F1 Miami Parking Guide: Official Pass & Unofficial Parking Lots

F1 Miami Parking lots for the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix

If you’re heading to the Miami Grand Prix then driving and parking may well be the easiest way for you to get there, with numerous official and unofficial parking lots surrounding the circuit. But the process for getting an official parking ticket is confusing. This article provides a complete guide to the F1 Miami parking situation to help you understand all of the different options.


where do you park for the Miami grand prix?

For the Miami Grand Prix you either park in one of the 28 official parking lots or find an unofficial parking space on a local resident’s property.

Read on for the full details of both options for parking at the F1 in Miami.

F1 Miami official parking lots

how to get parking tickets

Official Miami Grand Prix parking tickets are only available for purchase by people who’ve already purchased admission tickets for the F1. That applies to campus pass, grandstand and hospitality ticket holders.

However, official parking tickets are only available to be purchased in the few weeks leading up to the race. In 2022 the official F1 Miami parking tickets went on sale in the first week of April, and in 2023 they were available from the second week of April.

How do you know when they go on sale? If you purchased admission tickets then you’ll get an email to your inbox from the Miami GP saying that there are parking tickets now available in your account. If you can’t see the email, check your junk.

Once you find the email, click the link and it’ll take you to the Miami F1 website to continue the parking ticket purchase. Usually it says you only have around 5 days to complete the purchase of the tickets that have been reserved for you. If you didn’t purchase parking within the 5 days but want to do it at a later date, you can also do that on the Miami F1 website but again you must be an existing admission ticket holder.

what are the official Miami Grand Prix parking options?

There are over 25 different official Miami Grand Prix parking lots available, some within the campus and some off-site. However, you will automatically be issued tickets based upon your admission ticket selection.

Grandstand seat holders will be given the option to purchase official parking tickets in one specific parking lot. That lot will have been predetermined by Miami F1 organisers based upon the location of your chosen grandstand. It doesn’t seem that there’s a way to change the parking lot that you’ve been assigned, so you can either chose to purchase the parking tickets or not.

Campus pass holders seem to be preassigned an official Miami F1 parking lot at random, and again you can either take them or leave them.

how much is official Miami Grand Prix parking?

There seems to be huge variance in the cost of official parking lots that ticket holders are being offered. Prices range from $75 for a 3-day pass in lots 60 and 95 to $450 for a 3-day pass in lots 33 and 43. There are even reports of some ticket holders being offered free parking. This Reddit thread shows the variety in parking ticket prices.

can you park overnight at the Miami F1?

You are not allowed to park overnight in any of the official parking lots for the Miami F1. Camping is prohibited. You must leave at the end of the day and return the next morning. 

Some of the unofficial parking areas may allow overnight parking. See the sections lower down this page.

where are the official Miami Grand Prix parking lots?

There are 28 different official parking lots for the Miami Grand Prix. Details of these can be found on the Miami GP website here.

To make it simpler I’ve put all of the parking lots on one Google Maps embed below. Click the ‘View Larger Map’ toggle in the top right to see it full screen and view the key of parking lots.

There are three categories of parking lot on the map:

  • parking lots on the Miami F1 campus
  • off-campus lots that you have to walk from
  • off-campus lots that offer a complimentary shuttle service

F1 Miami entrance gates

If you head to the interactive campus map on the Miami F1 website and filter to view the Entry Gates, the map will show you their location. G1 seems to be missing from the interactive map so I’ve added it to the image below. 

Below is a list of each parking lot and the nearest entrance gate.

  • Lot 1 – Gate 1
  • Lot 2 – Gate 2
  • Lot 4 – Gate 5A
  • Lot 11 – Gate 6
  • Lot 12 – Gate 8
  • Lot 17E & 17W – Gate 3
  • Lot 18 – Gate 3
  • Lot 21 – Gate 14
  • Lot 22 – Gate 14
  • Lot 30 – Gate 8
  • Lot 31 – Gate 8
  • Lot 32 – Gate 8
  • Lot 33 – Gate 8
  • Lot 34 – Gate 8
  • Lot 35 – Gate 8
  • Lot 37 – Gate 8
  • Lot 40 – Gate 5
  • Lot 41 – Gate 5
  • Lot 42 – Gate 5
  • Lot 43 – Gate 5
  • Lot 44 – Shuttle near to Gate 5
  • Lot 45 – Gate 5
  • Lot 46 – Gate 5
  • Lot 50 – Shuttle near to Gate 3
  • Lot 60 – Shuttle to Gate 14
  • Lot 61 – Shuttle to Gate 14
  • Lot 70 – Shuttle to Gate 14
  • Lot 95 – Shuttle near to Gate 3

If you’re going to be viewing from one of the general admission viewing areas, you may want to head for a different gate. Read our Miami F1 campus pass guide for more info on viewing areas.

Miami Grand Prix shuttle service

Six of the parking lots listed above run a Miami F1 shuttle service to take ticket holders to the circuit. At the 2022 Miami Grand Prix the shuttle service was pretty frequent with fairly reasonable wait times in nice air conditioned coaches.

After the race on Sunday when the traffic around the circuit was bad the wait times were at their longest. There were delays of over an hour for people leaving the circuit to get on a bus after the chequered flag had waved.

Parking lots 45 and 46 are both a long walk, 46 being almost 2 miles to get to entrance gate 5. However you have to walk past lot 44 where there’s a shuttle pick up point, so it’s worth trying to get on to the shuttle there if you don’t want to walk any further.

The shuttle service will usually add some additional time to your total journey, but if you aren’t up for walking then it’s not a bad option if you’ve been preassigned one of the shuttle parking lots.

unoffical cabs / bikes

At most of the parking lots that are a short walk away and don’t run an official shuttle service there’s likely to be a bunch of guys on three-wheeled bikes offering a cab service. They’ll have space in the back for a couple of passengers and will happily take to you to the circuit for something like $20 each and usually only take cash. 

rideshare options

Using Uber, Lyft or another rideshare service can be a bit risky come race day. The traffic around the circuit and thousands of people all requesting rides at the same time means that you can be waiting for an eternity for a cab, if one ever arrives at all. Plus the surge pricing increases can make it incredibly expensive.

If you do want to use a rideshare service to get to and from the Miami Grand Prix, you can’t be dropped off or picked up from the Miami F1 campus itself. Instead you have to meet them at one of the offsite lots.

Rideshare offsite lots (walking distance):

  • 35 (from the North)
  • 43 (from the South)
  • 21 (from the East)

Rideshare offsite lots (shuttle):

  • 70 (from the North)
  • 95 (from the South)
  • Brightline Aventura Station (from the East)

More details can be found on the Miami F1 rideshare meeting points here. 

unofficial Miami F1 parking

Another option that’s cheaper, easier and closer than most of the official Miami Grand Prix parking lots is to use an unofficial resident’s parking space near the circuit. During the race weekend dozens of locals offer their driveways, yards and lawns for parking over the three days. Prices can be as low as $40 for the whole weekend, and there’s normally a haggle to be had.

The Hard Rock Stadium campus is surrounded by residential streets. If you don’t book parking in advance, turn up during the weekend, drive around the neighbourhoods and you will undoubtedly find people advertising their land for parking. 

Take a drive down NW 207th St to the North of the circuit and NW 199th St to the East (highlighted in the blue boxes in the images below) and you’re guaranteed to see people offering parking.

The area along NW 199th St between the 441 and the Stadium is one of the best places (the right-hand box in the image below).

If you want to be a little more organised and have something planned in advance, check out the F1 Miami Grand Prix Facebook group. There’s a number of people in the group offering unofficial parking spots right near the circuit than can be reserved in advance. Some of them have already built up good reviews and returning customers from the 2022 race.

Miami Grand Prix unofficial parking
F1 Miami parking nearby in residents yard

Usually these unofficial parking spots will give you a quicker exit than the bigger official lots, plus the local residents can probably help you out with directions to avoid road closures.

This is the option I’d be going for.

parking lot opening times

See our article on the full Miami F1 schedule for information on what times the official parking lots open on each morning.

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