Dutch Grand Prix Trophy Design and Evolution over the Years

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Dutch Grand Prix trophy design 2022 and 2021

Formula 1 returned to Zandvoort for the first time in 34 years in 2021. To celebrate its return a new Dutch Grand Prix trophy was designed, manufactured and awarded to the race winner.

In 2022 the trophy design was changed again completely. This article takes a brief look back at the history of the Dutch GP trophy designs and how they’ve changed over the years.


Different trophy or same trophy?

Some F1 races such as the British Grand Prix as Silverstone use the same trophy each year and engrave every successive winner’s name on to it.

Others, like the Canadian GP trophy, change from year to year.

The Dutch Grand Prix trophy, since the race’s return in 2021, has been different every year. Below is a look at how the design’s changed.

2021 Dutch Grand Prix Trophy

To celebrate the return of the Dutch Grand Prix in 2021 after its 34 year hiatus a special trophy needed to be designed.

For the race on the Zandvoort track the event’s title sponsor and Dutch brewing company Heineken took the reigns to commission a new design.

They worked with the Dutch product design studio Piet Boon to come up with something appropriate.

 Their design brief included the following:

  • Pay tribute to Dutch GPs of the past
  • Incorporate Zandvoort’s heritage
  • Include a reference to Dutch culture
  • Be made from sustainable materials
  • Reflect Heineken’s branding

The design they came up met every single one of those criteria.

The shape of the trophy’s large cup was designed to replicate the very first Zandvoort Grand Prix trophy back in 1938, paying tribute to the GP’s past.

Below you can see Sir Jackie Stewart holding the new trophy with the original 1938 iteration behind him.

The engravings on the side of the glass cup were made with a sandblaster using sand from the beaches surrounding the circuit, incorporating Zandvoort’s heritage.

The shape of the cup was also designed to replicate the shape of Dutch cognac glasses that are so often found in cafes in the neighbouring city of Amsterdam.

Contrary to popular belief it’s not supposed to be a massive wine glass. But I’m sure it would be a nice way to drink the winner’s champagane.

The trophy was made from fully recycled materials. The glass cup was made from old Heineken bottles. The plastic base was made from recycled plastic beer bottle crates.

Heineken’s branding is clearly incorporated in the colour of the glass cup. The green hue obviously resembling the green of their beer bottles.

On the whole the trophy was well received by fans and drivers alike. The cup shape is one of the more traditional trophy designs and always a favourite with the racers.

This trohpy made my list of the best F1 trophies in the last few years.

The top three finishers of the 2021 Dutch Grand Prix were:

  • 1st place: Max Verstappen
  • 2nd place: Lewis Hamilton
  • 3rd place: Valtteri Bottas

It was only fitting and right that a Dutchman won on F1’s return to Holland. Verstappen dominated the race in front of his home fans and the orange army who all wear orange clothes to Zandvoort.

Lewis did manage to steal an extra point for setting the fastest lap of the race on the very last lap which became to Zandvoort lap record.

This Dutch Grand Prix trophy wasn’t just used for the F1 races, but the support races like the W Series also received their own version of the same design.

2022 Dutch Grand Prix trophy

For the 2022 Formula 1 race at Zandvoort a whole different trophy design was commissioned.

The title sponsor was still Heineken and this year they wanted the trophy to be in keeping with their traditional line of F1 trophies that have come in for a lot of criticism over the years.

The shape of their normal trophy is a rounded base that morphs in to the 5-pointed Heineken star at the top. It often bears no resemblance to the country where the race is held.

For the 2022 Dutch Grand Prix they wanted that aspect to change. So they commissioned Dutch artist Pablo Lucker to come up with a new ‘paint job’ for the outside of the trophy.

This is what he produced.

Very in keeping with the style of art he’s known for, his ‘Dream Script’ graffiti design incorporated a few nods to Dutch culture and the racing.

Look closely and you’ll see a windmill, a chequered flag, F1 car and the lion that’s found on the Dutch coat of arms.

The base of the trophy is made from green glass, again symbolizing Heineken’s green beer bottles.

The top 3 finishers of the 2022 Dutch Grand Prix were:

  • 1st place: Max Verstappen
  • 2nd place: George Russell
  • 3rd place: Charles Leclerc

Max once again won on home turf, making it a 100% win rate at the Dutch Grand Prix much to the delight of the orange army.

This trophy wasn’t as well received as the 2021 version. People are fed up seeing such blatant sponsor advertising in the trophy designs.

Hopefully this year’s version will be a return to form.

Alex Gassman

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