2023 Oulton Park Events Calendar – All headline & club events

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Oulton Park events calendar 2023


There is a strong line up of Oulton Park events for this season. This article lists all of the motorsport events at the circuit, including both the headline and club events. It also provides a downloadable calendar with every event for the year included, to make sure you don’t miss your favourite race series at Oulton.

what races take place at Oulton Park?

There is a good variety of motorsport events planned for the 2023 season that happen across two of the three Oulton Park track layouts, the International and Island circuits.

The headline events include one round of the BTCC on the Island circuit, two rounds of the British Superbike championship, one round of the British GT championship and the Oulton Park Gold Cup.

In addition to the headline events there are a large number of club events taking place throughout the season. These include race meetings hosted by clubs such as MSVR, BRSCC, CSCC, No Limits Bike Club, MG Car Club and more.

There is camping at Oulton Park available for every motorsport event throughout the season. Plus, if you are heading there to watch, there are lots of good spectating areas and grandstands at Oulton Park.

You can arrive at the circuit by car or if you want to avoid the traffic look at Oulton Park public transport options.

2023 events - headline races

In 2023 the headline race events take place across two of the three different Oulton Park circuit layouts, the International and Island circuits. The third layout, Fosters, is not currently used for any competitive motorsport events. 

The list below shows all of the headline events taking place in 2023. There are Oulton Park hospitality options available for each of these.

Unusually a couple of the headline events are are planned to continue in to the Monday following the weekend. The first BSB race event in April, for example, will have one race on the Sunday and two more on the Monday.

See our article on all Oulton Park lap records for information on what kind lap times the drivers, or riders, in some of these series are aiming to beat this year.

At the bottom of this page you’ll se a downloadable Oulton Park 2023 events calendar which you can import in to your phone or PC calendar so you’ll never miss one of these meetings.

  • British GT and GB3 championships (International): Fri 7 – Mon 10 April
  • BSB testing (International): Wed 12 – Thu 13 April
  • BSB championship (International): Sat 29 April – Mon 1 May
  • BMW Sommerfest (International): Sat 3 June
  • BTCC (Island): Sat 17 – Sun 18 June
  • GT Cup championship & Supercar Pageant (International): Sat 1 July
  • Autos de France (International):  Sat 8 July
  • Ford Power Live (International): Sat 15 July
  • Tunerfest North (Island): Sat 22 July
  • Oulton Park Gold Cup (International): Fri 28 – Sun 30 July
  • US Autoshow (International): Sat 19 August
  • BSB championship (International): Fri 15 – Sun 17 September
  • Neil Howard Stage Rally & Fireworks: Sat 4 November

In the downloadable calendar these headline events are shown in blue.

Oulton Park headline events

2023 events - club races

In additional to the headline events above there is a strong line up of club events and race meetings throughout the year. These are also available within the downloadable calendar at the bottom of the page.

  • Caterham Raceday (International): Sat 1 April
  • Wirral 100 Bike championships (International): Sat 15 April
  • BRSCC championships (International): Sat 22 April
  • MG Car Club championships (International): Sat 13 May
  • Ferrari Challenge UK (International): Fri 19 – Sat 20 May
  • British Endurance Championship (International): Sat 27 May
  • Britcar Raceday (International): Mon 29 May
  • TCR UK touring car championship (Island): Sat 10 June
  • Wirral 100 Bike championships (International): Sat 24 June
  • Pre ’66 Classic Sports & GT Cars Equipe GTS (International): Sat 5 August
  • MSVR championships (International): Sat 12 August
  • No Limitsbike championships (International): Sat 2 September
  • CSCC championships (International): Sat 23 September
  • MSVR championships (International): Sat 30 September
  • 750MC championships (International): Sat 7 October
  • BARC championships (International): Sat 14 October
  • BRSCC championships (International): Sat 28 October

In our downloadable Oulton Park calendar these club events are shown in purple.

Oulton Park club events in 2023

non-race events at Oulton

In addition to the headline and club events listed above, there are also testing days and trackdays at Oulton Park. 

Oulton Park is also frequently used for running events, including 5k, 10k, half and full marathons.

Oulton Park calendar for 2023

I have put together a fully downloadable calendar that includes all headline and club motorsport events taking place at Oulton Park in 2023, just so you die-hard race fans never miss another one of your favourite events.

Oulton park calendar 2023

You can download this calendar to use it on your phone, tablet or PC. Add you email address in the box below, hit the send button and it will be in your inbox in a couple of seconds.

enter your details below for the oulton park 2023 events calendar

If you want to get this calendar on your phone and have an Android device, simply downloading it to your phone is all you should need to do. If you have an Apple device it should also work, but if have any issues there are instructions here on how to import it.

The calendar entry for each of the headline events includes a list of all the support series that are racing at the same time. All entries include links to the relevant website page for more information and ticket booking details.

Below is the webpage version of this calendar that includes the same information as the downloadable version.

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Can you please update for 2024 season as the calender on their website fails to import into my phone

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