Austin F1 Concert: Line-up, Schedule, Ticket Info for US GP Music

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Austin F1 concert at the United States Grand Prix

Wondering who’s playing at the Austin F1 concert or what time your favourite artist will be hitting the stage at the US Grand Prix?

Unsure whether you need to buy additional tickets or if your Formula 1 tickets include access to the concerts?

This article has all the details on the live music playing during the F1 weekend at COTA this year.


Who's performing at the Austin F1 concert?

The line-up of artists for the 2024 US Grand Prix hasn’t been annouced yet. When it does this page will be updated.

Below is the information from last year’s race.

COTA have announced the three headline artists performing over the Formula 1 weekend from October 20-22nd 2023:

  • Friday 20th October: The Killers
  • Saturday 21st October: Queen + Adam Lambert
  • Sunday 22nd October: Tiesto (post-race)

Still need COTA F1 tickets?

If you still need tickets for the US Grand Prix at COTA I’d recommend buying them on StubHub.

There’s a big selection of tickets still for sale including loads of much more affordable single-day tickets options.

I’ve used StubHub for Formula One tickets on a number of occasions over the last 18 months, including for my trip to the first Grand Prix in Vegas, and have always had a great experience using them.

Their very robust FanProtect guarantee also ensures both your money and tickets are fully protected, and that gave me a lot of confidence.

What time do the Austin F1 concerts start?

The Austin F1 concert headliner’s sets are scheduled to start at 7:30pm on the Friday and Saturday evenings. They will last roughly 90 minutes.

On the Friday the last on-track action is due to finish at 5:30pm once the F1 qualifying is over.

On Saturday the final track action is due to be complete by 6:00pm after the Sprint Race is over.

On Saturday the Grand Prix is due to finish at 4:00pm, plus there will be over an hour of post-race celebrations and the podium ceremony.

See the full COTA F1 schedule for more information on race timings.

Where is the Austin F1 concert held?

The Friday and Saturday headline artists at the US GP will be performing on the Germania Super Stage. This is located on the inside of the circuit near turns 8, 9 and 10.

The stage will actually be on the outside of the circuit on the other side of the back straight. 

After the on-track action is finished the barriers will be moved from in front of the stage and the whole area inside the circuit will be a grassy lawn standing area.

Austin F1 concert stage locations map at the US Grand Prix

The Sunday post-race performance will take place on the Germania Ampithetre next to turns 16, 17 and 18, right in the F1 Fan Zone at the foot of the COTA tower.

Do F1 tickets include the concerts?

If you have any type of Formula 1 tickets to the Austin Grand Prix then you have access to the concerts as well. You only have concert access for the days your ticket is valid.

If for example you only have COTA F1 General Admission tickets for the Friday, that means you can only get in to the circuit to see the Friday concert. If you have 3-day grandstand tickets then you can go to concerts all three days of the weekend.

If you already have an F1 ticket you can pay for a ‘concert floor upgrade’ to get you closer to the front of the stage. You can buy these upgrade tickets at the bottom of the official COTA F1 ticket page. 

What if you only want to see the concerts?

You can still attend the concerts even if you’re not interested in the Formula 1 and have no desire to see the US GP trophy being lifted.

If that’s the case you need to purchase single-day general admission (grounds pass) tickets to the F1. You need to purchase these for the day of the concert you want to see.

Information on purchasing single day tickets can be found on the official site here. 

You will also need to sort out parking at the circuit. See our COTA parking guide for more details on the different options.

What time to get to the Austin F1 concert?

If you’re going to be watching the Formula 1  anyway then you’ll already be at the circuit so you can meander over to the stage once the track action is over.

If you’re not interested in the racing and only coming for the music, the circuit gates open at around 9:00am each day of the race weekend. You can turn up any time after that before the concerts start.

My suggestion would be to aim to arrive before final F1 session of the day finishes to make sure you avoid the post-F1 traffic gridlock around the circuit.

Smaller artists

As well as the artists headling the Austin F1 concerts there’ll be dozens of smaller musicians playing at different stages dotted around the circuit across the Grand Prix weekend. A lot of these will be local Texas bands.

The stages they’ll be performing on are likely to be located in the following areas, found on the map below:

  • La Cantina
  • F1 Fan Zone
  • Onederland (also known as Fan Field)
  • Biergarten
COTA Onederland, Biergarten, F1 Fan Zone and La Cantina areas with live music during the GP

Some of other artists performing across the 2023 United States Grand Prix weekend are:

  •  Sir Woman
  • Thebrosfresh
  • Magic Giant
  • Brown Out
  • Mobley
  • Nakia
  • Bidi Bidi Bandar
  • Madam Radar
  • Darkbird
  • The Tiarras
  • Money Chica
  • Bombasta
  • En Orbito
  • Trumpeter Swan
  • The Stayres
  • Mariachi Capital
  • Mariachi Voz de Passion

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