Zandvoort F1 Dress Code: What to wear to the Dutch Grand Prix

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Girls wearing orange clothes at the Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort

There is no official Zandvoort F1 dress code at the Dutch Grand Prix if you have general admission or grandstand seat tickets.

However, if you don’t want to stand out then there is one particular colour you should wear. Orange.

If you’re a VIP or hospitality ticket holder then there is a dress code you need to follow. Full details and examples of what to wear to the Dutch GP in this article.


Is there a Zandvoort F1 dress code?

If you’ve got General Admission or grandstand seat tickets for the Dutch GP at then there’s no dress code that you need to follow.

If you have VIP or hospitality tickets for the Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort then you should follow a smart casual dress code.

Tips, suggestions and examples of smart casual outfits at the F1 are lower down this article.

What to wear to the Dutch Grand Prix

This section mainly applies to General Admission and grandstand seat ticket holders who don’t need to follow a dress code.

If you fall in to those categories then you have two main considerations on what to wear when going to the Dutch GP.

First and foremost you should be in something comfortable and prepare for the weather. Secondly you need to consider if you’re going to join the 95% of people attending the Grand Prix and wear something orange.

Dress for the Weather

The Dutch Grand Prix is held at the end of August or in early September and is located very close to Amsterdam.

The average monthly temperatures for that part of the Netherlands in September are highs of 17 degrees Celsius and lows of 12. On average it’s likely to rain 10 days a month.

All three days of the 2021 and 2022 Dutch Grand Prix were dry. But all three days of the 2023 race saw huge downpours for hours at a time.

Equally the GP is right at the end of summer, so it could be unusually hot. Either way keep a close eye on the forecast in the run up to the event.

If the weather looks changeable here’s a few suggestions on things you can bring to help you prepare for both ends of the forecast:

  • Lightweight rain jacket that can fold up small in your backpack
  • Lightweight poncho, big enough to cover your backpack
  • Small foldable umbrella
  • Something to sit on to keep your bum dry
  • Moisture management or quick-dry ‘Dri-fit’ technical clothing is good for keeping you cool and dry on the inside
  • Sports clothing with inbuilt vents or mesh panels help airflow across your skin
  • Bring a hat – good for keeping sun off your face or rain out of your eyes
  • A spare top or t-shirt in case one gets wet from rain or sweat!
  • Sunscreen

Wear orange

Holland is symbolised by the colour orange. It hails from the Dutch Royal Family but on the world stage it’s most notable for being the colour their national football team wear.

Now, since Max Verstappen’s rise to the top of Formula 1, we know it for another reason. The Orange Army. More specifically, Max’s orange army.

At every Formula 1 race throughout the year there will be thousands of travelling Dutch fans wearing orange, partying hard and cheering on the Red Bull driver.

The Dutch Grand Prix is the home race for Max and his Orange Army. Nearly everyone at the track is going to be wearing orange.

If you want to blend in and immediately become a soldier of the army, then you better join them in wearing orange.

You can still wear F1 merchandise for other teams or drivers, but you’ll definitely be in the minority.


The Zandvoort circuit layout is only around 2.6 miles long. If you’ve got General Admission tickets and want to explore the track and check out the different viewpoints then you’ll still end up doing a lot of walking and rack up tens of thousands of steps.

If you’re riding a bicycle to the circuit then you need some shoes that are ok on the pedals too.

Wear shoes that will be comfortable. Running trainers with a cushioned sole are a good idea. If the weather looks like it’s going to be wet then wear something you’re happy to get dirty as it can get muddy.

Walking boots in the mud - need to know the Canadian F1 dress code and wear the right footwear

Zandvoort F1 dress code for VIP & Hospitality

The dress code for the hospitality areas at the Dutch Grand Prix is smart casual.

The Paddock Club and Founders Lounge are the areas where this dress code is more important.

Here are some guidelines on how to dress smart casual:

  • Full length trousers are preferred. Shorts can be worn if it’s exceptionally hot, but they should be smart chino shorts (not jean shorts)
  • Full length trousers should be chinos
  • Only very smart jeans are allowed; ripped, torn, bleached or dirty jeans are not
  • Men should wear collared shirts like polo shirts or a casual dress shirt
  • All shoes should be clean
  • Smart trainers are ok
  • Sandals, flip-slops or slides are not allowed but smarter sandals like Birkenstocks should be ok for women
  • Women can wear strappy sandals, heels or wedges
  • Women can wear dresses, skirts, trousers
  • No track suits or jogging suits
  • No beach wear
  • All hospitality areas welcome more formal attire
  • Wearing F1 clothing and merchandise is ok and encouraged in the hospitality areas. If you tour a team’s pit garage then you’re asked not wear clothing from another team.

If you’re not sure what you should or shouldn’t wear then get in touch with your sales representative and they’ll be able to clarify.

Zandvoort Dress Code - Smart Casual Examples

Below are a few examples of smart casual clothing at the Dutch Grand Prix that would be good to wear in the hospitality areas.

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