Silverstone Chapel Corner Grandstand: View, Seating Plan

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Chapel silverstone grandstand

Chapel corner is the final part of the high speed Maggots, Becketts and Chapel complex. In 2021 a new grandstand was opened to the F1 fans at Chapel. 

This article provides a seating plan, pictures and videos of the view, the nearest entrances, parking information and more for the Silverstone Chapel corner grandstand.


Where is Chapel grandstand at Silverstone?

Chapel grandstand is positioned on the outside edge (left-hand side) of the track at Chapel corner, at the end of the Maggots – Becketts – Chapel complex.

It’s positioned at 90 degrees to the Becketts grandstand, which if you are sat in the Chapel stand you can see off to your right. It’s at the point where the cars are finishing the final turn in the complex and accelerating hard on to the long Hangar Straight.

Chapel grandstand is North facing so you are likely to have the sun behind you for most of the day.

Chapel corner grandstand location at Silverstone

Is Chapel a good place to sit at Silverstone?

The grandstand at Chapel is positioned parallel to the circuit as it comes around the right-hand Chapel corner. This gives a great view back up the Maggots – Becketts – Chapel complex as the cars are coming directly towards you through that series of corners. You will see them snake right, left, right then left again as they get closer to you.

Whilst this section of corners doesn’t always provide huge overtaking opportunities, it does offer something else.

With the cars coming straight towards you it gives a unique and dynamic perspective of the cars in action, entering these turns at 180mph and being nearly flat out the whole way through, seeing their immense downforce in action.

View of the F1 from Chapel grandstand at silverstone

Chapel grandstand doesn’t provide as complete or broad an overview of this section of track as the Becketts grandstand next to it does, but having the cars coming directly towards you is what makes it a worthwhile consideration as a place to sit.

This grandstand was only opened to the public for the F1 in 2021 and has been used for the Grand Prix ever since. It’s not used for the BTCC as that runs on the National circuit layout which doesn’t use Chapel corner.

If you’re camping at Silverstone some of the closest campsites to Chapel corner are Whittlebury Park and the Ridings.

Chapel grandstand tickets

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Are there big TV screens at Chapel?

Across the track there are two big TV screens. The left hand one of these screens is angled towards the Chapel corner grandstand, whereas the right hand one is angled more towards Becketts so is less visible.

This screen is a little distance across the track, so if your long vision isn’t quite what it once was a pair of binoculars is probably a good idea.

Giant TV screens at Chapel corner during the Silverstone f1

Is Chapel grandstand covered?

Chapel grandstand at Silverstone is not covered. It is completely open to the elements. So bring sun or rain protection, depending on what the British weather is doing.

View from Chapel grandstand

The main view from Chapel grandstand is back down the track towards Maggots and Becketts.

The grandstand isn’t particularly high up. In the lowest seats at the front you’re high enough to see over the catch fencing, but only just. This means that, unlike Becketts grandstand, in most of the lower rows you’re not quite high enough to see over the fence on the other side of the track and into the infield section of Farm Curve, Village, the Loop and Aintree. 

The seats in the top few highest rows will get a better vantage point and will be able to see a little more over the far fence.

The diagram below shows the view from Chapel, with the sections of track visible to most people in the grandstand highlighted in pink. The infield section is not highlighted as the view is obscured for the lower rows.

Because of the way the grandstand is orientated, you don’t get to see much of the cars as they enter the Hangar Straight. The nature of the track here means that the entry to Hangar Straight curves around the side of the grandstand and round behind it, so you lose the cars at this point. 

If you are sat on the left hand side of the grandstand (when looking at track from the stand) you will be able to see a bit more, but there are also some trees there that may obscure your view. Again the highest rows at that end of the stand will have a better chance of seeing the cars for longer down Hangar.

The video below is filmed from Chapel grandstand, showing the cars coming directly towards the fans seated here and then disappearing out of view to the left.

Chapel grandstand seating plan

Enter your name and email below and the Silverstone Chapel corner grandstand seating plan will be sent to your inbox (the file is too large to host here!)

The grandstand has rows which run from A (front / lowest down) to Q (back / highest up) and seat numbers from 1 (closest to the entrance of Chapel corner) to 240 (closest to the Hangar straight). There is no row I (eye).

I would be looking to get seats in the top few rows, probably N to O. To see some of the Hangar straight I’d aim for the same rows and as high seat numbers as possible. Ideally that would be seats 220 and over, but if you could bag the end seat then you would have a completely unobstructed view. 

Chapel grandstand seating plan

How many seats are in Chapel grandstand?

There are approximately 3,200 seats in the Chapel grandstand at Silverstone. This takes in to account the gaps between each of the different sections, as can be seen on the seating plan above.

Best entrance gate for Chapel grandstand

The closest entrance gate to Chapel grandstand is Gate 9. However if you want to walk within the circuit boundary you can enter via any gate and walk around the outside of the circuit.

See our article on all Silverstone entrance gates for a map and full details of each spectator gate location.

Other Silverstone Grandstands

Brooklands F1 tickets

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