2024 Miami GP Concerts, Music Lineup, Schedule, Stage Info

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Miami Grand Prix concerts 2024

The headliners for the 2024 Miami Grand Prix concerts have been announced and include Ed Sheeran and Steve Aoki.

Below is all the information you need to know about the musical performances at the Miami GP including the timetable, stage location and ticket details

2024 Miami GP concert lineup

The headline artists performing over the Miami Grand Prix weekend are:

  • Steve Aoki – Friday 3rd May 2024
  • Ed Sheeran – Saturday 4th May 2024
  • Don Omar – Saturday 4th May 2024
  • John Summit – Sunday 5th May 2024
  • Kaskade – Sunday 5th May 2024

Here’s the timetable for the headline performers at the Bahrain GP:

2024 Miami GP concert and music lineup
Date Artist Stage Time
Friday 3rd May 2024 Steve Aoki Hard Rock Beach Club TBC
Saturday 4th May 2024 Ed Sheeran Hard Rock Beach Club TBC
Saturday 4th May 2024 Don Omar Hard Rock Beach Club TBC
Sunday 5th May 2024 John Summit Hard Rock Beach Club TBC
Sunday 5th May 2024 Kaskade Hard Rock Beach Club TBC
Miami Grand Prix concert music line up schedule 2024

Set timings

The 2024 Miami Grand Prix takes place from Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th May and is the sixth race on the F1 calendar.

See the full Miami F1 schedule for more details and specific timings of all on-track action.

The exact set times for each of the musical performances hasn’t been announced yet, but will be revealed in the days leading up to the Grand Prix.

When they’re announced the table above will be updated with the times.

2024 Miami F1 concert stage

All the musical peformances listed in the table above will take place at the Hard Rock Beach Club at the side of the Miami GP circuit.

The Miami interactive map shows that the Hard Rock Beach Club is alongside Turns 11, 12 and 13 of the circuit.

Tickets / access to the Miami concerts

The Hard Rock Beach Club is an exclusive VIP / hospitality area at the Miami F1. That means that access to the concerts is only available to people who have the very expensive Hard Rock Beach Club Tickets.

You cannot buy individual concert tickets. Instead, the live music performances will be broadcast across all the other big screens dotted around the Miami GP campus during the weekend.

That means that even if you have grandstand or general admission tickets, you’ll be able to hear the music and watch it live as long as you find a big screen.

Miami GP - What to Expect

I’ll send you my 6 must-know tips for attending the Miami F1 race so you are fully prepared, know what to expect and get the most out of the event.

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