2023 Silverstone Hospitality Guide for F1, MotoGP and more…

Silverstone hospitality map


There are a huge number of Silverstone hospitality options for the F1, MotoGP, Festival and lots more big motorsport events at the circuit. Each year the VIP offerings increase, so this article provides an up-to-date guide on all of the hospitality options at Silverstone.

Silverstone hospitality map

Below is a map of all of the different hospitality options at Silverstone Grand Prix circuit. This doesn’t include the general admission grandstands.

All of the options on this map are available for the F1. For other events such as the MotoGP, Festival or BTCC just a few of these are available. Each of the hospitality area overviews lower down this page states which events they are available for.

1. Paddock Club hospitality

Starting price for 3 days: £5400+

Events: F1 only

The Paddock Club is one of the most exclusive VIP hospitality areas at Silverstone. It is located in The Wing building in the new pitlane, directly above the pit garages. With an outdoor balcony directly above the pits it has the best view on the whole circuit of the pit lane activities, as well as an amazing view of the start / finish line and the whole Hamilton Straight.

This hospitality option is managed by F1 themselves as they provide this at every race in the calendar, so want their offering to be consistent at each venue. Tickets can be booked through the F1 Hospitality website.

Paddock Club tickets also include exclusive pit lane walks and guided tours around the track. See the full Silverstone F1 weekend schedule for the timings of those.

2. Hilton Hotel hospitality

Starting price for 3 days: The Box – £5800 / Rooftop – TBC / Starting grid suites – £64k

Events: F1 only

Located directly opposite The Wing building, the Hilton Garden Inn on the edge of the circuit adjacent to the start / finish line provides three different hospitality options for a race weekend:

  • The Box – indoor restaurant and dining area with a large terrace overlooking Hamilton straight, just above track level but still high enough to see over the catch fence.
  • Rooftop – rooftop terrace on top of the hotel with a covered bar and dining area. Amazing panoramic views of Hamilton Straight, Club, Vale and the entrance to Abbey.
  • Starting grid suites – private trackside suites in the hotel that can accommodate between 12 and 50 people. Different suites available on different levels of the hotel.

These can be booked through the Silverstone website.

3 -9. Silverstone hospitality areas

There are a number full-blown hospitality areas around the Silverstone circuit. These are shown in pink on the map at the top of this page, and there is more detail on each below.

These can all be booked through the Silverstone website.

3. Octane Terrace

Starting price for 2 days: £2100

Events: F1 only

Located on the infield of the circuit towards the end of the Hangar Straight the Octane Terrace has lots outdoor seating areas and a bar combined with a number of different food vendors. There is a raised decking seating / viewing area but no grandstand, but you can still see the entrance of Stowe corner.

This video provides a nice quick overview of the Octane Terrace experience.

4. Racing Green

Starting price for 2 days: £1395

Events: F1 only

Located on the outside of Aintree corner at the start of the Wellington Straight the Racing Green hospitality area has driving simulators, Scalextric racing, a pitstop-challenge, an outdoor bar, food vendors and seating. It also has an exclusive grandstand which gives great views of the track, with Aintree corner and the start of the straight visible.

5. Fusion Lounge

Starting price for 2 days: £3000

Events: F1 only

Situated on the circuit infield between Stowe and Vale corners the Fusion Lounge has a huge indoor seating, dining and bar area plus a massive outdoor garden and terrace that goes right up to the edge of the track. The outdoor area feels like a garden party with an amazing view. There is no grandstand here.

6. Ignition Club

Starting price for 2 days: £2500

Events: F1 only

You might have noticed on the map above that the Ignition Club is in two locations. The enclosure, which consists of indoor and outdoor seating and dining, driving simulators and F1 cars on display is on the circuit infield between Copse and Maggots.

Igniton Club ticket holders also have access to an exclusive grandstand located between Maggots and Aintree. This has incredible views covering Maggots, Becketts, Chapel, Village, the Loop, Aintree and the start of the Wellington Straight; one of the best views at the whole circuit. 

This would be my #1 choice if I wanted some hospitality with the best views covering lots of the circuit.

7. Trackside

Starting price for 2 days: £995

Events: F1 only

Located on the infield of the circuit just after Copse Corner the Trackside hospitality area at Silverstone has covered and uncovered outdoor seating, drinking and dining options from a number of pop-up food stalls, plus a good trackside view of the exit of Copse and the run towards Maggots. There is no grandstand here.

8. Heritage Club

Starting price for 2 days: £1295 (F1 price)

Events: F1, BTCC, MotoGP (may be known as the Checkered Flag for MotoGP)

Situated in the old pit lane buildings along the National Pits Straight the Heritage Club hospitality area offers indoor seating and dining plus an outdoor balcony. This has great views over the old pit lane, but for the track itself you can’t see much other than Woodcote corner, which may as well be a straight. If you are more interested in seeing some decent on-track action then look at somewhere like the Ignition Club or the Legends Club instead.

9. Legends Club

Starting price for 2 days: £1750 (F1 price)

Events: F1, BTCC, MotoGP, BSB (known as the Riders Lounge for MotoGP & BSB)

Located on the ground floor of the Brooklands suite building on the inside of the circuit just at the entry point to Brooklands corner, the Legends Club has wonderful balcony views of Brooklands, Luffield and Woodcote, always a key section for overtaking. All the dining and drinking options are indoor. 

The balcony isn’t very deep and can get quite busy during the large events.

10 - 15. Exclusive Enclosures

As well as the hospitality areas listed above, there are a number of Exclusive Enclosures that also offer hospitality facilities at the circuit. These are generally a little cheaper than the options above.

These are only available during the F1 weekend and can be booked through the Silverstone website.

10. Club Silverstone

Starting price for 3 days: £959

Club Silverstone is on the outside of Becketts corner. Ticket holders have access to the Club Silverstone enclosure which incudes food and drink services and live music. Plus you have a reserved grandstand seat in the Becketts grandstand which has wonderful views of Maggots, Becketts and Chapel.

11. Village Enclosure

Starting price for 3 days: £939

Located on the left hand side of the track at Village corner, this enclosure has a large outdoor garden area that runs right up against the Wellington Straight. Ticket holders also get access to the a reserved seat in the Village B grandstand, giving great views of the whole ‘Arena’ infield track section where lots of overtaking normally happens.

12. Wellington Enclosure

Starting price for 3 days: £959

Outdoor seatings areas that are both covered and uncovered, live music, a bar and access to a private grandstand all along the Wellington straight make this a great option. The grandstand is just after the bridge on the straight, so you will have views of the cars coming past you flat out and as they enter Brooklands.

13. Mahiki Enclosure

Starting price for 3 days: £969

The Mahiki enclosure is located just behind Abbey grandstand. It has a huge Tiki themed marquee and outdoor seating area with lots of live entertainment, multiple bars and food options and is often one of the liveliest enclosures at the circuit. Plus you get access to Abbey grandstand which is covered and will give you great views of the first corner and the run around Farm Curve.

The Mahiki afterparties in the marquee are not included in the enclosure ticket price.

14. & 15. International Paddock & International or Lakeside Grandstands

Starting price for 3 days: £999

The International Paddock Enclosure is new for 2023 and is set back a little way from the track just past The Wing building. It is right next to the F1 paddock and provides street food, bars, and live entertainment.

You also get to choose a reserved grandstand seat in either the International Grandstand on the right hand side of Farm Curve which will give you views of Abbey, Farm and Village.  Or you can choose the Lakeside Grandstand on the right hand side of Vale corner, which is a bit of a longer walk away, but gives you views of the exit of Stowe, Vale and Club corners.

other Silverstone hospitality areas

16. BRDC

The BRDC clubhouse and grandstand at the end of the Wellington Straight is reserved just for BRDC members and special guests who have recevied invites from existing BRDC members.

17. Escapade Silverstone

Escape Silverstone is a new development of trackside residencies and a clubhouse on the left hand side of the circuit between Copse and Maggots. The first of these are planned to be ready for the 2023 F1 Grand Prix and will offer multi-day hospitality and accommodation, but at the time of publishing this article reservations are not yet available.

Brooklands Suite

As well as the Legends Club hospitality suite within the Brooklands building, there are a number of other suites that are presented by private hospitality companies. See our article on Brooklands hospitality for more information on these suites, which are normally available for all major events.

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