Miami F1 Dress Code – What to Wear to the Miami Grand Prix

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Miami F1 dress code

If you’re heading to the Miami Grand Prix for the first time and you’re unsure what to wear I’ve put together this Miami F1 dress code / guid to help you out. 

Whether you’ve got a campus pass, grandstand seats or are in one of the luxury hospitality areas, the guidelines below will make sure you’re comfortably dressed and look the part all race weekend.


Is there a dress code at the Miami F1?

There is no dress code for the Miami F1 if you have a campus pass (general admission ticket) or a grandstand seat ticket. You’re free to wear whatever you’re most comfortable in.

If you are in one of the hospitality areas, suites or clubs then there is a dress code you should be aware of. More info on this in the sections below.

Being honest though, you can get away with wearing most things at Miami all in the name of fashion…

What to wear to the Miami F1 for general admission

If you have a campus pass or grandstand seat ticket for the Miami F1 there’s no dress code you need to follow. What you wear should be based on what you feel most comfortable in, and what you want to wear.

The only rule is that clothing shouldn’t contain rude or offensive messages and should offer an appropriate level of body protection considering it’s a public event with kids present. The full details of this rule are found on the Miami F1 A-Z FAQs.

So you could rock the latest fashion trends and hope to get snapped by one of the many photographers on the lookout for the hottest celebs attending the event.

Or you can represent your favourite F1 team or driver and be kitted out head to toe in their team wear. And when I say head to toe, I mean it…


There’s numerous concessions at the event selling F1 team merch if you want to pick some up.

Perhaps most importantly you should dress for the weather and the walking. The Miami sun at the start of May is going to be hot. At the 2022 and 2023 Miami Grand Prix dozens of people had to be treated for sun-stroke and heat exhaustion.

So wear clothes that offer a good amount of sun protection, are loose fitting and cool (linen is good). And bring a hat.

Make sure you wear some comfortable shoes. The Miami GP may be set in a big parking lot, but it’s large campus and you can end up doing a lot of walking to check out all of the attractions. Plus if you’re parking at the Miami F1 you’ll probably be in for a decent walk from your parking lot.

There’s a full list of what to bring to the GP on our Miami F1 campus pass guide.

Miami F1 outfit ideas

Here’s a few examples of some outfits at the Miami Grand Prix:

Miami F1 dress code for hospitality

There is a dress code for the hospitality areas at the Miami Grand Prix. The hospitality areas include the luxury areas, suites and clubs. Anything that’s a more premium experience than the campus pass or grandstands counts as a hospitality area.

The dress code for the Miami F1 hospitality areas is smart casual. There isn’t much more official guidance than this, but here’s a few tips for making sure you get smart casual right:

  • Ripped / torn jeans aren’t normally allowed, but smart ones are ok
  • Smart shorts are ok
  • Footwear should be clean
  • Smart trainers are ok
  • Flip-flops are not normally allowed, but smarter sandals like Birkenstocks are ok
  • More formal attire is always welcomed

Even with the Miami F1 dress code, in the hospitality areas you’re allowed (and encouraged) to wear F1 team / driver clothing to show your support.

The Paddock Club is the most luxurious experience at the Miami F1, and all of the events across the F1 calendar. At some events they ask you not to wear shorts in the Paddock Club. With the heat at Miami, however, that wouldn’t apply if you’re wearing smart shorts. Check with your sales rep before going just to be sure.

The Hard Rock Beach Club is where the live music concerts will be held, and that encourages a more laid-back attire.

Miami F1 smart casual clothing ideas

Below are a few examples of smart casual clothing that’s in line with the Miami F1 dress code for the hospitality areas.

Miami GP - What to Expect

I’ll send you my 6 must-know tips for attending the Miami F1 race so you are fully prepared, know what to expect and get the most out of the event.

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Thank you for all of your great advice. I feel prepped and ready for LIGHTS OUT, this weekend in Miami!!!

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