Zandvoort F1 Camping Guide: 538 Village & Nearby Campsites

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Dutch Grand Prix camping guide for the Zandvoort F1 weekend

If you’re heading to the Dutch Grand Prix then camping at Zandvoort is one of the best ways to make the most of the buzzing atmosphere during the F1 weekend.

For Zandvoort F1 Camping options you can either use the official 538 Village Campsite, hosted by the Dutch GP themselves, or choose one of the other local campsites.

This guide to camping at the Dutch GP details all of the different camping options during the Formula One weekend.


Zandvoort F1 538 Village campsite

The 538 Village is the official Zandvoort F1 campsite. It’s located right next to turns 8 and 9 on the Zandvoort track layout.

The map belows shows the 538 Village in green.

538 Village Zandvoort F1 camping at the Gp circuit

To camp here you can either bring your own tent or campervan, or hire one of the pre-erected tents in the Dutch GP camping village.

Tickets for the 538 Village can only be purchased directly through the official Dutch GP website here.

538 Village tickets DO NOT get you access to the circuit. That means you need to buy separate Zandvoort General Admission or grandstand tickets to get in to the track to watch the action.

Some of the nearest grandstands to the campsite are the Hairpin grandstands, Eastside 4, Eastside 3, Eastside 2 and Eastside 1.

Below are the different options for a full weekend of camping at the 538 Village, from Thursday night to Monday morning:

  • Bring your own tent: €229PP
  • Bring your own campervan: €308PP
  • Village tent: €325PP (max 2 people)
  • Festihut: €425PP (max 4 people – 2 bunk beds)
  • Delta: €525PP (max 2 people – 2 single beds)
  • Lodge: €625PP (max 2 people – 2 single beds)
  • Group tent: €355PP (max 7 people)
  • Group tent XL: €230PP (max 12 people)
538 village Zandvoort F1 camping ticket the Zandvoort Dutch GP

There’s an additional Dutch tourist tax of €3.30 per person per night you’ll have to pay upon arrival at the campsite.

538 is a Dutch radio station called Radio 538. It should come as no surprise that there’s live music and DJ sets every night in the campsite, provided by some of the radio show hosts, presenters and DJs. This makes this a pretty lively place to camp.

Below is the lineup for the live music in the 538 Village at the 2023 Dutch Grand Prix.

538 village DJ lineup at the 2023 Dutch DP

You can check in to the 538 Village campsite between 12:00 – 22:00 on Thursday and 08:00 – 22:00 on the Friday of the weekend. The campsite closes at 12:00 on the Monday.

The 538 Village at Zandvoort is directly next to Entrance Gate 4, so you’re never more than a 5 minute walk from the track. .

538 Village entrance gate 4 at the Dutch Grand Prix

Despite the signs on the gates saying no re-entry, if you have a camping ticket then you can leave and re-enter the track as many times as you want across the weekend.

Campervans are given a 6×10 metre pitch. You’re not allowed caravans or to sleep in your car, it has to be a proper campervan and you can’t set up a tent next to your camper on your designated pitch.

There are electrical hookups available for the campervans, but you need to bring a long (25 metre +) waterproof power lead to reach the sockets.

538 village tents at Zandvoort F1 camping area

There are a number of other FAQs and rules about camping at Zandvoort in the 538 Village that can be found here. These cover food & drink, alcohol, BBQs / fires, loud music and more. 

Getting to the 538 Village

You can pay extra for the ‘Kiss and Ride’ add-on if you’re staying at the 538 Village. This means you can have someone in a car drop you and all of your camping gear off right next to the Dutch GP camping area on the Thursday before the race weekend.

You cannot park the car at the circuit, however. Once you’ve been dropped off the driver has to leave the site.

Check out our Dutch GP travel and transport guide for some suggestions to what to do with the car once you’ve dropped everything off. Your options are either the Park & Bike or Park & Ride services.

If you don’t have much stuff with you, you can use public transport or a bicycle to ride to the campsite.

Campsites near Zandvoort F1 circuit

If the 538 Village is sold out or you want to explore other options with different facilities then there’s plenty of alternative campsites in the area surrounding Zandvoort circuit.

Below is a map, list and details of the nearby campsites that are worth considering during the Formula One weekend, ordered with the closest first.

Duincamping de Lakens

  • Website link
  • Distance from Zandvoort: 2km / 6 min bike ride / 30 min walk
  • Bike rental: Yes
  • Camping: Sites for your own tent / car / campervan / caravan
  • Pre-built accommodation: Yes

Incredibly picturesque camping pitches nestled in the sand dunes that surround the circuit. Beachcamp feel with lots of facilities and a great atmosphere.

This is the closest campsite to the Dutch GP track and it would be my number 1 Zandvoort F1 camping pick.

Camping Bloemendaal

  • Website link
  • Distance from Zandvoort: 2.5km / 8 min bike ride / 35 min walk
  • Bike rental: Yes
  • Camping: Campervan / caravan sites only
  • Pre-built accommodation: No

This campsite will be full of Dutch Max Verstappen fans across the whole F1 weekend. The atmosphere will be amazing and it’ll be pretty lively. This will be a true Zandvoort F1 camping experience.

They have big TV screens set up and large communal tents, seating, eating and drinking areas to make the most of the Formula 1 buzz.

Surfana Surf Camp

  • Website link
  • Distance from Zandvoort: 2.5km / 8 min bike ride / 35 min walk
  • Bike rental: Yes
  • Camping: No pitches for your own camping
  • Pre-built accommodation: Yes

This isn’t a typical campsite, instead it’s a Surf camp. You can’t bring your own tent or van but you can rent one of their pre-built tents.

This would be great for people looking to extend their trip who’d be up for some surfing at the same time. Super close to the sea and the circuit

Zeeweg 71

  • Website link
  • Distance from Zandvoort: 6km / 20 min bike ride / 1.5 hour walk
  • Bike rental: Yes
  • Camping: Tents / Campervan / Caravan pitches
  • Pre-built accommodation: No

A quieter campsite set in beautiful surroundings, with camping pitches available in the sand dunes, grass and around a lake.

There are other activities available here to keep kids entertained – tennis court, volleyball, ping pong table and more.

Camping de Elta

  • Website link
  • Distance from Zandvoort: 10km / 35 minute bike ride
  • Bike rental: Yes (normal and e-bikes)
  • Camping: No pitches for your own camping
  • Pre-built accommodation: Yes

This campsite is just North of Haarlem and still not much more than 30 minutes away by bike.

It’s a smaller campsite that’s also called Formula 1 Camping Zandvoort on Google Maps. It’s set up specfically for the F1 weekend so has big screens with communal viewing / seating areas to watch some of the action.

Camping Sollasi

  • Website link
  • Distance from Zandvoort: 14km / 45 minute bike ride
  • Bike rental: Yes
  • Camping: Tent / campervan / caravan pitches
  • Pre-built accommodation: Yes

A good sized campsite sat right on the edge of a lake and a forest, only a short way from the dunes that surround Zandvoort.

This one’s a little further away, being a 45 minute bike ride to the circuit entrance.

Sollasi and the next campsite le Parage are part of the same company.

Camping le Parage

  • Website link
  • Distance from Zandvoort: 14km / 45 minute bike ride
  • Bike rental: Yes
  • Camping: Tent / campervan / caravan pitches
  • Pre-built accommodation: Yes

This is a quieter campsite with only around 20 camping pitches available amongst a number of permanent holiday homes.

If you want to escape the noise and buzz of the F1 event during the evenings, this is probably the best place to do it.

Camping de Wulp

  • Website link
  • Distance from Zandvoort: 15km / 45 minutes
  • Bike rental: Yes
  • Camping: Tent / campervan / caravan pitches
  • Pre-built accommodation: Yes

This is the southern-most campsite on this list and is a good 45 minute bike ride away from the circuit.

It has lots of good facilities for adults and children. There’s only 25 camping pitches available so is going to be a farily peaceful place to stay.

Camping de Duindoorn

  • Website link
  • Distance from Zandvoort: 16km / 55 minute bike ride
  • Bike rental: Yes
  • Camping: Tent / campervan / caravan pitches
  • Pre-built accommodation: Yes

This is the furthest away Zandvoort F1 camping site on this list, being much further up North and the best part of an hour on a bike.

They offer 4-day Formula 1 weekend packages for tents, campervans, caravans, cars and everything in between.

Campsites near Zandvoort not available during F1

If you look on Google Maps you’ll see a couple of campsites quite literally next door to the circuit. These are Camping de Duinrand and the Camperplaats Zandvoort. 

Neither of these are open to the public during the Formula 1 weekend as they’re hired out to F1 teams and event staff.

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