Zandvoort Hairpin Grandstand 1 & 2 Guide: Views, Seat Plan, Tips

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Zandvoort hairpin grandstands 1 and 2

This is my guide to spectating at the Zandvoort Hairpin Grandstand 1 and 2 during the Formula 1 weekend, based on my trip to the 2023 Dutch GP.

This guide includes examples of the view, a seating plan and my tips on getting the best seats in these stands. 

Plus a look at how this grandstand compares to the others and whether the tickets to sit here are good value.


Zandvoort Hairpin grandstand 1 & 2 location

There are two Hairpin grandstands at the Zandvoort track:

  • Hairpin Grandstand 1
  • Hairpin Grandstand 2

Both of these are on the inside of Turn 10 on the Zandvoort track, which is actually the outside (left-hand side) of the circuit.

Zandvoort circuit map wih grandstands

Zandvoort Hairpin grandstand 1 is pointing towards the short straight between turns 9 and 10. 

Hairpin grandstand 2 is pointing towards the straight after the exit of Turn 10.

The two grandstands sit back-to-back and face away from each other.

Hairpin grandstand 1 and 2 at circuit Zandvoort for the Formula 1 race

Other grandstands

Hairpin grandstand tickets for the Dutch GP

Both of the Zandvoort hairpin grandstands fall in to the Bronze category of grandstands.

These are the cheapest Zandvoort F1 tickets you can get if you want a grandstand seat.

The other grandstands in the Bronze category are:

The price list below shows the cost of all of the different grandstand categories for the 2023 Dutch Grand Prix, taken from the official Dutch GP website. 

A 3-day weekend ticket for either Hairpin grandstand costs about 125 Euros more than a 3-day Zandvoort General Admission ticket.

Arena In grandstand details

The following applies to both Hairpin Grandstand 1 and Hairpin Grandstand 2.


The seats are chairs with a fixed back and base.


Both grandstands are uncovered so are completely exposed to the elements.

At the 2023 Dutch Grand Prix it rained almost all weekend. Umbrellas aren’t allowed in the grandstands, so everyone got very wet.

Check out our Dutch GP dress code article for some tips on what to wear to prepare for the weather.

The only grandstand with a roof at Zandvoort is the Main grandstand.

TV screens

Each grandstand has a TV screen directly in front of it on the other side of the circuit. These are easy to see from every seat in the respective grandstand.

TV screens at the Dutch Grand Prix circuit showing the f1
Hairpin 1 grandstand TV screen at Zandvoort
Hairpin 2 grandstand TV screen at Zandvoort F1 weekend


There are a number of food, drink and merchandise vendors between the Hairpin grandstands and the Eastside 1 grandstand. These are less than a minutes’ walk from either Hairpin stand.

There are toilets between the Hairpin 1 and Hairpin 2 grandstands, right on the inside of Turn 10.

Hairpin grandstand 1 & 2 seating plan

The image below shows the Hairpin grandstand 1 & 2 seating plans at Zandvoort.

Both Hairpin 1 and 2 have 26 rows of seats. Row 1 is the lowest down at the front and Row 26 is highest up at the back.

The seat numbers in both grandstands increase from left to right (as you stand on the track and look up at each grandstand).

That means that in Hairpin grandstand 1 the seats closest to Turn 10 will have higher seat numbers.

In Hairpin grandstand 2 the seats closest to Turn 10 will have lower seat numbers.

I forgot to check whether the seat numbers start from 1 on the left hand side of grandstand 2, or whether they continue from the final seat number in grandstand 1. If anyone knows please leave a comment!

Both Hairpin grandstand 1 and 2 are 180 seats wide.

Hairpin grandstand views

Hairpin grandstand 1

The image below shows the sections of track visible from this stand highlighted in pink.

As the image shows you can see everything from the apex of Turn 9 to the apex of Turn 10. Unfortunately you can’t see across the track to before Turn 9 as there’s a big grass bank on the inside of the circuit that blocks your view.

The only time your view improves is if you sit on the far left hand end of the grandstand in the seats closest to Turn 10. Then you can turn to your left and watch the cars apex Turn 10.

You’ll be able to follow them all the way around the corner until they disappear behind Hairpin grandstand 2.

The video below shows the view from Hairpin grandstand 1, row 10.

In the video you can see the cars appear from behind the bank just at the exit of Turn 9, then dissapear as they head off towards Turn 10.

Hairpin grandstand 2

The image below shows the visible track from grandstand 2 highlighted in pink.

This time you can see everything from just after the apex of Turn 10 to a little way down the straight that follows it.

Unfortunately there are some trees just a short way to the left of this stand, between the lake and the circuit on the image above, which block your view of the cars as they head off to your left.

The video below shows an example of the views from this stand. You can see how the cars suddenly appear at the exit of Turn 10 then you quickly lose them out of sight behind the trees on the left.

This video was filmed from about 5 rows from the back of the stand (around row 20) and quite far to the left (higher seat numbers).

Here’s another video filmed from a little lower down in the stand.

Here’s another video of the view from Hairpin grandstand 2.

Best seats in the Hairpin grandstands

Of the two hairpin grandstands I’d chose to sit in Hairpin 1. You’re more likely to see some action at Turn 9 and on the entry to Turn 10 than you are on the exit of Turn 10.

Turn 9 is where Charles Leclerc crashed in Q3 at the 2023 Grand Prix. People sat in Hairpin grandstand 1 had the best view possible of his smash.

I’d try and get seats in the higher rows of the grandstand and furthest to the right (closest to Turn 9) as possible.

Are the Hairpin grandstand at good place to sit?

Both Zandvoort Hairpin grandstands are in the Bronze group. The others in that group are Eastside 1, Eastside 4 and Arena Out.

Of all of the Bronze grandstands Eastside 4 would be my first pick, and I’d chose that over either Hairpin grandstand.

Eastside 4 is still within the Arena section of the track where there’s about 10 grandstands packed in to a small section of the circuit facing each other right next to the DJ stage. 

The atmosphere in Eastside 4 will be electric and much more lively buzzing than in the Hairpin grandstands. It’ll be a non-stop party,

Your view of the track in Eastside 4 won’t be much more exciting, however. If you want a vantage point looking over some better overtaking spots then you need to spend more money on a Silver or Gold grandstand seat.

Nearest entrance

The nearest entrance to the Zandvoort Hairpin grandstands is entrance gate 4. This is a 5 minute walk away from the stands.

Gate 4 is also the entrance to the 538 Village Zandvoort F1 Campsite.

Dutch Grand Prix circuit entrance gate 4 map

For tips on getting to the circuit using public transport (you can’t drive), check out our guide on how to get to the Zandvoort F1 race.

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