Silverstone go karting experiences and nearby tracks

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Go karting near Silverstone

There is a Silverstone go karting track being built at the circuit. But if you want to get your karting kicks before that’s open there’s also a number of nearby kart tracks that you can go to. This article provides all the details on karting options at, and near, Silverstone.


Does Silverstone have a kart track?

There is currently no kart track at Silverstone circuit. However, in July 2023 Silverstone management said that they were planning to develop and build a go karting track at the venue.

Motorsport Magazine reported that the managing director of Silverstone Circuit said they were going to build a go karting track at the venue that would be to CIK-FIA standard, meaning it would be eligible for international karting championship events.

Its design is also reported to have some scaled-down features of the full size Grand Prix circuit, such as Maggots and Becketts corners.

The team behind Silverstone said the plan was for this not just to be a kart track that could host official races, but to also offer arrive-and-drive experiences to fans and spectators. 

Silverstone go karting track design

In 2010, once The Wing building and Arena infield sections of track had been completed, Silverstone contracted Apex Circuit Design to produce a design study for a new go karting track within the infield of the Silverstone National circuit.

A couple of different designs were proposed which can be seen in the images below.

The new karting track designs were part of a larger study that also looked at adding a driver training area which included a skid-pan, slalom, handling course and more.

This design study was completed in 2011, but Silverstone never moved forwards with these plans. Perhaps it is these designs that have been resurrected for the new go karting track proposed to be unveiled in 2023.

Go karting during the Silverstone F1 weekend

In the last few years during the Formula One race weekend at Silverstone there has been a tiny little karting / driving track set up in the Family Zone on the outside of the circuit just before Copse Corner. Whilst this isn’t a proper high-speed go karting track, it is at least somewhere the youngsters could get behind the wheel.

Hopefully the new Silverstone go karting circuit will be up and running in time for the future GPs.

Go karting near Silverstone

Whilst there’s currently no arrive-and-drive go karting available at Silverstone itself, there are a number of other options available in the surrounding area. The below list looks at some of the best go karting tracks near Silverstone.

Daytona Milton Keynes

Dayton Milton Keynes is one of the best arrive-and-drive go karting venues not just near Silverstone, but in the whole country. It has a 1.2km outdoor circuit where you can chose from either 50mph 270cc 4-stroke karts or 70mph 125cc 2-stroke professional karts. 

The track has everything from high speed corners to tight hairpins and it is incredibly tough to master. Daytona have a good reputation for making sure their karts are of equal performance, so it always makes for some close, fair racing.

Last time I was there it was barely above freezing and the track was wet, and driving the karts on slicks was like driving on ice to start with; incredibly challenging but one of the most fun driving experiences ever.

This is my number one recommendation for everyone looking for some go karting near Silverstone.

Whilton Mill

Whilton Mill kart circuit is just between Northampton and Daventry. Its 1200m outdoor circuit has been used for years as an official track for highly competitive national karting competitions. 

Now they offer arrive-and-drive experiences, plus if you want to take things a bit more seriously you can enter one of their Open Races. These are fully organised arrive-and-drive races that include everything from individual 15 minute events to 300-lap endurance races for teams of 3.

A proper outdoor kart circuit in proper karts, this is an experience for the purists.

Sutton Circuit

Sutton Circuit in Leicestershire is a bit of a hidden gem. Despite working just 2 minutes from this kart track for 2 years, I didn’t know it existed until I was finally told about it. I spent a summer’s evening karting here and had an amazing experience. 

The fast yet technical outdoor track isn’t quite as long as Whilton Mill or Dayton, but the karts are well maintained and evenly matched so make for some seriously close and exciting racing.

Formula Fast

Formula Fast in Milton Keynes is an indoor track so you know the circuit conditions will always be consistent. At only 500m long it’s less than half the length of Daytona and the karts are slightly less powerful at 200cc but they can still touch 50mph.

If you’re looking for the purest karting experience I’d chose one of the three options above, but Formula Fast is one of the better indoor go karting options on this list.

Teamsport Dunstable

Teamsport Dunstable is just outside Luton. It has a 500m multi-level indoor track. The karts are 200cc 4-stroke and can hit 40mph.

Teamsport are one of the UK’s biggest arrive-and-drive go karting providers with over 35 venues. Whilst their karts aren’t always that well matched on performance, they’re normally good enough to have some close racing and a fun afternoon.

Teamworks Northampton

Teamworks go karting has a few venues dotted around the Midlands. Their Northampton circuit is one of the closest kart circuits to Silverstone. The indoor track isn’t the biggest and can feel pretty narrow, and the karts aren’t always matched that closely, but if you just want a bit of fun it’s not a bad option.

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