F1 Miami Entrance Gates Map, Opening Times & Info

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Miami F1 entrances

There are a number of different F1 Miami entrance gates around the Grand Prix circuit. Depending where you’re coming from, parking, and where you’re planning on spectating inside the circuit, you may want to enter and leave via different gates. 

This article provides a full guide to the entrance gates and includes a map of their locations.


F1 Miami entrance gates

The F1 Miami entrance gates are all surrounding the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens. See our article on the Miami F1 location for precise details of where the circuit is and how to get there.

The official interactive Miami F1 campus map can be found here. If you hit the drop down filter and select entry gates it will show you the location of the Miami GP entrance gates surrounding the Hard Rock Stadium campus.

These are all spectator walking entrances only. If you’re a campus pass or grandstand seat holder you won’t be able to drive in through these, you’ll have to park in one of the off-site satellite lots instead. Grandstand seat holders should be pre-assigned a parking lot nearest the entrance gate closest to their grandstand.

Read our full guide to Miami F1 parking for more information on where to park for the GP. The guide also contains information on which entrance gates are closest to which parking lots.

Miami Grand Prix entrance gate 11

Here’s a list of the nearest entrance gates to each grandstand. You can use any entrance for any grandstand, but these ones will save you the most walking:

If you’re going to the Hard Rock Beach Club where the Miami F1 concerts will be held then Gate 14B is the closest.

F1 Miami entrance gate locations

As the map shows a few of the entrance gates (2, 6, 13) are actually within the circuit itself. These are normally for VIPs who have exclusive parking within the circuit perimeter.

The majority of ticket holders will enter the campus by the gates around the outside: 8, 11, 5, 4, 3, 14B.

  • Gates 3, 4, 5 and 14B are directly off NW 199th St.
  • Gate 11 is directly off NW 27th Ave.
  • Gate 8 is directly off NW 27th Ave & NW 203rd St.

Below is a custom Google Map which shows the external spectator entrance gates around the Hard Rock Stadium Miami F1 campus.

F1 Miami entrance gate opening times

Below are the gate opening times for the 2024 Miami Grand Prix:


  • Official parking lots open: 10:30am
  • Gates open: 11:30am 
  • Gates close: 8:00pm


  • Official parking lots open: 9:00am
  • Gates open: 10:00am 
  • Gates close: 7:00pm  


  • Official parking lots open: 9:30am
  • Gates open: 10:30am 
  • Gates close: 7:00pm  

See the Miami F1 schedule for full details of the rest of the timings throughout the weekend.

Miami GP tickets

The official Miami GP tickets usually sell out quickly, especially for some of the grandstands.

So I would recommend buying tickets through StubHub where you can sometimes find some cheaper options, plus single-day tickets.

I’ve bought Formula 1 tickets on StubHub numerous times over the last year, including for my trip to the inaugural Vegas Grand Prix. I’ve always had a great experience and will be using them again.

They also have a FanProtect guarantee which keeps both your tickets and money protected, and is pretty robust.

Digital ticket scanning at entrances

The spectator entrance gates use digital ticket scanning to admit entry. You don’t need to bring a printed version of your ticket with you.

To access your tickets you can download the Miami GP mobile app for iOS or Android. You can log in to the app with either your Miami F1 details or Ticketmaster details. Once you do, you can view your pre-purchased ticket and click to view the barcode. 

Hard Rock stadium entrance 4

There’s a lot of other handy info on the app like interactive campus maps so it’s worth downloading for the weekend (and then deleting again afterwards if you’re tight on storage space like me).

There should be WiFi at all of the entrance gates to make sure everyone can access the app. But to be safe, download the ticket on your phone or take a screengrab of it before hand so you don’t rely on the internet connection to pull it up.

More information on the Miami F1 digital ticketing here.

Bag searches at the entrances

When you come through the F1 Miami entrance gates your bag is likely to be searched. The thoroughness of the search seems to vary massively depending on which security guard does it, and which day of the weekend it is (Sunday is always strictest).

See our article on the Miami F1 campus pass for a full list of what you can and can’t bring in to the circuit.


The Miami GP organisers do a pretty great job at managing the flow of people around the campus. Queues to get through the gates are normally very short, with the exception of directly around the opening times on the Saturday and Sunday of the weekend.

If you’re a campus pass holder and want to grab a good general admission viewing spot you’ll need to get to the entrance gates before they open on race day. Plan to be there at least 30 minutes before they open. 

Miami GP - What to Expect

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