You can bring your own alcohol in to Oulton Park.

Can you take your own food in?

You are allowed to bring your own food and drink in to Oulton Park. There is no shop on the campsite, but Chequers Restaurant will usually serve food all weekend for the large events, as will a number of other pop-up food vans.

There are also a couple of local shops, a Co-Op and SPAR in Taporley, a 10 minute drive away.

Getting in to the campsite

You should enter the circuit via the East Gate entrance at if you are camping for the weekend at Oulton Park. Once there you will be directed to the campsite by the site marshals. See our article on Oulton Park parking and entrances for more information.

Usually the Oulton Park campsite opens at midday before the event and closes at midday the day after.

Can you have BBQs at Oulton Park?

You are allowed BBQs in the campsite at Oulton Park as long as they are raised off the ground. Open fires, however, are not allowed.

Campsites near Oulton Park

The biggest downside of the campsite at Oulton Park is not having an electrical hook up. If this is a deal-breaker for you, or if you want to camp elsewhere for other reasons, there are lots of other campsites near Oulton Park that will offer good alternatives, but without the buzz of being at the circuit.

I have listed a couple of the closest and best ones below, but to see the rest search on Google Maps or Jetcamp.

Elm Cottage

Elm Cottage is suitable for caravans, motorhomes, campervans and tent camping. It has the option of hard standing pitches with EHU and other services available, or grass pitches that also have EHU. There is also a self-catering chalet available for hire.

Elm Cottage is open all year round. It’s less than 2 miles from the circuit so you could drive it in just a couple of minutes, or even ride your bike or walk there.

Elm Cottage touring and caravan park
Elm Cottage to Oulton Park directions

Prices for a grass pitch start at £28 and go up to £32 in the high season, and fully serviced pitches range from £32 to £40 per night.

Elm Cottage has a 4.8 / 5 rating on Google with over 500 reviews. This is not only the closest campsite to Oulton Park but also, probably, the best.

Elm Cottage google reviews

Shays Farm

Shays Farm campsite can accommodate motorhomes, caravans, campervans and tents. There are both grass and hard standing pitches, all of which come with an EHU. It is a smaller campsite with a total of 43 pitches available. There are also 5 glamping pods available for hire near to the campsite that offer more luxury than your tent would.

Shays Farm is open all year round and is just 2.5 miles away from the Oulton Park entrance, less than a 10 minute drive.

Shays Farm touring and caravan park
Shays farm to Oulton Park directions

Prices start at £26 per night for a grass pitch in the low season and go to £34 per night for a hard standing pitch in the high season. This includes your camping unit plus one car and two adults.

Shays Farm also has a 4.8 / 5 rating on Google with over 200 reviews, so is another great option for a campsite near Oulton Park.

Shays Farm campsite google reviews

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